Useful Netto CEO Jason Frisch participates as a panelist in the “Shinshu IT Valley Initiative” symposium

Usable Net Corporation Useful Netto CEO Jason Frisch participates as a panelist in the “Shinshu IT Valley Initiative” symposium Mention the potential of Nagano IT industry for Society 5.0 …………………………………………………………………………………………… Tokyo, September 23, 2019-As a cloud service provider, you can use Netto Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture) to develop and sell various cloud products and services on September 17, Kitano Bungeiza (Nagano City) We are pleased to announce that our president and CEO Jason Frisch has participated in the “Shinshu IT Valley Initiative Kick-off Symposium” held in Japan.

“Shinshu IT Valley Concept” kick-off symposium for full-scale start The Shinshu IT Valley initiative is a concept that Nagano Prefecture has established as a major base for the IT industry through industry-government-academia collaboration by gathering IT companies in Nagano Prefecture for the coming Society 5.0 era. It is attracting attention as a concept that can make full use of the potential of Nagano Prefecture, such as its geographical advantage. The Shinshu IT Valley concept kick-off symposium was held at the Kitano Bungakuza in Nagano before the full-scale launch of the concept. The panel discussion held at the symposium was attended by Nesto, President and CEO Jason Frisch, who can be used as one of the panelists. Nets that can be used by pioneers who have led the IT industry in Nagano Prefecture for 20 years Net Net is a pioneer of IT companies in the prefecture that was founded in 1999 and has led the IT industry in Nagano Prefecture for 20 years. As a general cloud solutions trading company, we provide cutting-edge hosting servers, security & storage services, and business solutions using cloud technology. While we have a variety of IT services that can be used, we have continued to operate based on the local Nagano area, with headquarters in Nagano City and a data center in Nagano City. In recent years, we have expanded into Australia and Indonesia, and are developing global IT businesses from Nagano. Panel discussion is a meaningful discussion to discuss the potential of Nagano Prefecture In the panel discussion of the Shinshu IT Valley Concept Kick-off Symposium, titled “Enjoy Shinshu in the Society 5.0 era”! There was a discussion. As a panelist who actually starts a business and manages business in Nagano Prefecture, Jason Frisch is the president and CEO of our company. Talked about the potential of
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The network that can be used is a general cloud solution trading company that provides cloud services for companies in a wide range of genres. Over 20 years since the start of business, we have provided easy-to-use and high-quality cloud products to OEM (white label) / resellers at reasonable prices. In addition to a network of more than 100 partner companies, a data center operated in Nagano City and a wide range of rental servers, VPS, dedicated servers, cloud backup, etc., utilizing our unique know-how cultivated through many years of operation results We provide products and services that meet your needs. URL:

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