[Sanyo Shokai Co., Ltd.] New shop “Loveless Sunny Side Floor” of Select Shop “Loveless” Pop-up shop 9/12 (Thu) opened on the 2nd floor of Ikebukuro Parco Main Building for 5 months

Sanyo Shokai Co., Ltd. New store “Loveless Sunny Side Floor” of select shop “Loveless” Pop-up shop 9/12 (Thu) opened for 5 months on the 2nd floor of Ikebukuro Parco Main Building -The first women-only shop- The select shop “Loveless” developed by Sanyo Shokai opens the pop-up shop of “LOVELESS Sunny Side Floor”, which opened in the fall / winter of 2018, on the 2nd floor of Ikebukuro Parco Main Building on September 12th. It will be deployed for about 5 months until February 11th. In addition to the original LOVELESS brand, “LOVELESS” will be the first shop to handle only women’s items. In addition, we will release items from the fake fur brand “jakke” from London, which will be available from this season. [Image 1

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■ About “LOVELESS Sunny Side Floor” “Loveless” is a select shop that proposes high-sensitivity high brands and creative brands in Japan and overseas, and is mainly developed in the form of street shops in major cities (Aoyama, Daikanyama, Ginza, Nagoya, Shinsaibashi, Kyoto, Tenjin). doing. From the 2018 fall / winter season, as we continue to open stores in complex commercial facilities for future business expansion, adjacent to terminal stations in large cities with high traffic so that many customers can learn about “Loveless” We have also opened a new store called “LOVELESS Sunny Side Floor” as a store that opens a facility where men and women with high fashion sensitivity can become fans of “Loveless”. We are currently opening stores at Grand Front Osaka and Shinjuku Flags. [Image 3

■ Background The first women-only shop “Loveless” had the image of a men’s store since the opening of its first store, “Loveless Aoyama” in 2004. By expanding and expanding to nearly half of the total number of women, women now account for about half of the total. The new store was opened as a women-only shop with the aim of providing a place for communication with more female customers and learning about “Loveless”.
■ About store attire The pop-up shop that opened this time is located next to the north escalator on the 2nd floor of the Ikebukuro PARCO main building, and is a bright and modern shop with a white wall that symbolizes the “LOVELESS Sunny Side Floor”. This store is derived from a space based on “white”, which was originally called “Sunnyside” on the second floor of the Aoyama store, the flagship store of “Loveless”. It was devised for the purpose of having more people become fans of “Loveless” by having opportunities to communicate with fashion-sensitive adult customers using complex commercial facilities in large cities. In addition, although it is a more compact store than a road surface store, we have set up a proposal space that constantly transmits the products and brands that “Loveless” is paying attention to.
■ Ikebukuro PARCO Main Building 2nd Floor Pop-up Shop Overview Store name: LOVELESS Sunny Side Floor POP-UP SHOP Location: 1-28-2 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Telegram: 03-6709-0933 Period: September 12 (Thu)-February 11 (Tue) 10: 00-21: 00
■ About products -Advance sale of London’s fake fur brand “jakke” that has been buying since this season- Products include clothing, accessories, and fashion accessories for women, and develop shop original planning brands as well as domestic and foreign purchase brands. We offer a wide range of fashionable products from dressy to casual. In addition, we have also prepared a fake fur coat, which is the nickname of London’s fake fur brand “jakke”, which has been buying since this season as a pop-up shop pre-release product. We have a unique item like no other. [Image 4

■ “LOVELESS Sunny Side Floor” brand Shop original planning brand LOVELESS GUILD PRIME Frei EA Major purchase brands MCM alxanderwang.t muller of yoshiokubo Calvin Klein underwear GIANNI CHIRINI PHILIPPE AUDIBERT RED CARD FABIO RUSCONI MONDAY EDITION other
■ Price zone of each item for fall / winter 2019 (Women’s original brand) “Loveless” “Guild Prime” “Freair” Price range Main product price Court ¥ 36,000-¥ 76,000 ¥ 49,000 Outer ¥ 29,000-¥ 73,000 ¥ 39,000 Jacket ¥ 39,000 to ¥ 43,000 ¥ 42,000 One piece ¥ 18,000-¥ 33,000 ¥ 26,000 Pants ¥ 13,000-¥ 18,000 ¥ 17,000 Skirt ¥ 17,000-¥ 36,000 ¥ 17,000 Blouse ¥ 13,000-¥ 22,000 ¥ 16,000 Knit ¥ 9,000 to ¥ 23,000 ¥ 6,000 Cut and sewn ¥ 6,000 to 20,000 ¥ 14,000 Miscellaneous goods ¥ 9,000 to ¥ 27,000 ¥ 16,000
■ About novelty [Image 5

During the opening period, customers who purchase over 10,000 yen will receive a smartphone ring with the LOVELESS logo. (The number is limited. It will end as soon as it is gone.)
▼ LOVELESS official website https://www.loveless-shop.jp/ that’s all

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