[Smart Analytics Co., Ltd.] Launch of “Smart Research Support” to support better research

Smart Analytics Co., Ltd. Launched “Smart Research Support” to support better research -Supporting researchers with better research and education from research design to analysis advice, research support to data analysis education support- Smart Analytics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shinichiro Tsuji, hereinafter referred to as “Smart Analytics”) supports democratization of data analysis for researchers belonging to universities and other educational institutions. , “Research Design Advisory” and “Data Analysis Advisory” that provide advice on research design and statistical analysis methods, “Questionnaire Survey Package Service” that conducts research design to postal survey, data input to aggregation / analysis in research surveys, seminars Provision of “Smart Research Support,” a service that supports higher-quality research, such as the “Data Analysis Online Training Service” that supports the use of statistical analysis software in credit units and undergraduate units. Will start. [Image 1

Now that more data than ever has been available, research in universities and other educational institutions uses mathematical algorithms such as statistics, data mining, and artificial intelligence from quantitative data. Conducting research is the mainstream. It is an era when there are many demands for quantitative research approaches in papers and conference presentations. However, many researchers feel that the hurdles are high when learning data-based research methods and data analysis product operations. This time, Smart Analytics will launch four support services for researchers to support such researchers’ problem solving. “Research Design Advisory” that gives advice on research design, and “Data Analysis Advisory” that gives advice and guidance on data analysis products. In addition, the “questionnaire survey package service” that acts as a surrogate from survey design to postal survey, data entry to tabulation and analysis in research surveys, how to use statistical analysis software and statistics in seminar units and undergraduate units to support researchers as educators We will start providing four services, “Data Analysis Education Online Training Service” that supports learning and data analysis learning. In the future, in addition to the four services, we plan to further expand research support services. The details of each are as follows. [Image 2

How should the research design be designed according to the research theme? Specialist staff will advise you on your concerns regarding research design, such as what kind of research method should be used, how to select data analysis and statistical analysis methods. In the case of a remote customer, it is possible to correspond by telephone conference or video conference. We will respond carefully even to small problems. [Image 3

We provide advice on questions that arise when performing statistical analysis or various data mining. “I want to select the right statistical method for research purposes”, “I want to know the process for proceeding with the analysis from the data at hand”, “How to perform analysis when using statistical analysis software such as SPSS Statistical analysis professionals will solve your problems, such as “I want to check if the results are good and how to interpret the results” or “I want to check if the model already created is correct”. In the case of a remote customer, it is possible to correspond by telephone conference or video conference. We will respond carefully even to small problems. [Image 4

Smart Analytics will take care of the time-consuming work involved in conducting surveys, from creating questionnaires related to questionnaires such as mail surveys and Internet surveys to printing survey sheets, providing panel data, data entry, file creation in SPSS format, and tabulation. [Image 5

We provide contents such as online training courses for statistical education and data analysis education for students. In addition to product operation, theoretical educational content is provided online, and you can take your favorite courses for preparation and review anytime, anywhere. In addition, we accept various masterize such as wanting to provide with teachers’ original content. ・ The fees for each service vary depending on the purpose and content. ・ The following is a reference price. Research Design Advisory / Data Analysis Advisory ・ 1 hour 25,000 yen (excluding tax) * We will interview you in advance and adjust the contents, time, etc. provided. Online training service All 6 courses currently available can be taken. 5 people 49,500 yen (tax excluded) / 6 months- * Contracts are made in half-year units. In order to democratize data analysis, we provide various data analysis software such as artificial intelligence, statistical analysis, data mining, and data analysis related services. We provide services with emphasis on batting around data science for better research and better business development. Smart Analytics Co., Ltd. 1-7-18 Moto Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0051, Kizuna East Building 1F TEL 03-5324-2272 / FAX 03-6869-5578 https://smart-analytics.jp

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