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Launched “MAGLAMP,” a portable interior lighting with a magpie motif that calls for good luck on its own EC

Gloture Inc. Launched “MAGLAMP” portable interior lighting with magpie as a motif for luck Designed with magpies and their eggs as light. It is a product with a unique configuration that can be charged and carried by the main unit. …………………………………………………………………………………………… Gloture Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: CHEN JUNYI) will start selling “MAGLAMP” on its EC site (GLOTURE.JP). Sophisticated lighting for the lucky bird, Magpie In Chinese culture, magpies are considered a bird symbolizing good luck and happiness. MagLamp is a practical and highly-designed interior lighting that is made up of bird lights, egg lights and tree branches that resemble magpies, bringing peace and prosperity to the home.
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Major features
● The portable bird light, egg light, and tree structure can be freely arranged according to the usage scene.
● Built-in human sensor and illuminance sensor automatically turn on / off the light. It is energy saving.
● Since the main unit becomes a small case, it is possible to clean up around the desk and is ideal for preventing lost items. Equipped with a charging function. You can carry bird lights and egg lights MagLamp supports the charging function. When a bird light or egg light is set on the tree, each light is automatically charged. Since it can be freely carried after charging, it can also be used as an interior decoration.
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Built-in human sensor Bird lights and egg lights are also equipped with motion sensors, so they turn on when they approach and turn off automatically when they leave. Energy saving and long lasting battery.
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Convenient accessory case The pedestal has a concave shape, so it is convenient to place keys. Bird lights and egg lights automatically illuminate when approaching in a dark room at night.
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Delivered by craftsmen carefully finished
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For bedside and dining. How about directing the interior with warm lighting?
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There are two models: Beech and Sapele Sapele model comes with 2 egg lights.
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Since its inception, Hometree Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd has expanded and grown into one of the world’s leading brands of wireless charging technology. With daily commitment to advanced technology, we design and manufacture practical and multifunctional products to enhance user convenience. At Hometree (TM), we are proud of the quality of our products, so our products go through strict quality checks from the assembly line to their mini electronic components. We basically take every stage of manufacturing seriously and every part of the product is produced in our own factory and designed by experienced engineers and designers. About Gloture Gloture Co., Ltd. pays attention to recent work style changes mainly in the IT industry, and realizes a virtuous cycle of ideal work-life balance in the fields of work efficiency improvement, office environment, relaxation, etc. We have various products for you. Sales EC site This product “MAGLAMP” is now available on Gloture’s EC site “GLOTURE.JP”. Please purchase from the following URL. https://gloture.jp/products/maglamp Selling price BEECH ¥ 8,700 SAPELE ¥ 9,800 * All prices are tax-excluded

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