Canoelana’s 2nd album “Shield and Conflict” will be released on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019.

Happinet Co., Ltd. Canoelana’s 2nd album “Shield and Conflict” will be released on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019. Saga-born singer-songwriter Canoe Elana, who just released the 2nd Single “Semi” on August 7, released her second album “Shield and Contradiction (reading: Tatetohoko)” on December 4th, her birthday. Announced to do. Contains 10 singles, 4 single release songs and 6 new records. The lead song “Lies and Recorders” starts with a narrative saying “Teacher I did”, and is finished in a song that pierces the world view and melodies of challenging and immoral lyrics from the head, and a powerful singing voice. . Other newly recorded songs include the popular live song “Tapioca Milk Tea no Uta” that has been spotted on the popular “Tapioka” song, and the fantasy worldview that appears in her dreams. It’s a “jOKER” perfect for inspired Halloween and a variety of content. Also, starting on December 4th (Wednesday), the Tokyo WWW X performance will be the start of the “2nd Album“ Shield and Conflict ”release tour“ Tenka Unification Fuyujin ”” and all four of Tomeihanfuku. A band and singing tour will be held at the location! The culmination live of Kanoe, a young woman, and a singing voice that changes according to the world view of lyrics and songs that are both cute, cool and cruel I hope you will come to the venue to listen. * Opened an official account for “Rakuten LIVE,” a live video distribution service launched by Rakuten in May this year that enables live video distribution by artists, talents, and general users, as well as real-time communication and live commerce with viewers. The first delivery starts from 21:30 on September 12 today! Canoe Elana account → Comment from Canoe Elana I will release my second album “Shield and Conflict”. I tried to squeeze what I wanted to do now, and finished it in a work that challenged the battle with a sharply finished sword while solidifying the place with a shield. I think that I can’t escape easily because I set up the kite stronger. I’m looking forward to listening to the album to see what was seen beyond Kyokaisen. The tour has been decided again with this work, so all the heroes from all over the country, please feel free to (?) The battle of Tofu in Tomeihan. PRIMAGIC Comments I think this album is packed with everything she really wanted to express. I want her to enjoy every corner of the album along with her unique lyrics, singing voices, and “PRIMAGIC sound” created to color the song! release information Canoe Elana 2nd Album “Shield and Conflict” (Yomi: Tatetooko) Release date: 2019.12.4 (First limited edition 2CD) 3,500 yen (main unit) + tax (Regular edition) 2,500 yen (main unit) + tax Product Number: KRKB-1003 (First Limited Edition 2 CDs) / KRKB-1004 (Normal Edition) Scheduled songs (first time, usually common) ・ Semi ・ (Time Capsule) ・ Dance to Dance ・ Cat Counterattack ・ jOKER ・ Lie and Recorder ・ Last Supper ・ Tapioca Milk Tea Song ・ Happiness of Bouquet ・ 1113344449990 Total 10 songs (First Press Limited Edition CD) Live, Shika Deer Bitch Tour, Shinjuku ReNY (2019.6.16) 1, banquet signal 2. Yokualhanashi 3. Take care of it 4. Hey darling 5. Sanbyokan 6. Dance to dance 7. Pierce 8. Awesome weather 9. Semi 10. Tokyo 11. Summer festival Wasshoi Song 12. Cat’s Counterattack, 12 songs in total Appearance event & tour information 2019.09.16 (Mon) Osaka: SUNHALL Renewal 5th Anniversary Series STYLE NUMBER -LADIES UNPLUGGED # 2 2019.09.20 (Fri) Yokohama: Yokohama O-SITE-Special 4man Live- 2019.09.24 (Tue) Tokyo: shibuya eggman Girl’s UP !!! vol.288 ~ Acoustic Night ~ 2019.10.12 (Sat) Osaka: FM802 30PARTY MINAMI WHEEL 2019 2019.10.13 (Sun) Saga: Saga RAG-G Saga Vocalist Festival 2019 “Saga RAG-G × 吃 Amazing! Saga” 吃 Amazing! Saga -Sagamon and pleasant friends- Vol.2 Canoe Elana 2nd Album “Shield and Contradition” Release Tour “Unification of Tenka Winter Team” 2019.12.04 (Wed) Tokyo: Shibuya WWW X Open: 18:00 Start: 19:00 (Band) 2019.12.11 (Wed) Aichi: Nagoya APPOLO BASE Opening: 18:30 Start: 19:00 (playing) 2019.12.13 (Fri) Osaka: Minamihorie knave Open: 18:30 Start: 19:00 (Playing) 2019.12.15 (Sun) Fukuoka: DRUM SON Open: 16:00 Start: 16:30 (playing) Ticket official advance reception (Rakuten Ticket [Lottery]): Reception period: September 12 (Thursday) 22:00 to September 23 (Monday / Holiday) 23:59 Special tour site: Canoe Elana Profile Born on December 4, 1995, a singer-songwriter from Saga Prefecture. April 9, 2015 First 30-second video clip on Twitter. Over 90 songs released in about 2 years. He has received a great response mainly from the same generation, and is called “The Queen of the 30-second narrative video” on the internet. There is also a song that uses anime as a motif among stock songs that are unparalleled in anime lovers. Indie debut in July 2015. Major debut in August 2016. In December 2017, he wrote the ending theme of “Kage no Oke” for NHK E-Tele’s popular children’s program “Miitetsu!” In the song, “Who is singing?” “This song won’t come off my ears” became a topic, and was ranked 16th in the iTunes ranking. Gathering topics as the youngest artist in the history of the program. In March 2017, he played the 17th largest nationwide narrative tour “Machiri in search of heroes-A map of a trip spread out” and 4 performances nationwide from May 26 (Tomeihanfuku) The band tour “Toumeihan !!! In February 2018, we held a free live tour of 26 performances, the largest of which we are. In April of the same year, he held a one-man live “Shy and Gan Sy? From June, the nation-wide narrative narration tour “Kanoe invaders! From this tour, we released a live venue-limited CD “Botchi 2” which performed lyrics, composition, song and performance for the first time in about 3 years. 2019 Kanoe, the year-old woman, suddenly advances! That’s why band tours were held at all four locations in Tomeihanfuku for the first time in March since March and sold out in Osaka and Tokyo. In addition, in order to deliver the CD to the brave (= fan) with his own hands, in April, a total of 23 locations (additional performance 1 location) will be started and the “Suzuka Transcendent Bitch Tour” will be launched. (Shinjuku ReNY), he successfully performed a new samurai journey. Lyrics born from a unique point of view, singing voice that changes in various ways according to the world view and overwhelming singing ability. The stage is fascinating with the gap between the live performance of the band organization and the loose Saga dialect, as well as the guitar and piano playing. Currently, a female artist who is attracting attention mainly from the same generation. [Image

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