TiCTAC 35th Anniversary [SEIKO x TiCTAC] COLLABORATION WATCH released!

Neuve A Co., Ltd. TiCTAC 35th Anniversary [SEIKO x TiCTAC] COLLABORATION WATCH released! New classic mechanical watch with timeless value

In the nationwide watch select shop “TiCTAC”, we will release two models of watches tailored to

Seiko in commemoration of the 35th anniversary.

Since the opening of the first store in 1984, “TiCTAC”, which has transmitted new added value for watches, will release a collaboration watch with Seiko, Japan’s leading watchmaker, as a 35th anniversary model.

[Image 1

Based on the design that follows the traditional shape of the Seiko mechanical model,

a new classic style with a vintage and modern taste. We offer a mechanical self-winding, leather strap model and metal bracelet model that you can enjoy the pleasure and fun of owning a wristwatch.
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40mm diameter that won’t get in the way with the cuffs of the suit,

a large crown with a strong presence that is easy to wind. A new standard mechanical watch that can be used both on and off.
▼ Leather strap model
[Image 3

¥ 48,000 + tax Embossed leather strap made of premium leather.

Uses a practical one-push three-fold method considering durability. The chic and dressy style is recommended for “on” groups. * Case and band size (approx.): Vertical 48.0mm Width 40.0mm Thickness 11.0mm Belt width 20.0mm Weight 80g Arm circumference length 19.0 mm (maximum)
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[Image 5

[Image 6

▼ Metal bracelet model

[Image 7

¥ 50,000 + tax A metal bracelet that is light,

comfortable to wear and high in texture. A one-push three-fold method with high reliability and safety, and easy adjustment that can be adjusted by yourself. A sporty, solid and robust style is recommended for off-minded groups. * Case and band size (approx.): Vertical 48.0mm Width 40.0mm Thickness 11.0mm Belt width 20.0mm Weight 125g Arm circumference length 20.0 mm (maximum)
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[Image 9

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[Product Details]

Specifications: Mechanical self-winding (with manual winding: 4R35) / Movement: Day difference + 45 seconds to -35 seconds / Maximum winding time of about 41 hours / Second hand stop function / Number of stones 23 stones / Calendar (date ) With function / Case material: Stainless steel / Back cover: Stainless steel See-through screw back / Windshield material: Curved Hard Rex / Waterproof: Reinforced waterproof for everyday life (10 bar) [Release Date] Saturday, September 21, 2019 *

Available at TiCTAC directly managed online store.


■ “TiCTAC” (Tic Tac)

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