[September 27-28] Over 120 pairs of mania fall festivals! “Mania Festa Vol.3”, which mobilized 2700 people last time, will be held again at Arts Chiyoda 3331 in Akihabara

GK, another perspective Over 120 pairs of mania fall festivals! “Mania Festa Vol.3”, which mobilized 2700 people last time, will be held again at Arts Chiyoda 3331 in Akihabara September 28 (Sat)-September 29 (Sun), 2019 A joint company, another perspective (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, representative employee: Shigenobu Matsuzawa) will be presenting “Mania Festa Vol.3”, where you can touch the goods purchase and activity results of more than 120 enthusiasts, researchers, and experts. It will be held on September 28 (Sat) and 29 (Sun). [Image 1

■ About Mania Festa https://maniafesta.jp/vol-3-summary/ Originals that included booths and packed the results of activities with over 120 genres of genres, researchers, and experts, such as “one-glove mania”, “mania that shoots their own face”, “rare spot mania” This is an exhibition / sale event for enthusiasts who sell goods.
■ Highlights of the event 1) 120 store enthusiasts! A lineup of enthusiasts powered up from the previous time. 2) Directly talk about the results of mania’s activities. What manias have changed their lives in the last exhibition? ! Meet various enthusiasts and gain a new perspective on life.
■ Overview Event name: Mania Festa Vol.3 Date: September 28, 2019 (Saturday) 12: 00-19: 00, September 29 (Sunday) 12: 00-18: 00 Place: Arts Chiyoda 3331 (2nd floor gymnasium & B104 studio) Participation fee: * Admission free for preschoolers
● One-day ticket 800 yen / 1000 yen on the day / 500 yen for elementary and junior high school students
● 2-day pass Advance sale 1500 yen / 1800 yen on the day / Elementary and junior high school students 1000 yen Where to buy tickets: eplus (https://eplus.jp/sf/detail/3088270001) Organizer: GK Sponsor: Svenson Sports Marketing (Table Tennis Mania), Ken Elephant (Miniature Mania) Grants: Arts Council Tokyo 2019 TokyoTokyo FESTIVAL Grants (Citizens’ Creative Cultural Activity Support Category)
■ Exhibitor list (Exhibitors are scheduled and may be subject to change) Tanuki Cake Mania / Electric Bath Mania / Introduction along Plarail Mania / Minor Mountain / Minor Route Mountaineering Mania / Buddha Statue Mania / Kannon Sutra Mania / Tamago Sand Mania / Wall Mania / Daikiki Mania / Mania, Monk Shooting Outdoors Mania / Mamboo Mania / Mihashi Anmitsu Mania / Golden Mania / Oburoishi Mania / Retro Candy Mania / Castle Ishigaki Mania / Miniature Food Mania / Shigaraki Tanuki Mania / Closed School Mania / Mysterious / Rare Incident Mania / Sentence Analysis Mania / Media Arts Legend Mania / World Traditional Cuisine and Special Ingredients and Secret Society and Religious Ceremonial Rice Mania / Sazae-san Janken Mania / Ending Tourism Mania / Inusoku Sign Mania / Electric Wire Mania / Street Corner Mania / Buddha Machine Mania / My Number Man A / strange fonts and funny dice mania / fantasy map Mania / as Mania / cute Kigurumi Mania / Tuesday Suspense your thing not a garbage in the garbage Tsukko Mania / Contortion Mania / Chazuke Mania / Observatory Tower / Observatory Mania / Mysterious Food Mania / Eating Mania / Mania Mania / Neo Japanese T-shirt Mania / Asian Babies Omocha Mania / Internet Mania / Walking mania / Letter making mania / Butterfly mania / Cannot eat melon pan mania / Balloon art mania / Jomon mania / Tetrapot mania / University water mania / Mania who takes a selfie with her face / Hell mania / Eating and drinking chain The first store mania / No book mania / Itoen Hotel mania / Glass mania / Clay mania / Clay mania / Go mania / Nagoyo fried soba mania / Route map mania / (Shoujo manga magazine) Ribon mania / Illuminated Hanawa Mania / Festival Lion Mania / Pylon Mania / 23 Ward Waste Management Plant / Vending Machine Own take photos mania / shutter Mania in the Recycle Bin Mania / billboard Mania / milk pack Mania / monster mania / fictitious CM song production mania / trip / One-glove mania / Malay bakumania / Hut mania / Tyrol chocolate mania / Nora sign mania / Electric belt mania / Art wall mania / Steel tower mania / Squid mania / Rubber hose mania / Hanafuda mania / Dress-up matryosh mania / Matsuda pet sign mania / Overseas rare character mania / cup liquor mania / walking mania / pedestrian heaven mania / Taiwan night market mania / frog goods production mania / making mania / human mania / curry mania / Aloe mania on the street / ticket mania / funny talk mania / noodle making Mania / Go Mania / Number Mania / Mania that saves paper / Manji goods making mania / Fancy picture souvenir mania / Amusement park enthusiast / Taiwan estate mania / Wood cove mania / Honnonbo mania / Face mania mania / History Design mania / Mentaiko mania / sentence Mania / raccoon dog modeling mania / religion anime / anime pilgrimage of key players mania / old street Mania / remote island Mania / copy paper (A4) mania / stones Mania / Roller coaster mania / work mania / miniature mania / table tennis mania [Image 2

■ Exhibitor introduction [Image 3

Mentaiko Mania (Mentoko Taguchi) ― Mentaiko is a good friend of me and rice. A person who has been fascinated by Mentaiko. I send this and other information about Mentaiko on SNS on my own. Recently, I also started a Youtube channel called Pepper Mentai TV. Occasionally, some people appear as menta rice that actually provides mentaiko. I am working with many people and I want to meet with Mentaiko. Date of exhibition: September 28 (Sat), 29 (Sun) [Image 4

Inokuso Sign Mania -The dog sign is a novel I’m taking photos of “signboards that help clean up dog buns” that I often see in suburban residential areas. We are examining the background of the analysis and occurrence of the types while enjoying the drama. Date of exhibition: September 28 (Sat), 29 (Sun) [Image 5

Not this mania (knee fried rice library) -I can feel like I’ve read it even though it’s not a book I’m making a fictional book using images recruited on Twitter. Date: September 29 (Sun)
■ State of last time held (Mania Festa Vol.2) Date: February 16 (Sat)-17 (Sun), 2019 Location: Arts Chiyoda 3331 (Akihabara Station) Participants: 2,700 Number of exhibitors: 83 (160 pairs for 2 days) Web access: 3874,000 access (2018/12/28-2019/2/25) maniafesta.jp Impression tweet on Twitter: Over 2,000 (impression tweet summary https://togetter.com/li/1319971) Buzz Tweet: 16,000 RT 33,000 likes https://twitter.com/cotal_kota/status/1096620554881097728 Number of coverage media: 19 media (TV 6, radio 2, distribution program 1, newspaper 1, net media 9) Number of other media exhibitors after the event: 56 (Our survey) [Image 6

■ Company Profile Company name: GK Representative: Shigenobu Matsuzawa, representative employee Established: July 2018 Business: Event planning / production, tour planning, web writing Deliver a different perspective to the world and deliver it as an event / tour. We also match mania with companies and media. Location: 1-7-11 Nihonbashi Horidome-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0012 URL: Company Profile https://www.betsushiten.com/ Mania Festa https://maniafesta.jp/ Tokyo Perspective Guide http://www.another-tokyo.com/

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