Let’s reduce food loss! There is also a life support fair for “Takeover Taxes”! “Wine” is the target before the tax increase! After the tax increase, “business-linked sale”! Food waste sale

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd. Reduce food loss! There is also a life support fair for “Takeover Taxes”! “Wine” is the target before the tax increase! After the tax increase, “business-linked sale”! Food waste sale September 25 (Wed)-October 7 (Mon) / Matsuzakaya Ueno Branch, 6th floor “Food Loss” that can be eaten, but is left unsold, expired, or left behind. In Japan, it is said to be about 6.46 million tons per year, equivalent to about twice the amount of food aid worldwide, which is a social problem. The Matsuzakaya Ueno store holds a “food waste sale” that collects foods that can be eaten deliciously for a variety of “reasons” without any problems in quality and taste. We collect foods for reasons such as near expiration date or out of specification and offer them as bargains. In addition to foods with reasons, there will be a total of about 3,000 types and 250,000 special priced foods. In addition, this event will be held across the “consumption tax increase”. In addition to selling a bargain set of “wine” that is not subject to the reduced tax rate, we also carry out a squeeze sale because foods subject to the reduced tax rate are expected to be purchased in bulk from the consciousness of life defense. In addition, after the tax increase, an “economy-linked sale” will be implemented in which the discount rate increases if there are many stocks whose stock price has increased! * The price shown is the tax-inclusive price based on the tax rate (8%) as of September 2019.
◆ Because it is before the tax increase, “Wine” is released! ! Expands to 1.5 times the previous time! We have many bargain sets that are great for bulk buying!
● Photo: French Bordeaux Gold Award-winning red wine 6 bottles set 750ml x 6 4,860 yen * Limited 15 sets

“Mirin” is also aimed at September! Seasonings are subject to reduced tax rates, but “Mirin”, which is a liquor under the Liquor Tax Law, is not subject to reduced tax rates, so we recommend buying it during September. ・ ◆ “Tax increase Magi” is held to support life! Get deals with bulk buying! It is advantageous by buying a box!

More profitable!

More profitable!

Such The “reason” for a good food sale is …!
◆ Expiration date is near! In general, processed foods have a business convention of “one third rule”. For example, if the expiration date is 6 months, the product will be delivered to the retail store by the 2nd month and sold to the consumer by the 4th month. It is considered to be a factor in producing food that is discarded before the expiration date. In the food waste sale, we have a lot of products that are close to the expiration date but can still be eaten deliciously and will be sold at a shocking price! * Example of expiration date of 6 months [Image 5

[Example of product] ◆ Because it is out of specification! Although the taste has not changed, such as the design has been changed or uneven, it is a bargain just because it is out of specification! [Example of product] For missing packaging materials for shipping: ◆ The second installment will start on Tuesday, October 1st! A bargain plan after the tax increase! ! First plan! “Economic-linked sale” that increases the OFF rate when there are many stocks with higher stock prices! Trends in the economy of interest after the consumption tax hike. There is also concern about buying back. Therefore, we planned the first "economy-linked sale" to implement a fun project that can boost the shopping after the tax increase! ! Of the stocks listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the OFF rate of the next day is determined by the percentage of stocks whose stock price is positive compared to the previous day! Target products will be even more affordable! * Not available the day after the stock market holiday in Japan. [Image 6

[Example of target product] Samurai Mori Shark fin figure boiled set 2,030 yen, Formec anchovy paste 60 g 334 yen About 30 types are available! !

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