St. Gallen, the second beer of fresh hops harvested this summer, “SPACE HAZY” Limited release from September 12th. Collaboration with local brewery “Uchuu Brewing” in hop production area

St. Gallen Co., Ltd. St. Gallen, the second beer of fresh hops harvested this summer, “SPACE HAZY” Limited release from September 12th. Collaboration with local brewery “Uchuu Brewing” in hop production area St. Gallen Co., Ltd. (Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture / Representative Director Nobuhisa Iwamoto) is the second beer made with fresh hops harvested in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture in the summer. Fresh Hop IPA-SPACE HAZY (SanktGallen x UchuBrewing) “(hereinafter SPACE HAZY) will be released. [Image 1

“Keyaki Hiroba Beer Festival” to be held in Saitama Shintoshin from Thursday, September 12, 2019, “Beer Fest Yokohama” to be held in Yokohama Osanbashi Hall from Friday, September 13, and Hon-Atsugi Beer Restaurant Barrels will be served at “Bakery & Beer Butchers”. [Image 2

Hop harvest landscape Born in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, “Kaikogane (Kai Kogane)” is characterized by its golden leaves during the growing season. This is the first hop seed registration in the country and has a floral citrus scent. In the early Showa period, 800 houses were cultivated in the city, but now only a few are cultivated. Inspired by the thought of Mr. Sadayoshi Asakawa, a hop farmer who protects the seeds, St. Gallen assists in the harvesting of “KAIKOGANE” every year and manufactures and sells beer using it. Two years ago, we collaborated with “Uchuu Brewing” in Hokuto City, which was also helping to harvest “KAIKOGANE” hops. [Image 3

[Left] St. Gallen, Representative Director Nobuhisa Iwamoto [Center] Hop farmer Mr. Sadayoshi Asakawa (Father-in-law has been involved in the discovery and improvement of kaikogane hops and continues to cultivate their seeds) [Right] Uchuu Brewing Representative Masaaki Hirose SPACE HAZY has introduced 9 hops, which are usually introduced around 3 times in the brewing process. The total amount is about 5 times normal. The timing of loading is also quite unique. Normally, the beer is concentrated in the wort boiling stage. In this beer, the wort making stage (mash hop), the wort boiling, the whirlpool to remove the boiled protein, and the wort are moved to the fermentation tank. In every process, at the end of the fermentation, after the completion of primary fermentation, and at the aging stage. [Image 4

“SPACE HAZY” brewing scenery A beer that looks like a nectar with a fruity flavor of condensed hops and a creamy finish with no filtration. The first fresh beer brewed beer “FRESH HOP IPA” has a taste that contrasts with the dry and crisp taste, so be sure to compare it. Please enjoy. [Image 5

FRESH HOP IPA ~ Fresh Hop IPA ~ SPACE HAZY (SanktGallen x UchuBrewing) [Image 6

-Fresh Hop IPA-Space Hazy (St. Gallen x Uchuu Brewing)

“Keyaki Hiroba Autumn Beer Festival” St. Gallen Booth Menu
● “Yokohama Beer Festival 2019” St. Gallen Booth Schedule: September 13 (Friday)-September 16 (Monday, National Holiday) 2019 Place: Yokohama Port “Osanbashi Hall”
● Bakery & Beer Butchers A beer restaurant with a St. Gallen tie-up Charcuterie workshop and bread workshop. Address: 2-7-16 Nakamachi, Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture Uchida Building 1F Access: Odakyu Line Hon-Atsugi Station 5 minutes on foot Telephone: 046-259-9125 / Business hours: 9: 00-22: 00 / Closed on Mondays * Ships to St. Gallen dealers nationwide depending on the stock status after the event.
About Japan Brewing
[Image 8 A brewery started from a farmer in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture. I was impressed with the craft beer I met in the United States during my visit to agriculture, and in 2016 we started cultivating hops, the main ingredient of beer. In order to make beer using this hop, a factory was built in DIY from the leveling with heavy machinery in 2017, and brewing began in 2018. A fruity and hazy New England IPA style that originated on the east coast of the United States, it is also one of the breweries that have taken root in Japan that seemed a temporary boom. The beer to be sold is sold out in a few minutes across the board, and the battle is called the “space war”. About St. Gallen
[Image 9 It is an “original brewery” that has been producing and selling small-scale beers in the United States before the ban on local beers in Japan. That became a hot topic in American media such as TIME and Newsweek, and it sparked Japanese media. Engaging public opinion, invested a stone to lift Japanese craft beer lifted. For this reason, it is called “Local Beer 0” in the industry. St. Gallen’s beer is a major and mainstream “lager” that is consistent with the “ale” consistency of the manufacturing method and taste. Boasts numerous awards at national and international contests. In addition to such royal road beer, we manufacture and sell a number of unique beers such as Ichijobo beer, Valentine’s limited chocolate beer, and wheat wine that can be matured for a long time with high alcohol, and widely disseminate the appeal of craft beer. St. Gallen is the Swiss name. St. Gallen Abbey there is the first place in the world to obtain a brewing license. The brand name is “St. Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

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