[Zokei Co., Ltd.] A limited collection of limited edition “Gray” for autumn and winter, including a waterproof leather backpack from objcts.io, will be pre-ordered for a total of 6 days from September 14th (Saturday).

Zokei Inc. From objcts.io, a limited collection of limited edition “Gray” for autumn and winter, including a waterproof leather backpack, will be pre-ordered for a total of 6 days from September 14th (Saturday). A limited edition gray of autumn / winter appeared from Leather D2C Brand Objects Aio. Pre-sale in limited quantities at the “246st MARKET” pop-up department store in Omotesando. “Objcts.io” is a PC backpack, etc. at “246st MARKET” hosted by World Co., Ltd., held on the 1st floor of Kita-Aoyama Building from 11:00 am on Saturday, September 14th. We will be releasing a mini collection featuring items from the autumn / winter limited color “Gray” in advance. The mini collection offers a limited number of PC backpacks, laptop cases, and pouches made from high-quality waterproof leather. Emphasize the silhouette that is characteristic by garnishing elegant gray with white collar stitching. Add accent to the coordinates of autumn and winter while being a calm color. [Image 1

[Image 2

[WEB] objcts.io/pages/limited-gray [Instagram] www.instagram.com/objcts.io/ [Note] note.mu/objcts_io Features of backpack ・ Tech-friendly functionality and storage capacity It can be stored while protecting laptops, tablets and accessories. In order to support the footwork of the innovator who demands mobility, we realized a semipermanent waterproofing power and light weight of 980g or more while being genuine leather. [Image 3

・ Materials for innovators that combine high quality and functionality Soft and high-quality cowhide (waterproof shrink leather) and lightweight fabric used for the interior. In the present day when carrying various devices, we have selected materials that combine the comfort of cocoon and the quality that resonates with sensibility. [Image 4

・ Design that doesn’t choose any style Pursuing “minimal beauty” by eliminating unnecessary stitches and covering fasteners. By using a core material with different hardness at the top and bottom of the backpack, a supple silhouette and a moving shape are expressed. Not only formal styles such as jackets, coats, shirts, but also rough styles. [Image 5

Product specifications, price [Image 6

Medium (left image) Price: ¥ 63,000 (excluding tax) Size: (W) 30.0cm- (H) 45.0cm- (D) 11.5cm Weight: about 1,080g Color: Gray Material: Genuine cowhide (waterproof shrink leather) Small (right image) Price: ¥ 59,000 (excluding tax) Size: (W) 28.5cm- (H) 41.0cm- (D) 10.0cm Weight: about 980g Color: Gray Material: Genuine cowhide (waterproof shrink leather) Laptop Case [Image 7

Magnetic opening and closing is used to allow the PC to be taken in and out smoothly. While using luxurious leather, it is 260g lightweight and made into a PC case that makes it easy to carry around. [Image 8

Price: ¥ 22,000 (excluding tax) Size: (W) 33.5cm- (H) 25.5cm- (D) 2.5cm Weight: about 275g corresponding device: MacBook 12inch / MacBook Pro 13inch Late 2016 or later Utility Pouch [Image 9

Dedicated pockets are designed for various large and small accessories such as PC chargers. The pouch has a simple and functional pouch that allows you to combine all the necessary items for your gadget. [Image 10

Price: ¥ 22,000 (excluding tax) Size: (W) 23.5cm- (H) 15.0cm- (D) 7.5cm Weight: about 170g Storage: Power adapter pocket / mobile battery pocket x 2, cable storage band x 2 Pre-order sale at 246st MARKET [Image 11

As the first pop-up, objcts.io will open in the pop-up department store “246st MARKET” sponsored by World Co., Ltd. for a total of 6 days from September 14 (Sat). In the pop-up, in addition to pre-order sales of the “Gray” mini-collection, a prototype under development will be displayed. Venue: World Kitaaoyama Building 1F Street address: 3-10-10 Kita-Aoyama, Tokyo period: September 14 (Sat), 15 (Sun), 16 (Mon), 21 (Sat), 22 (Sun), 23 (Mon) business hours: 11: 00-18: 00 * 9/14 (Sat) only 11: 00-20: 00 Shipping time: Scheduled to be shipped in mid-October WEB site release date September 24 (Tuesday) Sales start at 12:00 noon About “objcts.io” “Innovators” who advance the world in a better direction. We aim to stimulate the sensibilities through things and make the “something” they create more creative. D2C model sales model objcts.io adopts the D2C (Direct to Consumer) sales model, which consistently handles product planning and manufacturing and sales to customers. Combining an EC site with an office showroom reduces the cost of actual stores and reduces product prices. In addition, PDCA-type product development has been realized, where product improvements are repeated while collecting feedback directly from customers. Members Introduction ・ Brand manager Yujiro Numata After working at a major venture capital, he was responsible for brand marketing and social networking at the Tsuchiya Coffee Factory, and planning and development of EC sites. Traveled to the United States for a year from 2013 to study D2C startups and moved to New York. Established Zokei Co., Ltd. in 2015 and launched objcts.io in November 2018 while consulting on digital-driven brand strategies. ・ Product development manager Satoshi Tsunomori Studied at Bunka Fashion College Bag Design Department, and after graduation, joined Tsuchiya Coffee Factory as a craftsman. Experienced production and manufacturing management after working as a craftsman for school bags and small leather goods. Designing new products that empower innovators based on the concept of “individuality based on manufacturing”.

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