[Anicom Insurance Co., Ltd.] Japan’s first! “Senior only” pet insurance. New product “Animal Health Insurance” launched!

Anicom Insurance Co., Ltd. Japan’s first! “Senior only” pet insurance. New product “Animal Health Insurance” launched! -Anicom Insurance, the No. 1 pet insurance market share, sells new products that meet the needs of the times (September 17, 2019)- Anicom General Insurance Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Shingo Noda, hereinafter referred to as Anicom Insurance), which has the No. 1 share of pet insurance market share, will be able to join any age of 8 years or older. Sales of “Shini” will start. [Image 1

“Animal Health Insurance” is Japan’s first * 2 product that allows older dogs and cats who have not been able to join pet insurance to date. By specializing in the cost of hospitalization and surgery in the unlikely event, we are keeping affordable insurance premiums.
■ Japan’s pet life situation is becoming longer and aging Like people, pets are also becoming longer. In general, the age of 8 years or older is generally called the senior age, but the average life expectancy of dogs and cats has increased to 14.29 years for dogs and 15.32 years for cats * 3. The life expectancy of pets will continue to increase due to advances in veterinary medicine with a focus on preventive medicine and the breeding environment (housekeeping, food, etc.). On the other hand, “medical expenses” becomes a problem as the population ages. As you get older, your medical costs will rise, and for 12-year-old dogs and cats, there is data that costs 5.2 times compared to 0 years (average medical costs for 12-year-old dogs and cats: 116,431 yen per year) * 4 “Pet insurance” is indispensable to reduce such expensive medical expenses. However, until now there has been a problem that pet insurance has an age limit and it is not possible to join a new insurance period when it is really necessary.
■ First in Japan! Selling pet insurance exclusively for seniors As a result of this aging population, Anicom Insurance will start selling “Animal Health Insurance” pet insurance for seniors over 8 years old (from September 17, 2019). In response to voices such as “I wanted to get pet insurance, but I gave up because I was old” and “I didn’t want to get in because I had to pay for it because the insurance premium was too expensive when I was older” Developed insurance products that can be purchased with affordable insurance premiums. 1. Dogs and cats over 8 years old can join (no upper age limit). 2. Medical expenses for hospitalization and surgery are compensated, and the insurance fee is reasonable starting from 1,010 yen per month. 3. Insurance payment can be made at the veterinary clinic. Ancillary services such as intestinal flora measurement are also enhanced.
■ Why do I need insurance for senior pets now? Reason 1: Medical expenses, long-term care, dementia, and so on. Longevity has been advancing and pet dementia has become a problem. With the advancement of veterinary medicine, the average medical cost per dog has increased to about 1.3 times * 4 since 2011, and the impact of pet medical expenses on households is increasing. In some cases, these burdens may lead to abandonment of breeding, and the need for supporting elderly animals as a whole society is increasing. Reason 2: As you get older, you are more likely to get sick and the medical expenses will be higher. [Image 2

Dogs and cats are also more likely to get sick as they age, and annual medical expenses * 4 increase by more than 10% per year. The average for seniors aged 8-12 is about 87,000 yen per year (the average for those under 7 is about 30,000 yen per year). Reason 3: No pet insurance available without age limit There is an upper limit on the age at the time of enrollment for any pet insurance sold in Japan. * 2 If you are over 8-12 years old, you will not be able to join the insurance. There is no pet insurance available for new seniors who really need it.
■ “Animal Health Insurance” Product Overview “Animal Health Insurance” is a pet insurance for dogs and cats over 8 years old. You can join without age limit, and you will be compensated for some hospitalization and surgery costs (70% plan, 50% plan) and can be used at Anicom-supported hospitals. Since there is no compensation for hospital visits, it is more affordable than conventional products, and you can join from 1,010 yen per month. (1) About compensation and insurance premiums [Image 3

[Image 4

(2) Full service 1. Insurance is easy to use at animal hospitals! [Image 5

Issued “Animal Health Insurance Card” with pet photo. Claims can be completed just by presenting them to more than 6,400 Anicom-compatible hospitals nationwide * 5. 2. You can do it at home! “Animal health” [Image 6

Free “Intestinal flora measurement” that can measure intestinal age and disease risk. If this result is good, it is possible to shift to “Animal Kenho Family” which compensates not only for hospitalization and surgery but also for hospital visits. 3. You can consult a veterinarian on LINE! [Image 7

You can use various services such as the “Animal Hotline” free of charge, where you can easily consult with veterinarians at LINE about the various anxieties that arise from living with an aged pet.
■ Anicom initiatives for elderly pets Since 2010, Anicom has been honoring the oldest animal of each breed among contractors on the day of respect for the elderly. In addition, the owner of the longevity animal has introduced and received comments such as a loving message and tips on longevity. <Longevity album The Anicom Group is the insurance company group with the No. 1 market share for pet insurance for 11 consecutive years. Similar to human insurance, the support of “counter payment”, which can be used easily at veterinary clinics, has supported more than 750,000 contracts and is loved by many owners. We are aiming to be a “preventive insurance company” that prevents illnesses by developing various services including animal health (intestinal flora measurement) and the development of cutting-edge laboratories in Japan. (* 1) Share is calculated from the number of contracts in 2018 for each company. Survey of “2019 Pet-related Market Marketing Overview” published by Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd. (* 2) As of the end of August 2019, according to our research. (* 3) National Pet Food Association 2018 National Dog and Cat Breeding Survey (* 4) Calculated from Anicom insurance claim data (* 5) Insurance is available only for medical expenses at our hospitals.

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