Travel around the theme area that reproduces the world view of the anime “ NARUTO ”, a real mystery game held at Nijigen Nomori from September 14th, a must-see for NARUTO fans, an immersive, character-only story

Haregake Co., Ltd. Travel around the theme area that reproduces the world view of the anime “ NARUTO ”, a real mystery game held at Nijigen Nomori from September 14th, a must-see for NARUTO fans, an immersive, character-only story Haregake Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, representative: Yosuke Kuroda), running 3rd in the real mystery game industry, planning and producing original events from scratch for each need, has more than 150 original event plans. (Headquarters: Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture) and the permanent attraction area “NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobu” of the TV animations “NARUTO” and “BORUTO” in “NIJIGENNOMORI” from Saturday, September 14, 2019 , “Naruto & BORUTO Ninri x Real Mystery Game Ji no Volume-Gaiden” will be held. At the anime park “Nijigen Nomori” where you can experience the world of “two-dimensional content”, solve the mysteries in the theme area “SHINOBI-ZATO” of the anime “NARUTO” and “BORUTO”. Held a game. The theme area will be enlivened with new content, and the first implementation of English play will be aimed at increasing the number of foreign visitors. Mainly targeting NARUTO fans, the events that happened behind the story of the permanent attraction “Gi no Maki” in the same area are produced in the original story as “gaiden”. Participants purchase local puzzles and participate in the game. The story is to receive the task of “finding the criminal” from Kakashi, and in cooperation with the Shinobu who hides Kinoha, he actually travels around the area while solving the mystery. It is a production that focuses on the “experience” part, and it is an entertainment that can be enjoyed not only by NARUTO fans but also by children and adults.
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The seal of the mighty chakra that has existed since ancient times, It was destroyed by someone else’s work. The destroyed chakra fragment cuts through space and time. Spattered and appeared on this land, Awaji Island. In the history of Shinobu that space and time was torn The forests of Awaji Island have been connected to various times and places. Meanwhile, you who were secretly called by Kakashi. You are tasked with searching for the criminal who broke the chakra seal. “Our investigations have shown that the culprit has become a member of our group and is hiding. Your mission is to find out who he is. Come on and pray for good health! ” [Inquiries about the event] Tel: 03-6912-7596 / Email: (Hours: Weekdays 9: 00-18: 00)
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Name: “NARUTO & BORUTO Ninri x Real Mystery Game Ground Volume-Gaiden-” Date: Permanent from Saturday, September 14, 2019 * English version will be supported sequentially Hours: 10: 00 ~ * Final reception time varies depending on the season. Please check the official website of Nijigen Nomori for details. Location: NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobu Assumed play time: 1-2 hours Venue: 2425 Enomoto, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture 656-2301 (Hyogo Prefectural Awajishima Park Anime Park “Nijigen Nomori” near E Parking) Received: NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobu (SHINOBI-ZATO) Mystery solving reception) Participation fee: Adults: 4,800 yen, junior and senior high school students: 3,300 yen, children: 1,500 yen (* The price includes tax) * The above price includes experience fees for all attractions of “NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobu” * Free for children under 4 * Customers below elementary school age must be accompanied by a guardian Note: If you clear this attraction, you will receive an original sticker as a bonus This attraction may be canceled due to weather or safety reasons HP: Contact: Nijigen Nomori Co., Ltd. “Nijigen Nomori” Management Office TEL: 0799-64-7061 Host: Nijigen Nomori Co., Ltd. Planning and Production: Haregake Co., Ltd. (NAZO x NAZO Theater Company) (C) Masashi Kishimoto Scott / Shueisha / TV Tokyo / Pierro Real mystery game is a game where participants actually use their heads and bodies to solve mysteries and solve incidents This is an experience-based game event. Participants enter the story world, become the main character of the story, solve the mysteries and codes that appear one after another, and solve the incident. Shopping malls, amusement parks, aquariums, shopping streets, etc. It is an entertainment that is attracting attention nowadays, where it is held in various places and is enthusiastic for various people regardless of gender. Click here for 90-second real puzzle game video! [Video 2:]
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An event company founded in 2013 that specializes in the planning and production of real puzzle games. An original mystery planning and production company that plans, produces, and proposes from scratch for each need. From planning / development, kit design and operation on the day, it is one stop. One of our strengths is the gathering of human resources specialized in various genres such as puzzle solving, board games, movies, and theater. Recently, the company has also put emphasis on its in-house content service “Tech Mystery”, which provides new surprises and narrative experiences by adding the latest technology to conventional puzzle solving. [Image 4

■ Company name: Haregake Co., Ltd.
■ Location: 3-21-2 Takada, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Uniheit Tokyo Building 4F
■ Business description: Event planning, production and management
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