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  • [Ako Kasei Co., Ltd.] September 10th is “Nigori Day”! Held a vegan cooking course using nigari tofu and opened a new factory. Held a simple PET bottle tofu making and leaning course effective for beauty and health.

[Ako Kasei Co., Ltd.] September 10th is “Nigori Day”! Held a vegan cooking course using nigari tofu and opened a new factory. Held a simple PET bottle tofu making and leaning course effective for beauty and health.

Ako Kasei Co., Ltd.

1.-1 Teshio Studio Ako [Image 2

1.-2 Ako Kasei’s new plant “Nigari New Building”

[Image 3

2. Teshio Studio Tokyo 1.-1 Amaho Studio Ako In addition to demonstrations of tofu making using bittern, we conducted a vegan cooking course that has been rapidly increasing in the world as a “friendly dish” using tofu, okara and fried chicken. The demonstration of nigari tofu was performed by Kazuyasu Maega, who has been involved in tofu and has been called the tofu god of 45 years. Using the tofu produced in the demonstration, Kiyomi Kondo Gave a vegan cooking course. 24 people participated and enjoyed cooking courses such as “fried minced sarada rice”, “tofu hamburger” and “tofu mayonnaise” that do not use meat, fish, eggs or milk. [Image 4

[Image 5

1.-2 New plant “Nigari New Building” released [Image 6

Ako Kasei’s new plant “Nigari Shinkan” manufactures BtoB product flakes and liquid “magnesium chloride (food additive)”. This time, we have unveiled a new facility that improves production efficiency, makes flakes more uniform in size and thickness than previous production lines, and finishes with quality that is easy for manufacturers to use. The new factory was completed in December 2018. The floor area is 938 square meters. Steel structure. The manufactured “magnesium chloride” is mainly used for tofu coagulants, fermentation aids, soft drinks, and hardeners. The flake shape is equipped with a large bag line of 250kg to 1t and a small bag line for 15kg and 20kg, and it cools, solidifies, crushes, classifies and packages. Liquids are stored and packaged with a 20L back-in-box packaging line. The new factory obtained ISO22000 food additive certification. JMA Halal Obtaining certification. 2. A scene from Teshio Studio Tokyo At the event held at Teshio Studio (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), women who are raising children and women who are interested in beauty and health In fact, we had a variety of experiences in order to make people feel close to bitter juice, which has been gaining attention as a food with beauty and health benefits such as diet. In the famous tofu making experience using bitter juice, cut a plastic bottle at a third position from the top, put warm soy milk, stir around with a spoon, put the bitter juice, and leave it quietly I taught recipes that can be easily made just by keeping them. Participants tasted the soft and soft mouthfeel and the soy flavor of freshly made hand-made tofu with black honey as a dessert. In addition, in the Leisure Course, we introduced a recipe using bitter juice because magnesium contained in bittern has the effect of improving metabolism and improving constipation and is also recommended for incorporation in diets. Finally, a lecture was given by a food education instructor while immersing in footbath with bitter juice. The bittern has the effect of keeping the skin moisturized, so adding a few drops will make it smooth and moist. Adding a few drops of aroma oil together can make you feel more relaxed. [Image 7

[Image 8

[Image 9

■ About “Bitter Day” Because Ako Kasei Co., Ltd. writes “bitter soup” in Chinese characters in order to expand the appeal of bitter juice that enhances the taste of tofu, the representative ingredient of Japanese food, “9 (ku) 10” (Ju) “was established on September 10th as” Nigiri Day “and was certified by the Japan Memorial Day Association. Company name: Ako Kasei Co., Ltd. Head office location: 329 Sakagoe, Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture Homepage: https://www.ako-kasei.co.jp/ Company name: Teshio Co., Ltd. Head office location: Amasio Building, 2-24-9 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Homepage: https://www.amashio.co.jp/

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