[RIHGA Royal Hotel Tokyo] A cute and ghost Halloween room appears for the first time in the private room of “Dining Ferio”! “HALLOWEEN ROOM Witch’s Retreat Party Plan” Sale period: September 28 (Sat)-October 31 (Thu) 2019

RIHGA Royal Hotel Tokyo A cute and ghost Halloween room appears for the first time in the private room of “Dining Ferio”! “HALLOWEEN ROOM Witch’s Retreat Party Plan” Sale period: September 28 (Sat)-October 31 (Thu) 2019 -It seems that a witch is going out today, so please sneak in the house and enjoy the party at “Witch’s Retreat”-From Black Cat RIHGA ROYAL HOTEL TOKYO (General Manager Tomoko Nakagawa) is a “HALLOWEEN ROOM Witch’s Retreat” decorated from September 28 (Saturday) to October 31 (Thursday) with a private room in “Dining Ferrio” as “Halloween Room” We will sell “Party Plan” for the first time. [Image 1

In recent years, Halloween on October 31 has shown excitement as a family party and an adult girls’ association. Decorate the private dining room (approximately 20 sqm) in Halloween with the theme of “a hideaway of a witch living in a deep forest”. In addition to “magical bottles”, “medicinal herbs made of secret medicine”, “mysterious old books”, “Tongari Hat” and “Magic Wand” etc. are decorated with witch’s favorite items to produce a mysterious adult Halloween party To do. * The meal is a “ghost” look of “pumpkin soup with a moon pie” and “fish mousse ravioli tailored” chef Kikuuchi’s playful course dishes and the “Blood screwdriver” that makes you feel like Halloween ”And 11 other drinks to your heart’s content. [Image 2

An optional 25th anniversary premium suite “Twilight Halloween” is also available. (5,000 yen) A chocolate mousse is layered on a caramel tart with pumpkin, and it is decorated in pop with jack orantans, ghosts, and bats. When cut, it is a cake that excites the party scene where you can see the flamboyant sauce with a bloody tint in chocolate mousse.
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In addition, costumes such as photo props will also be prepared, so you can fully shoot in a photogenic space. Dining Ferio Hours: 7: 00-14: 30/17: 00-22: 00 (L.O. 21:30) ◇ Product name: HALLOWEEN ROOM Witch’s Hideout Party Plan ◇ Location: Dining Ferio Private Room ◇ Price: 7,000 yen per person (Including food, drinks, private room charges, taxes and service charges) * Reservation required up to the previous day (3 days for optional cake) ◇ Period: September 28 (Sat)-October 31 (Thu) * 120 minutes ◇ Offer time: Lunch 11: 00 ~ 14: 30, Dinner 17: 00 ~ 22: 00 (L.O.21: 30) ◇ Number of people: 8-12 people ◇ Cooking content [Image 4

Marinated falcon of squid and rigatoni with cold risotto ・ Pumpkin soup with moon pie You can choose a plate of fish dishes from the following. ・ Fish mousse ravioli ・ Omar shrimp Fricasse Sauternes fragrance (+ ¥ 2,200) You can choose one dish of meat dishes from the following. ・ Lamb lamb with roasted couscous ・ Australian Angus beef thigh Milanese with tomato sauce ・ Domestic beef fillet fillet with small vegetables Morel sauce (+ ¥ 1,100) ・ Chef pastry chef dessert “Mouscalpone mousse with Flamboise sauce” ·coffee ≪Drink≫ ・ Cheers sparkling wine * 1 cup per person [Free drink] ・ Halloween cocktails (Blood screwdriver, breath of spirits-breath of spirit-(non-alcoholic), little witch (non-alcoholic)) ・ Draft beer, shochu (wheat and straw), wine (red and white), whiskey, soft drinks, non-alcoholic beer [Optional] Sparkling wine Free drink per person +500 yen ≪Option≫ ・ “Twilight Halloween” 5,000 yen [Image 5

[Image 6

Size: 15cm in diameter x 7cm in height * not including decoration The chocolate mousse is layered on the caramel tart with savory, moist and baked pumpkin and decorated with jack-o-lantern, haunted and bat chocolate. A photogenic cake with a bloody flavours sauce that exudes a chocolate mousse. * Reservations required up to 3 days in advance Reservations and inquiries from customers RIHGA Royal Hotel Tokyo “Dining Ferrio” TEL.03-5285-1121 (Representative) * Prices include tax and service charge. * Menu contents are subject to change depending on the availability of ingredients. * All photos are images.

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