[Stores Dot JP Co., Ltd.] The key visual of Bunta Shimizu’s limited-time shop “BUNTA DISC” is now available. On September 14th, the Satellit Young in-store live will be held!

Stores.dot.jp A key visual of BUNTA DISC, a limited-time shop directed by Bunta Shimizu, has been released. On September 14th, the Satellit Young in-store live will be held! September 10 (Tuesday)-September 19 (Thursday) Bunta Shimizu styling apparel of Schadarapaper, Satellite Young, SF sukoshifushigi, and the event key visual of the limited shop “BUNTA DISC” that handles store decoration has been released . On September 14th (Saturday) on the FNO day, the Satellite Live will be held. Both will be held at “WHITE GALLERY produced by STORES.jp” on the 2nd floor of Laforet Harajuku. Support: STORES.jp
■ Key visual introduction [Image 1

Click here for key visual photos [Image 2

■ Key visual staff Model: Aoiyamada Shimizu dancer TUKI TAKAMURA Bunta Shimizu Hair & Make: Serizawa Noboru Camera: Toki Styling: Shimizu Bunta Direction: Bunta Shimizu

■ 9/14 in-store event details VOUGE FASHION NIGHT OUT An in-store live will be held on the same day. 17: 30-18: 00 Satellite Young DJ 18: 00-18: 30 Satellite Young LIVE Satellite Young DJ & LIVE is open to everyone. 19: 30-21: 00 Event where Bunta Shimizu prints the SDP logo Bunta Shimizu will hold an event that prints the SDP logo of Sutadarapa with Bunta’s feeling. This event will be held and sold at “WHITE GALLERY produced by STORES.jp” on the 2nd floor of Laforet Harajuku, supported by STORES.jp. HP: https://stores.jp/whitegallery/BuntaDisc
■ BUNTA DISC Details Period: 9 / 10-9 / 19 Sale place: WHITE GALLERY produced by STORES.jp @ Laforet Harajuku 2F Bunta Shimizu selected apparel specially so that everyone can enjoy Bunda Shimizu produced and coordinated, as well as limited-edition and classic goods by artists. Also, Bunta Shimizu decorates the white space of WHITE GALLERY, and you can only experience the experience here at the store. Participating artists and brands: Sutadarapa, Satellite Young, S.F sukoshifushigi, Shimizu Bunta Items for sale: 3 color limited edition color + 3 standard colors produced by Bunta Shimizu produced by Scha Dara Parr SDP T-shirt Satellite Young’s new pre-sale goods S.F.Sukoshifushigi apparel Various apparel suits artist goods selected by Bunta Shimizu
■ About WHITE GALLERY This is a gallery-type select shop opened on the 2nd floor of Laforet Harajuku as the first permanent store. We select and produce popular creator items at STORES.jp, and hold events according to the theme every two weeks. We change product every plan and items of 5-10 shops are always lined up. URL: https://stores.jp/whitegallery/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whitegallery.jp/?hl=en
■ STORES.jp Service Overview [Image 3

STORES.jp is a service that anyone can easily create a full-fledged online shop. We offer a simple price plan that matches the sales style, high design that expresses the shop’s commitment, easy-to-understand operability even for the first time. More than 10,000 shops are born every month. Service URL: https://stores.jp
■ Overview of Stores. Official name: Stores. Address: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 3-16-3 F Nissei Ebisu Building 4F Representative: Fumina Tsukahara, Representative Director and CEO Business description: Planning, development, and operation of “STORES.jp”, which makes it easy to create a full-scale online shop HP: https://about.stores.jp

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