[Rush Japan Co., Ltd.] [Halloween Limited Items] Sale starts from Friday, September 13, 2019.

Rush Japan Co., Ltd. [Halloween-limited items] Sale on Friday, September 13, 2019 Fresh handmade cosmetics LUSH will release limited items for Halloween at stores and online shops nationwide from September 13, 2019 (Friday). Wow, such as Halloween’s iconic pumpkin bath bomb, black cat bubble bar, haunted soap! A lineup of surprising and unique items. Also, the slime-like body cleanser that appears for the first time this year will make a spooky Halloween more and more magical with its thick texture. Using the colorful “Knot Wrap” to wrap naked products that do not require packaging, you can also make an original ethical Halloween gift that will help reduce waste. [Image 1

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■ Click here for Halloween special page https://jn.lush.com/products/halloween [Image 3

Pankin Nankin (Bath Bomb) ¥ 850 (tax included) / 120g This is a pumpkin-shaped bath bomb, perfect for the Halloween season, with eyes and mouth floating in the dark. Pumpkin powder and almond butter cream moisturize your skin. The scent of bright citrus oil should blow away ghosts and fatigue! [Image 4

Mercury Retro Grade (Bass Bomb) ¥ 850 (tax included) / 200g Spending a bath time with the scent of Sicilian lemon and ginger will ease your tension and give you a positive feeling. Sea Salt softens the skin, while fruity butts and spicy cinnamon make your skin healthy.
[Image 5

Lord of Miss Rule (Bus Bomb) ¥ 800 (tax included) / 200g Inspired by traditional British events, this bath bomb with a spicy scent of patchouli and black pepper to cleanse your skin. When you put it in the bathtub, you will feel the mysterious scent of relaxing in the forest. After the outside green melts, the rich wine color spreads from the inside.
[Image 6

Monsters Ball (Bass Bomb) ¥ 960 (tax included) / 200g You don’t have to be afraid of this monster! It draws art while drawing in the bathtub and melts away, making the Halloween time fun. If the sweet scent of lime, neroli, and olibanum spreads in the bathroom, you are ready to enjoy Halloween night until dawn.
[Image 7

Biwiched (Bubble Bar) ¥ 960 (tax included) / 100g After a dizzying day, take a leisurely bath in the bubble bar with the spicy olivenum fragrance to regain calmness. Break the black cat and pour hot water into a fluffy bubble bath. If you inhale deeply, you can fully enjoy the fruity scent reminiscent of blackcurrant.
[Image 8

Sparkly pumpkin (bubble bar) ¥ 920 (tax included) / 100g A bubble bar where fluffy bubbles shine brightly with plastic-free glitter and produce bath time happily. Warm juniver berries and refreshing grapefruit will keep your skin healthy. The bright bath time filled with the scent of lime oil may cause Halloween ghosts to escape.
[Image 9

Ghost in the dark soap (soap) ¥ 920 (tax included) / 100g A ghost that appears in the darkness is a limited soap that protects your skin from dryness. Lemongrass oil and bergamot oil give a refreshing fragrance, and this foam will also help your skin feel healthy. One of the attractions is that it contains luminescent powder and glows in the dark. It is an item that makes Halloween feel lively. [Image 10

Fun Glow Warm (Clay Soap) ¥ 980 (tax included) / 100g Clay soap that shines like a firefly in the dark. A blend of sharp lemongrass and fruity bergamot oil gives a playful, cheerful fragrance and sparkling luster. Warm and calm scented rosewood oil keeps your skin clean. A versatile clay soap that can be used to wash your hair and body, and can also be used as a bubble bath. [Image 11

Spicy Pie Lip Scrub (Lip Scrub) ¥ 1,220 (tax included) / 25g A lip scrub with a flavor reminiscent of a freshly baked pumpkin pie. A blend of glove oil, ginger extract and cinnamon will keep your lips healthy. Sugar scrubs to remove old keratin, and soft and smooth texture with pumpkin butter and jojoba oil.
[Image 12

Boo! Shower slime (shower slime) ¥ 1,980 (tax included) / 240g A slimy slime-like texture and a mysterious black shower slime like Halloween. A body cleanser that gives you a soft and comfortable touch as well as a unique look. Corn flour that absorbs bamboo dirt and excess sebum cleans the whole body. Fine scrubs made from bamboo fibers help to smooth out the dry skin and lead to a smooth texture.
[Image 13

Pumpkin (gift) ¥ 4,500 (tax included) Gift contents… Pankin Nankin (Bath Bomb), Lord of Miss Rule (Bass Bomb), Sparkly Pumpkin (Bubble Bar), Spicy Pie Lip Scrub (Lip Scrub) Four types of Halloween-only items that add a lip scrub to the bath items will make your bath time special. The rich scent of woody juniper berries, spicy patchouli, and black pepper spreads in the bathroom, enhancing your Halloween mood. [Image 14

Little Box of Horrors (gift) ¥ 6,000 (tax included) Gift contents … Ghost in the dark soap (soap), fan glow warm (clay soap), boo! For those who want to enjoy Halloween with the ghosts that shine in the dark. A gift full of limited items should appear in the heart of that important person and make Halloween a happy season. A wonderful bath time with 6 kinds of bath items, with a fresh fragrance of Olivenum and Butu, will always be engraved on your chest.
[Image 15

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Out of space wearable mask ¥ 250 (tax included) Would you like to give an important person an encounter with an astronomical extraordinary bath time? Then, it is recommended that you select the item “Wearable Mask” that appeared for the first time this season! You can set two bath bombs of your choice for these strange aliens. After enjoying bath time, please cut along the dotted line on the back and enjoy it. [Image 17

[Image 18

Owl and pussy cat wearable mask ¥ 250 (tax included) Invite them to your bathroom before owls and kittens row to the sea. The two drawn on the wearable mask, the first item of this season, glow in the dark, and you can set two bath bombs (bath charges) of your choice. After enjoying a fantastic bath time, cut along the dotted line to create a beautiful mask that will remain in your heart. It will add a flower to your Halloween dressup. Knot Wrap / Gift Wrapping A gift wrapping item inspired by the furoshiki that has been used since ancient times in Japan. There is no limit to how you can use this single piece of cloth to solve the “little things” in our lives. You can continue to use what you want to wrap in the shape of a wrap. After using the contents of the present, you can quickly turn it into a hair accessory or even an eco bag if you connect several places. If you do not use unnecessary plastic bags or paper bags, you can reduce waste and protect the environment. Click here for how to use Knot Wrap https://jn.lush.com/content/knotwrap-how-to-use [Image 19

Fireworks Knot Wrap ¥ 1,330 (tax included) / 100 × 100cm KnotWrap is a vibrant design with beautiful colors that can be played in the night sky illuminating the world. It is attractive enough to be used as an accent for fashion coordinates and to carry important things. Gifts wrapped in colorful gift wrapping that can be reused are sure to nail everyone like fireworks! “Fireworks Not Wrap” is made from recycled PET bottles.

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