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  • A new picture book that understands how the world works is here! The problem format that the children acquire the ability to think for themselves is perfect for parent-child communication !!

A new picture book that understands how the world works is here! The problem format that the children acquire the ability to think for themselves is perfect for parent-child communication !!

Seibundo Shinkosha Co., Ltd. A new picture book that understands how the world works is here! The problem format that the children acquire the ability to think on their own is also ideal for parent-child communication !! …………………………………………………………………………………………… Seibundo Shinkosha Co., Ltd. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) will publish the “Children’s Liberal Arts Guidebook” on October 2, 2019 (Wednesday). [Image 1

Become a smart and cool adult! The structure of the world that you choose and learn. ★ Recommended book by Takashi Saito (Professor at Meiji University) ★ This book is a visual book that teachers, who usually conduct elementary school social studies classes and research, explain various social themes in an easy-to-understand manner for children from a unique perspective. [Image 2

“Should I raise the consumption tax?” “Is it possible to realize a life without any garbage?” “What do you do when it is difficult to resolve the conflict between countries?” Includes Gimon 50 of society that even adults cannot answer immediately. I’m interested in the world by answering Gimon myself, You will have the ability to think with your own head. [Image 3

In the new course of study in 2020, “Learning to understand, select, and judge the issues seen in society” is newly added. It is expected that the importance of thinking about the world and society will increase. In this book, you can not only learn the world’s knowledge, but also develop your own ability to think independently. In addition, by knowing opinions that are different from your own opinions, you will also be able to learn the cooperation from the other person’s standpoint. All kanji are furigana, so you can read them with one child, You can also read while enjoying “Which one do you choose?” Perfect for Christmas, birthday gifts, admission / graduation, entrance / advancement / graduation celebrations. [Image 4

[Part of content] ★ Now, which do you choose? Prosecutor is the friend of justice? lawyer? Judge? Which member is the House of Representatives, the House of Councilors, or Elai? Is it really profitable to have stocks? What do you want to do in the future? A craftsman at a town factory? Do you believe reviews of shopping sites? do not believe? If I can’t use my smartphone, why do I get information? Do you use barks to protect the forest? do not use? Is Japan really cool when the sea temperature rises? Is it correct to assist foreign countries with taxes? Incorrect? Can you help people in need of foreign countries just by raising 100 yen? Do you need food to get rid of injury? Teaching how to make? [Target] For 3rd to 6th grade elementary school students [Teachers who wrote this book] Hiroki Abe (Ichihara Shimizudani Elementary School Teacher) Hideshi Arashimoto (Nerima Ward Hikarigaoka Haru Kaze Elementary School Teacher) Toshimichi Ishii (Tateyama City Hojo Elementary School Teacher) Satoshi Ichikawa (Seisei Elementary School Teacher) Masayoshi Sugaya (University of Tsukuba Elementary School Teacher) Tomohiro Suga (Saitama City Dori Elementary School Teacher) Keisuke Suzuki (Kamakura Elementary School Teacher, Faculty of Education, National University of Yokohama) Nakatani Yoshiko (Urayasu City Mihamakita Elementary School Teacher) Tadashi Murase (Director, Yachiyo City Board of Education) Junichi Yanagi (Urayasu City Hinode Elementary School Teacher) Takei Yui (Tsukuba University Elementary School Teacher) Yasuhiko Watanabe (Tateyama City Tateyama Elementary School Teacher) [Three features] ・ Education = Knowledge x Ability to think ・ Readable by one person, enjoyable by parents and children ・ Grow up to adults with independence and cooperation [About child culture picture book] Liberal Arts is the power of knowledge x thinking. To become an adult who can be happy with a smile every day, It is important to acquire education from childhood. Children’s education picture book conveys knowledge in an easy-to-understand manner, This is a new book that has been devised to develop the ability to think. 【table of contents】 First, let’s learn how the world works and cultivate feelings and power related to society PART1 Politics PART2 Economy / Life PART3 technology PART4 environment PART5 International Sakuin [Author Profile] Elementary school social studies lesson making study group A study group established in 2015 by volunteer teachers to improve social studies teaching skills. Think about how to make lessons throughout the unit, and study about classes that children can enjoy and learn and deepen their pursuit. In addition to regular meetings, public classes are held for teachers and educators across the country every summer and winter. In the book, “Understanding elementary school social studies Before & After! There is a teaching material and questioning model that raises children’s pursuit ability (published by Meiji Books). [Book Outline] Name of book: Children’s education book Author: Elementary school social studies class making study group Specification: AB size, 224 pages Price: ¥ 3,200 + tax Distribution date: Wednesday, October 2, 2019 ISBN: 978-4-416-51963-9 [Click here to purchase books] Kinokuniya: www.kinokuniya.co.jp/f/dsg-01-9784416519639 Rakuten Books: books.rakuten.co.jp/rb/16019639/?l-id=search-c-item-img-01 Yodobashi.com: www.yodobashi.com/product/100000009003179478/ Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/441651963X honto: honto.jp/netstore/pd-book_29833794.html Omni 7: 7net.omni7.jp/detail/1107025857 [Inquiries about books] Sebundo Shinkosha Co., Ltd. 3-3-11 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033 Homepage: www.seibundo-shinkosha.net/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/seibundoshinkosha/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/seibundo_hanbai

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