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  • [OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd.] Low-frequency therapy device and brachial blood pressure monitor received the “2019 Good Design Award”

[OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd.] Low-frequency therapy device and brachial blood pressure monitor received the “2019 Good Design Award”

OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd. Low-frequency therapy device and upper arm blood pressure monitor received “ 2019 Good Design Award ” OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Michiichi, Kyoto Prefecture, President: Isao Kanno) Low-frequency treatment device “Knee Electric Therapy Band HV-F710” and “Upper Arm Sphygmomanometer HEM-7340T / 7340 / 7150T / The 7150 Series received the “Good Design Award 2019” (G mark) sponsored by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization. This is the 36th consecutive year that the Good Design Award in the field of health and medical equipment has been awarded since 1984 when two blood pressure monitors were awarded. The award-winning knee electrotherapy band is a knee-specific low-frequency treatment device that eases knee pain with electrical stimulation and supports continued walking. In order to improve knee pain, it is important to train the muscles that support the knee joint by walking on a daily basis, rather than moving because it hurts. This time, the simple design that makes the daily movement of this product feel positive and the detailed creation from the user’s perspective were evaluated. The upper arm sphygmomanometer is also equipped with a new blood pressure comparison function that makes it easy to capture changes in blood pressure values ​​by displaying the previous values ​​side by side on the same screen. While adding new functions to improve user experience value, it was recognized for its simple and easy-to-understand user interface (hereinafter referred to as UI). We will continue to extend healthy life expectancy and improve quality of life through the development of products and services that contribute to the health and comfort of people.
■ Good Design Award (G Mark) [Image 1

Good Design Award Inheriting the “Good Design Product Selection System (G Mark System)” established by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1957, the only comprehensive design evaluation / This is a recommended system. “ HUMANITY ” “ HONESTY ” “ INNOVATION ” “ Attraction (ESTHETICS) ” “ Theory (ETHICS) ” based on the examination criteria, not only the beauty of shape, but also the functionality, safety and use This award is given to products that have been recognized with high standards from a comprehensive standpoint, such as ease and consideration for the environment.
■ Jury comments “Knee electrotherapy band HV-710” Maintaining a healthy body is very important in order to continue a vibrant life in an era of super aging. The purpose of this product is to maintain the strength of the knee to continue daily exercise. For generations who still want to feel younger, a “very” health appliance will feel resistance. This product has a clean and simple design and is easy to incorporate into everyday life. In addition, Velcro tape, which will often touch the skin and clothing, is a smooth type with less pain and damage to the touching area, and consideration is given to making it easy for users to continue using. “Upper arm blood pressure monitor HEM-7340T / 7340 / 7150T / 7150 series” Multifunctionality may make the operability complicated. Evaluation was gathered for the result of delicate and bold efforts to deal with such problems. At first glance, it is a product that seems to have inherited the DNA of the same product series that pursued a simple and easy-to-understand UI, but the increase in information display caused by the addition of functions is reviewed and implemented on a zero basis as a UI design is doing. The actual feeling of use is also good, and it can be greatly expected that the created simple operation will increase blood pressure measurement opportunities and frequency. [Image 2

Low frequency treatment device “Knee Electric Therapy Band HV-F710”
[Image 3

“Upper arm blood pressure monitor HEM-7340T / 7340 / 7150T / 7150 series”

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