TV drama decision “Left-handed Ellen” work, “Sold-out painter” Kenta Nakajima work, Creative co-star with Dream Aya photo! Exhibition event “Aso Building ART SELECTION” will be held in Yokohama from 10/19

Akatsuki Live Entertainment TV drama decision “Left-handed Ellen” work, “Sold-out painter” Kenta Nakajima work, Creative co-star with Dream Aya photo! Exhibition event “Aso Building ART SELECTION” will be held in Yokohama from 10/19 Ticket sales site: Akatsuki Live Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tetsuro Kada / CEO: Akira Kobayashi, hereinafter referred to as Akatsuki Live Entertainment) is the “STAMP HALL” 3rd floor complex entertainment building directly connected to Yokohama Station. For a limited time from October 19th (Sat) to November 24th (Sun), the exhibition event “ASOBIRU ART SELECTION vol.1 Kenta Nakajima: The power of paintings, the left-handed Ellen exhibition, and the photo by Aya exhibition-play people. ~-“Will be held. In addition to exhibitions by artists, talk events and live painting events will be held several times during the period. Ticket sales site: [Image 1

■ Significance of Asoville ART SELECTION Asoville ART SELECTION is a festival for young artists and creators delivered by Asoville, a complex entertainment building directly connected to Yokohama Station. In Japan, it is said that there are few opportunities to touch art works on a daily basis. Our company pays attention to the movement of the heart that cannot be verbalized by touching art, and the Asoville is based on the concept of “freedom of playfulness through art” so that you can touch your work and polish your sensibility without knowing it. By the way, up-and-coming artist works are on display. This time, the exhibition event was held with the desire to have a moving experience by accidentally touching art and creative works without being preoccupied with preconceptions by simultaneously displaying different combinations and works of various genres. I planned. Please enjoy the works of creators who enjoy expressions in different ways: oil painting, manga, and photography.
■ “Sold out painter” Kenta Nakajima who draws the inner beauty of the model, a precious opportunity to see the original work live! [Image 2

・ Kenta Nakajima Profile [Image 3

Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Oil Painting. In 2009 and 2014, he received a special selection, the highest award of Nitten. Made a professional debut in the third year of university, and over 500 productions to date have been sold out. Delicate and refined high technology and warm style full of humanity are evaluated as unique. It was featured on TV as a “sold-out painter” and works such as “Becky” and “Ai Shinkawa” were also talked about. New challenges continue, such as becoming a commentator for the TBS new information program starting September 30 (Monday).
■ Dramaization decision! The hottest life manga “Ellen of the left” is exhibited for the first time in Yokohama [Image 4

・ What is left-handed Ellen? A comic set in a major advertising agency by Kappi. With the concept of “everyone who couldn’t become a genius”, people who work and live a lot of sympathy. The remake version (drawing: nifuni) is currently being serialized in Shonen Jump +. On October 20th, the TV drama broadcast was decided in the MBS / TBS Drama IMS frame. ・ Kappi Profile manga artist. President and CEO Natsumi Natsume. Studied design at Musashino Art University, and after graduating in 2009, became creative at Tokyu Agency. Mass production of storyboards with ideas written down, such as art directors, copywriters, and CM planners. In 2014, he moved to an interesting corporation, kayak. In September 2015, a colleague who saw the comics pushed their backs and released the drawn cartoon “Facebook Police” on the website, making a great response and making a net debut. Since then, the sequel to “Facebook Police”, “SNS Police”, “Oshaya Sommelier Oshako!”, “Left-handed Ellen”, “Fashion King Beat!”, “Naked King VS Apparel Clerk”, and many other serials on the web Begins. ・ Remake version “Left-handed Ellen” drawing ・ nifuni profile Painter and manga artist. Born in 1987. After graduating from university, he worked for a jewelry brand. Worked as a jewelry designer for 8 years. Currently working as a freelancer. Debuted as a manga artist in charge of drawing with the remake version of “Saki no Ellen”.
■ Exhibition by former E-girls member Dream Aya! [Image 5

・ Dream Aya Profile [Image 6

2002 Newly joined dream and debuted. Since 2011, he has been a central member of E-girls and served as the first leader. Retired as a vocalist and performer in 2017. Currently, he is active in various fields, taking advantage of creatives such as photographs and illustrations he started when he was in high school. [Summary] Official name: Aso Building ART SELECTION vol.1 Held exhibition: Kenta Nakajima The power of paintings, the left-handed Ellen exhibition, and the Photobayaya exhibition. ~ Meeting place: Aso Building 3F “STAMP HALL” (2-9-9 Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa) * Reception and same day ticket sales are accepted on the 3rd floor Period: October 19 (Sat)-November 24 (Sun) Holding time: From 11:00 to 19:30 Regular holiday: Irregular holidays * Same as facility Admission fee : <Advance ticket<Same-day ticket* Free for elementary school students and younger * No re-entry Ticket sales site:
■ Multipurpose event space “STAMP HALL” overview [Image 7

Aso Building “STAMP HALL” on the 3rd floor is a multi-purpose event space where various events such as art exhibitions, exhibitions and events can be held. The content changes for a limited time, making it a place where you can meet new works and fun exhibits. There is also a manufacturing market “MONOTORY” on the 3rd floor. We also collaborate on exhibitions and events and manufacturing workshops. [Recruitment of “STAMP HALL” exhibitors] “STAMP HALL” is a multi-purpose event space that can hold various events such as art exhibitions, exhibitions, and events regardless of genre. The total area is approximately 1027.9 square meters (311 tsubo), the exhibition area is approximately 826.4 square meters (250 tsubo), and the content exhibition period is from 1 day to 3 months. Contact information for exhibitors who wish to exhibit
■ Outline of Asoville Aso Building is a multi-experience entertainment building directly connected to the Yokohama Station Minami East Exit Passage, based on the concept of a “playable station building”. A rooftop renovated building from the Yokohama Central Post Office, 4 floors above ground and 1 floor below, offers various experiences with different themes on each floor. Location: Aso Building, 2-9-9 Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Transportation: Direct access from Yokohama Station Minami East Exit Passage, 2 minutes on foot from Yokohama Station East Exit Main use: Experience-type entertainment facilities, restaurants, offices, etc. Facility area: Approximately 11,900 square meters (approximately 3,600 tsubo) Number of floors: 4 floors above ground, 1 floor underground, rooftop Opening date: March 15, 2019 Hours: 10: 00-22: 00 * Varies depending on floor and store Website: Facility operator: Akatsuki Live Entertainment Inc. * Asoville is positioned in the expected development area (Oasis Planning Area) in “Excite Yokohama 22” and is currently under consideration for commercialization. This time, Akatsuki Live Entertainment is scheduled to be provisionally used in a period that does not hinder commercialization.
■ Akatsuki Live Entertainment Company Profile Akatsuki Live Entertainment is developing a live entertainment business focused on “real experiences” that can mobilize all five senses with the mission of “Making the world more colorful”. Official site: Established: September 2013 (name changed from ASOBIBA Co., Ltd. to Akatsuki Live Entertainment Co., Ltd. on December 21, 2017) Representative: Tetsuro Koda, Representative Director / CEO, Minoru Kobayashi, Representative Director / CPO * CPO: Chief Produce Officer Location: oak meguro 8th floor, 2-13-30 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Business description: Complex commercial facility business, survival game business, event business, party business, restaurant / catering business

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