[Bayer Yakuhin Co., Ltd.] Held the 2nd Meeting on Life and Old People for 100 Years of Life-for a life that can be seen for 100 years

Bayer Yakuhin Co., Ltd. Held the 2nd Meeting on Life and Older Life for the 100 Years of Life-for a life that can be seen for 100 years Bayer Healthy Aging “Health and Happiness” Program for 100 Years of Life
◆ “Eye health” is important for extending healthy life expectancy and maintaining cognitive function in healthy aging
◆ At the 2nd “Life and Older People’s Meeting of the Age of 100 Years” held on September 11, the “Amsler Chart” for gathering senior generations and their families and investigating abnormalities in the central retina (macular) Conduct self-check
◆ Created a horizontal opening (R) “Life, Older, Visible Notes” for the purpose of enlightening eye health and distributing it to participants [Image 1

Osaka, September 12, 2019-Bayer Yakuhin Co., Ltd. (Head office: Osaka City, President: Haike Prints, hereinafter Bayer Yakuhin) is part of the Bayer Healthy Aging program “Health and Happiness” As the second “Life 100 Years Life / Aging Conference-For a Life That Can Be Seen Through 100 Years”. In the “100 years of life”, “healthy aging” is becoming more and more important, as we face the aging and unavoidable illnesses and grow as happy and healthy as possible. Since 2018, Bayer Yakuhin has been holding the “ Meeting for Life and Old People Meeting for the 100 Years of Life ” as a part of activities for senior citizens living in the 100 years of life together to think about the ideal way of healthy aging together. It is held. This second edition was held on the theme of “eye health”, which is important for healthy aging. On the day, Professor Tomohiro Iida, Professor of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine, Tokyo Women’s Medical University, working on the most advanced diagnosis and treatment for eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, He gave a lecture on the importance. In addition, Mr. Teruo Nakamura (76 years old), the representative director of Nakamura Printing Center, who developed “Horizontal Opening (R) Notebook (commonly known as Grandpa’s Notebook)” and became a hot topic on SNS, is a senior generation who thinks from his own experience. He spoke about the health and happiness of children, especially about the importance of “visible” in healthy aging. [Image 2

In the panel discussion after the lecture, Mr. Tomohiro Iida, Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, Tokyo Women’s Medical University, explained the “Amsler Chart” for investigating abnormalities in the central part of the retina (macular) and actually used the “Amsler Chart”. The check was conducted by all participants. [Image 3

[Image 4

In addition, a horizontal opening (R) “Life, Older and Visible Notes” supporting “eye health” and “healthy aging” was distributed to the participants of this event. This notebook was developed in collaboration with Nakamura Printing Co., Ltd. under the supervision of Bayer Yakuhin. At the beginning and end of the notebook, pages describing “dream after one year” and “dream when you are 100 years old” are bound, and the other main pages are daily events toward the achievement of the dream. It is a diary that lists your memories. In addition, each page is an “Amsler chart”, which is a notebook that allows you to be aware of “eye health” while using it daily. [Image 5

In the second half of the panel discussion, with the theme of “Healthy Aging and Eye Health”, discussions will be held on how to spend the day to maintain “eye health” and answer to questions from participants, and how healthy aging should be. It was done.
■ Opening Remarks Satoyo Inuyama, General Manager, Medical Affairs Headquarters, Bayer Yakuhin Co., Ltd.
■ Lecture by Tokyo Women’s Medical University School of Medicine, Ophthalmology Professor Tomohiro Iida “Life of the Eyes for Surviving the 100 Years of Life”
■ Lecture by Mr. Teruo Nakamura, Representative Director of Nakamura Printing Co., Ltd. “Health and Happiness Thinking from the Development of Horizontally Opening Notebooks?
■ Panel Discussion “Healthy Aging and Eye Health” [Image 6

Prof. Tomohiro Iida, Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, Tokyo Women’s Medical University “After the age of 50, the risk of suffering from the eye increases. When eye health is compromised, the impact of daily life is increased and the need for family care is also increased. If you remember, don’t get rid of “because you are aging” and see a doctor. Previous studies have shown that patients with poor vision have a higher incidence of dementia *, and it has been found that maintaining eye health can help maintain cognitive function. Keep your eyes healthy and have a fulfilling life. ” * Mine M, Ogata N, et al .; BioResearch Open Access 2016 [Image 7

Mr. Teruo Nakamura, Representative Director of Nakamura Printing Co., Ltd. “The development of the horizontal opening (R) notebook could not have been achieved without the support of family and friends. In healthy aging, people who do not give up to the end with dreams, and those around them such as family and friends. I think it’s important to cherish and do sincerity, and what I see is very important for me to keep working, to keep learning, and above all to have a dream. Let’s work hard until everyone is 100 years old. ” Satoyo Inuyama, General Manager, Medical Affairs Division, Bayer Yakuhin Co., Ltd. “In Japan, where the aging of society is aging, providing pharmaceuticals to support your health as a pharmaceutical company is a very important mission. Recognizing that it is important for pharmaceutical companies to conduct activities that contribute to healthy aging in various ways for society and patients so that they can live a happy life even if they are ill. doing.” [Image 8

Prof. Tomohiro Iida Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, Tokyo Women’s Medical University After graduating from Niigata University School of Medicine, after serving as an assistant professor of ophthalmology at Gunma University School of Medicine and an ophthalmology professor at the School of Medicine at Fukushima Medical University, since 2012, he has been an professor at Tokyo Women’s Medical University School of Medicine. Executive Director of the Japanese Ophthalmological Society, Director of the Japanese Retinal Vitreous Society, Director of the Japanese Ophthalmological Society. Specialties include macular disease and retinal vitreous disease. Mr. Teruo Nakamura [Image 9

Representative Director Nakamura Printing Co., Ltd. Born in Tokyo in 1943. Developed the “horizontal opening (R) notebook (commonly known as Grandpa’s notebook)” about six years ago. In January 2016, the notebook was flooded with orders on SNS. In June of the same year, he published “Grandpa’s Note-Shitamachi craftsmanship gave birth to only one” (Seven & i Publishing). In order to deliver easy-to-use notebooks to children around the world, we also challenged crowdfunding. Currently developing various books and textbooks that are easy to open. About Bayer Healthy Aging With the aging of the world’s population, Germany Bayer is working to promote healthy aging *. In the “ 100 years of life ” that is expected to extend not only the average life expectancy but also the healthy life expectancy through the advancement of medical care and the provision of innovative technology, we will be as healthy and happy as possible while facing aging and unavoidable diseases Increasing age is becoming increasingly important. Bayer Yakuhin considers “healthy aging” as “healthy and happy aging.” Since 2018, we have been conducting an activity titled “Health and Happiness” program for 100 years of life. We will think about healthy aging together with you and aim to improve “health and happiness” for healthy aging. * For information on Bayer activities in each country, please refer to this English site: http://pharma.bayer.com/en/commitment-responsibility/healthy-aging/ About Bayer Bayer is a global company with core businesses in the healthcare and food-related life sciences. Through these products and services, we contribute to people’s lives by supporting efforts to overcome important issues arising from the growing global population and aging population. At the same time, we aim to increase profitability and create corporate value through technological innovation and growth. Bayer is committed to sustainable development, and the Bayer brand is a testament to trust, reliability and quality around the world. The group has sales of 39.6 billion euros and 117,000 employees (2018). Capital expenditures amount to 2.6 billion euros and R & D expenditures amount to 5.2 billion euros. For more information, please visit www.bayer.com About Bayer Yakuhin Bayer Yakuhin is headquartered in Osaka and is a healthcare company consisting of ethical drugs, consumer health and veterinary drugs. The ethical drug division focuses on the cardiovascular, oncology / blood, women’s healthcare, ophthalmology, and diagnostic imaging fields. In the Consumer Health segment, we are focusing on the antipyretic analgesic “Bayer Aspirin” as well as allergic diseases and dermatology. The Animal Health Division contributes to the health care of companion animals and livestock animals with a focus on providing veterinary drugs. The company aims to be an advanced pharmaceutical company that meets the unfulfilled wishes of Japanese patients through technological innovation and innovative products. For more information, please visit www.byl.bayer.co.jp/ Bayer Yakuhin Co., Ltd. Osaka, September 12, 2019

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