[LINE Co., Ltd.] LINE announces results in the SMB field of advertising business

LINE Corporation LINE announces results in the SMB field of advertising business Announced initiatives and results for one year after starting to focus on SMB area New functions will be provided to further accelerate the solution of business issues for small and medium-sized businesses and stores LINE Corporation (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Dezawa) today held the “LINE Biz-Day for SMB” business presentation for SMBs in LINE corporate services. We are pleased to inform you that we have released our past efforts and achievements in the SMB area. To date, LINE has developed “LINE Official Account” for major companies and “LINE @” for SMEs and stores as corporate account services. Currently, it is used as a communication service with users for sales promotion in many companies and stores such as restaurants, apparel, beauty, and accommodation facilities. In addition, in 2016, we began full-scale operation of the operational advertising distribution platform “LINE Ads Platform” for “LINE” and “LINE” related services. In addition to the “LINE” timeline and “LINE NEWS” We distribute ads on “LINE BLOG”, “LINE Manga”, “LINE Points”, “LINE Shopping”, and “Smart Channel” at the top of the talk list. Since the start of operation, it has been used for service brands exceeding 8,000 * 1. * 1 As of the end of May 2019
■ Steadily expanding results through establishment of new sales bases, establishment of business divisions specializing in SMB areas, and redesign of services Since 2018, LINE has been focusing on the SMB area as one of its business strategies and has implemented various measures. First, we opened new sales offices in Osaka in January 2018 and Fukuoka in October 2018, with the aim of further expanding sales of corporate account services and operational advertising platforms in the West Japan and Kyushu areas. Furthermore, in October we established a new “Market Growth Division” as an organization that solves the problems of SMEs and stores, and has focused on promoting services to SMEs and business owners in a wide range of regions. In December, we signed strategic partnership agreements with EMNET Japan in May 2019 with CyberACE, GMO Ad Partners, and Sould Out, who have deep knowledge in the SMB field. In December, we started a new rate plan for corporate accounts as part of “ Redesign ” aimed at building a more mutual and long-term relationship between companies, stores and users. “LINE Official Account” and “LINE @” are now available on the new platform. In addition to making it easier to implement at low cost at various companies and stores, functions such as “Rich Message” and “Targeting Message” that were previously limited to paid plans can now be used on all plans. As a result, it has become possible to use it flexibly according to the needs of each company and store. Reference release: ・ linecorp.com/en/pr/news/en/2018/2544linecorp.com/en/pr/news/en/2018/2517linecorp.com/en/pr/news/en/2019/2677 Since the launch of the “Market Growth Division”, the business results in about one year are as follows. [Image 1

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■ Expanding new functions for SMB enables more convenient, flexible, and diverse “LINE” business use than ever before The “LINE Official Account” is a one-to-one communication method for “LINE” users who have 81 million monthly users * 2 through “LINE” messages with a high open rate and information transmission ability. As a major feature, it has been used in various companies and stores. The “LINE Ads Platform” is also an advertising distribution platform that enables large-scale reach through high-precision targeted distribution using LINE’s user data. In the future, we plan to provide the following new functions in order to further accelerate the solution of business issues for SMEs and stores through each service. * 2 As of June 2019 “LINE Official Account” ・ LINE CPD stamp-Scheduled for release: November 2019 * Scheduled to be released after trial offer “LINE CPD (Cost per Download)” is a new stamp menu for “LINE Promotion Stamps” that can be used for corporate promotions and LINE official account friends. “Stamp” will be provided. In the conventional stamp menu, only postings with a guaranteed publication period were supported, but with the “LINE CPD Stamp”, it is possible to place ads with guaranteed results based on the number of downloads and unit price. In addition, since the minimum amount of advertisements can be lowered and delivery can be specified by specifying the number of downloads instead of restricting the publication period, promotion using stamps can be performed easily while verifying cost effectiveness while suppressing costs. . First of all, it will be offered as a trial and will be officially released. ・ Enhanced Local Search function -Release schedule: November 2019 Currently in LINE, you can search for a store that has an LINE official account around the specified location by entering a specific location in the search bar at the top of the home tab, talk list, or news tab. Is possible. In the future, by improving the accuracy of this function and renewing the UI, it will be possible to display the ranking and mapping of stores in the area, display coupons provided by stores, etc. We will make it easier to use your account. ・ Friend addition advertisement (LAP) -Release schedule: Winter 2019 You will be able to deliver “Additional Friends Ads” that will encourage you to add friends to your LINE official account without opening a LINE Ads Platform account. From the administration screen of the LINE official account, you can set items such as budget, gender, region, interest, etc., and make a small amount from 10,000 yen. You can also simulate the number of friends that can be earned by distributing ads in advance on the management screen. Targeted advertisements can be easily delivered at a small price to meet the diverse needs of each company and store, and friends can be increased. ・ Reservation function ―Scheduled release: Winter 2019 and beyond At many stores, “LINE Chat” (renamed from “1: 1 Talk” at LINE @), which enables one-to-one communication with users, is used as a tool for making reservations. To make it possible for more users to use the reservation function through LINE chat, it is easy to understand on the home screen of each LINE official account by visualizing the availability of chat reservations and the availability of reservations. Display. -Review function-Scheduled release: Winter 2019 and beyond You can browse store reviews used by other users and enter store reviews you ’ve used. By displaying reviews on the home screen of the LINE official account, users can create opportunities to use new stores. ・ Chat commerce function (provisional) ―Release schedule: After spring 2020 You will be able to purchase products in chat format on the LINE talk screen. Through an unprecedented new purchasing experience, users will be able to shop more easily, and stores will be able to establish long-term relationships with users as a result of purchasing. [Image 4

“LINE Ads Platform” ・ Self-serve function ―Release schedule: November 2019 We will provide a self-serve function that allows anyone to easily deliver ads. Conventionally, in order to distribute advertisements on the LINE Ads Platform, it is necessary to open an account through an agency or to perform complicated procedures such as screening, which is a big hurdle for use in SMEs and stores. It was. The new self-serve function enables online account opening, distribution settings, and credit card payments. It will be possible to distribute advertisements within the budget determined at the necessary timing, and it will be used according to the diverse needs of various companies and stores. Regarding the self-serve function, the following pages will show you how to make ad placements and introduce operational examples. https://www.linebiz.com/service/line-ads-platform/self-serve/ LINE will continue to provide various menus and platform improvements to help SMB companies solve business issues.

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