Tapioca can be drunk even at Tokyo Station Naka! Three raw tapioca menus that are perfect for the coming season and travel will appear at the Fairy Cake Fair.

Contemporary Planning Center (CPCenter) Tapioca can be drunk even at Tokyo Station Naka! Three raw tapioca menus that are perfect for the coming season and travel will appear at the Fairy Cake Fair. From 9/12 (Thursday), start at “Fairy Cake Fair” in Tokyo Station Gransta! Confectionary researcher Romi Igarashi produced a cupcake and biscuits shop, “Fairycake Fair,” topped with homemade brown sugar syrup and brown sugar tapioca on a special milk tea from Thursday, September 12 In addition to “Brown Sugar Tapioca Milk Tea” and “Brown Sugar Tapioca Milk Tea Float”, we will start “Brown Sugar Tapioca Milk Tea”. Whether you are coming from Tokyo Station or coming to Tokyo Station. Cold tapioca drinks can now be enjoyed at take-out and eat-in. [Image 1

[Points of commitment] The shop is in Tokyo Station Naka, so you can drink tapioca milk tea as soon as you arrive at Tokyo Station! Among many shops that use frozen food, our shop uses fresh tapioca. (Boiled every day!) A new sensation of “soft cream x tapioca” such as float and sunday! Mini sweets that satisfy the small belly. The concierge at Tokyo Station aimed to realize many inquiries as to “There are no stores where you can drink tapioca”. In response to many requests from customers, tapioca drinks and Sundays that can be enjoyed in Tokyo Station will appear. This product uses a large and sticky raw tapioca that is carefully boiled every day at the in-store workshop in Tokyo Station Gransta and rich homemade brown sugar syrup. We deliver freshly made and handmade taste. [Image 2

Two shots of cute cupcakes and tapioca are perfect! Our shop offers discerning milk tea made from homemade tea syrup made from British blended tea and its tea according to cupcakes and biscuits, but it also matches best with rich brown sugar and tapioca Discovered. “Brown sugar tapioca milk tea” has been commercialized. In addition, “Brown Sugar Tapioca Milk Tea Float” and “Brown Sugar Raw Tapioca Sunday” are available as an evolution of tapioca milk tea. A fresh taste that combines the original soft-serve ice cream with plenty of milk and raw brown sugar tapioca. It is a mini sweet that satisfies the small belly.

■ Brown sugar raw tapioca milk tea (tax included price: 580 yen) A special drink with brown sugar syrup and raw sugar-flavored tapioca in milk tea popular at Fairy Cake Fair. [Image 4

■ Brown sugar raw tapioca milk tea float (tax-included price: 680 yen) Float with plenty of satisfaction with milky soft cream topped with brown sugar raw tapioca milk tea. [Image 5

■ Brown sugar raw tapioca sundae (tax-included price: 620 yen) A new sensation sundae with brown sugar syrup and brown sugar-flavored raw tapioca on a rich original soft cream with plenty of milk. / _ / _ / _ / * All prices shown include tax. * The period is subject to change without notice. Store name: Fairy Cake Fair Gransta Location: 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo JR East Tokyo Station B1 (Gin no Suzumae) Phone: 03-3211-0055 Opening Hours: OPEN (Monday-Saturday) 8: 00-22: 00 (Sundays / Holidays) 8: 00-21: 00 WEB: http://www.fairycake.jp/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fairycakefair Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fairycake_fair/ ONLINESHOP: http://shop.fairycake.jp/ Company name: Limited Planning Center Representative: Yuki Sugiura Head office location: 605, Birabianca 2-33-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo URL: http://www.cpcenter.net/

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