[Tech Point] In-vehicle video transmission semiconductor “TP38xx series” decided to be adopted for omnidirectional monitor products for REC automobiles in Taiwan

Tech point Decided to adopt TP38xx series of on-board video transmission semiconductors for REC automobiles in Taiwan -Contributing to high-definition video quality for further safety improvement- Tech Point, Inc. (San Jose, California, Representative: President and CEO Fumihiro Kosato, hereafter referred to as “Company”) is a REC TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION (Taoyuan City, Taiwan Representative: CEO Tai-Nine Hsieh, REC). Announced that our company’s TP38xx series of video transmission semiconductors have been adopted for the omnidirectional monitoring system for automobiles. Keywords: automotive, automobile, omnidirectional monitor, video transmission, semiconductor, TP38xx series, high vision, in-vehicle camera [Image

(Left) REC in-vehicle camera equipped with our semiconductor, (Right) “TP38xx Series” product example With the increasing demand for safety and security in automobiles, omnidirectional monitors and electronic mirrors are increasingly being installed in automobiles as systems that enhance safety. The market for parking assistance systems and automatic parking systems, including omnidirectional monitors, is expected to continue growing, with an average annual growth rate of 28% from 2015 to 2020 *. With the spread of these systems, the importance of cameras for in-vehicle devices that support these systems is increasing, and the need for camera quality such as high definition and smooth video transmission is also increasing. In response to these needs, we have marketed video transmission / reception semiconductors for in-vehicle cameras. This time, from its product lineup, the TP 38xx series of video transmission semiconductors has been adopted by REC, a major in-vehicle device design manufacturer in Taiwan. REC will use this product for high-definition in-vehicle cameras for omnidirectional monitoring systems. This new in-vehicle camera product has been adopted from this fiscal year for passenger cars of Asian local production models of major Japanese automakers. This product adopts the original standard “HD-TVI” developed by utilizing the design technology cultivated since our establishment, and is a video transmission semiconductor that achieves both HD and low cost. Video signals captured by the in-vehicle camera are transmitted over the cable using the HD-TVI method using this product, and then transmitted to the video receiving device such as a car navigation system. A feature of HD-TVI is that it can transmit high-definition high-definition video signals even using inexpensive coaxial cables. In addition, the video signal processing function (ISP: image signal processor) and HD-TVI transmission function are realized on a single chip, reducing the mounting area during device design and reducing the cost of components for in-vehicle camera design manufacturers. Contributing. By installing four in-vehicle cameras equipped with this product on the front, rear, left, and right of the vehicle, it can be used in an omnidirectional monitoring system for vehicles, contributing to the construction of a safe driving support system. REC is an in-vehicle device design maker in Taiwan that has grown as an in-vehicle device manufacturer, including omnidirectional monitors, as technology is introduced to ensure vehicle safety. It offers. This is the first time that the company has introduced a new high-definition product that aims for higher image quality than conventional analog products. We have adopted this product and contributed to its realization. According to Bruce Li, General Manager of REC, when adopting the “TP38xx series”, “The video transmission semiconductors of TP Point“ TP38xx series ”achieved high image quality of our products using HD-TVI technology. I am surprised not only by the high cost performance, but also in the future, with Tech Point, we want to provide high-quality high-definition camera products to the automobile market. I thought. ” We will continue to develop products tailored to customers and market needs, expand the product lineup of on-board camera module semiconductors, and support cameras that contribute to safety and security with high technological capabilities. * Yano Research Institute Ltd. “Parking assistance / automatic parking system global market survey (2017)” press release https://www.yano.co.jp/press-release/show/press_id/1722 【Product Summary】 Product name: Video transmission semiconductor “TP38xx series” Transmission standard: HD-TVI (our original standard) [REC company overview] Company name: Zuiho Technology Co., Ltd. English company name: REC TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Established: 1999 Location: Taoyuan City, Taiwan 蘆 竹 蘆 南 � 切 路 二段 28 號 4 樓 Business: Development and design of in-vehicle device products URL: www.rectech-global.com/en/index.htm [Company overview] Company name: Techpoint Inc. Established: April 2012 Location: San Jose, California, USA Number of employees: 73 (as of the end of June 2019) Business: Design and sales of semiconductors for surveillance (security) camera systems and in-vehicle camera systems URL: www.techpoint.co.jp/

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