MATCHA has released “Easy Japanese Manga Tokushu” for beginners to enjoy!

MATCHA Corporation MATCHA has released “Easy Japanese Manga Tokushu” for beginners to enjoy! Japanese comics about Japanese that can be enjoyed by Japanese learners are being sent out in easy Japanese. MATCHA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President: Yu Aoki) has published “Easy Japanese Manga Tokushu” on the “Easy Japanese” website for Japanese language learners. [Image 1

About “Easy Japanese Manga Tokushu” Easy Japanese after a word in the tourism platform “MATCHA”. We have started production of original content that is not available in other languages ​​of MATCHA, “Easy Japanese Manga Tokushu”. [Image 2

11 comics have been released on the special page by September 12, 2019 in a four-frame cartoon format like an image. The content is based on the actual experience of Japanese teachers, such as Japanese culture and easy-to-understand language, and has topics that Japanese learners should know. (1) Supported languages Easy Japanese (2) URL Easy Japanese Manga Tokushu (3) Access from the media “MATCHA” Desktop Mobile: Easy Japanese version MATCHA TOP page Proceed from Chubu Banner [Easy Japanese Manga Tokushu] (4) Supported terminals PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. Currently, we are releasing two copies a month. If you are interested in this initiative, please contact us. What is MATCHA “friendly Japanese”? At present, MATCHA provides information on Japan in 10 languages ​​including Japanese, Chinese and Thai. [Image 3

One of them is “friendly Japanese”. This is a language whose main target is the level of Japanese proficiency test N4 to N5, which is about half a year after studying Japanese. Originally, it was conceived so that foreigners in Japan could receive disaster information correctly and take appropriate actions, but MATCHA “I want you to know Japanese culture while reading Japanese” Currently, many articles are being developed in “friendly Japanese”. [Image 4

Even Japanese beginners try to make expressions easy to understand, use hiragana notation as much as possible, always use ruby ​​for kanji, and use English translation in parentheses for words that need explanation. [Image 5

In MATCHA, you can freely change the language of the article in the “Word” selection field at the bottom of the page, and the reader can read it while switching between easy Japanese and native language. What is “MATCHA”, the tourism platform for Japan? [Image 6

The Japan Tourism Platform “MATCHA” is a web media that sends Japanese information to visitors to Japan. In addition to tourist information about Japan, we provide comprehensive support for sightseeing in Japan by sending out Japanese culture and useful information that you should know before traveling. As of August 2019, it is available in 10 languages ​​and boasts over 6 million monthly access. We provide many high-quality articles based on a wealth of knowledge from in-house editorial team writers and external writers, as well as in-depth coverage. We will continue to maximize the value of tourists visiting Japan that will continue to grow in the future. MATCHA’s strengths “MATCHA” also tie-ups with companies, government offices and local governments, and has the strength of producing special pages based on requests from clients. [Image 7

Examples that have been produced in the past include Hoshino Resorts, ASICS Japan Co., Ltd., government agencies and local governments, such as Kanto Transportation Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Tottori Prefecture, and Fukushima Prefecture. MATCHA Corporation Future Outlook [Image 8

MACHA Co., Ltd. has a mission of “Creating an Experience in Japan that Exceeds Everyone’s Expectations”. We believe that by using the web and video, we can convey the goodness of each region in Japan to people around the world. You can move people by telling them. We believe that by delivering it to people, we can create the best of Japan with the times. The possibilities of Japan are not limited to Tokyo, but are in all 47 prefectures and are considered to be in each region. We want to find value there. Good things are passed on to people and remain with the times. We will continue such business. Company URL: Contact:

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