Motor Fan Illustrated vol.156 features “Optimum Cooling”

Sanei Motor Fan Illustrated vol.156 features “Optimal Cooling” Is it “cooling”, “warming”, or temperature maintenance? …………………………………………………………………………………………… Sanei Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Kunihisa Hoshino) released “Motor Fan Illustrate vol.156” on September 14, 2019.
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The temperature management of internal combustion engines has been based on the common sense that thermal management, which effectively “cools the part that you want to cool,” has been used to improve fuel efficiency since the days of “just cool” to improve knocking resistance and output. It is becoming. Heat management = Cooling loss countermeasures are called so, unlike development goals that directly relate to the appeal of products and compliance with laws, such as generating power / torque, cleaning exhaust gases, and reducing the cooling loss. It is a development theme after the pursuit of thermal efficiency often heard. Motor Fan Illustrated (MFi) vol.156 covers the current status and examples of engine cooling that is “cooled, warmed and warmed”.
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The theme of fuel efficiency has always existed. In pursuit of fuel efficiency (that is, CO2 reduction), areas that have not been used in the past and areas where countermeasures have remained so far have been “cooling loss”. First, “What is cooling loss in the first place?” Is explained in an easy-to-understand manner based on the internal temperature of a typical gasoline engine.
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The days of “just cool” are over, and temperature management for each part has become essential. Now, engine temperature management is moving toward advanced “systematization”. I asked Ricardo, a long-established British engineering company, about the latest situation. I talked to Dr. Cedric Luo, Ricardo’s thermal management specialist, and explained based on that.
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The design of commercial vehicle engines, such as the weight of the vehicle to be installed, the required power output, and the space size in the engine room, have difficulties that simply cannot pursue the ideal of thermal efficiency. At present, Toyota’s A25A engine, which is the top runner of thermal efficiency, Honda L15B, Nissan VD30DDTT, Subaru FA24DIT, etc., will explore what prioritizes increasing the overall efficiency of modern passenger car gasoline engines.
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Except for the special feature, we will cover the Student Formula Japan Tournament 2019. This tournament, in which 89 teams have entered, including overseas, is characterized by the increased participation of EV-equipped formula cars. Here are the recent trends in student formulas and explanations of the mechanisms of the top schools. In addition, the technology used in Porsche’s first fully electric sports car “Taikan”, which was world premiere at the IAA (Frankfurt Motor Show), is posted. Please purchase it. -Details- Motor Fan Illustrated Vol.156 Illustrated Special Feature Optimal Cooling Released on September 14, 2019 List price: 1728 yen (Body price: 1600 yen) ISBN: 9784779639869 Sanei Official Web: https://www.sun-a.com/magazine/detail.php?pid=11012 Sanei / ebooks (Electronic books / Start distribution on release date): http://3a.as-books.jp/books/?no=13 Amazon: https://amzn.to/30OCY3k

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