[Adult Diet Research Institute] October 7th “Adult Diet Day” Anniversary “3rd Zubora Recipe Contest” Award Ceremony

Adult Diet Research Institute October 7 “Adult Diet Day” Anniversary “3rd Zubora Recipe Contest” Award Ceremony Yuru-chara’s first debut for dietary education necessary for a busy modern society …………………………………………………………………………………………… General Diet Research Institute (office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, representative: Yasuyo Kishimura, hereinafter referred to as “the Institute”) that promotes food for busy adults “The 3rd Zubora Recipe Contest” was held under the theme of “Foods”, and after the first and second screenings, the final screening was held at the event day of “Adult Diet Day” held on October 6th (Sun) Results announcement / commendation ceremony was held. In addition, we started crowdfunding at the crowdfunding site “Makuake” from the beginning of September 2019. Achieved the target amount of 117%, and “Diet Yuru Character“ Zubo King ”” first appeared in the award ceremony. Origin of “Adult Diet Day” [October 7] is “Adult Diet Day” (Japan Day Association certified) The number of working generations is increasing, especially the lack of nutrition among working generations. In the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s “National Health and Health Nutrition Survey” (2017), lack of nutrients such as dietary fiber and calcium has become an issue. October 7 is “Adult Diet Day” and “Otona” is read as “Adult Diet Day” as “a day for a busy adult to become healthy while enjoying a meal without hesitation” It was certified on October 7th from the words. What is the “Adult Diet Research Institute” Established in May 2015 under the vision of “helping busy adults with food”. Developed products and menus targeting busy adults (results so far: Kinokuniya, JA Group Agricultural / Rural Gallery Minole, Softbank employee cafeteria, Italian restaurant, etc.) We are also focusing on dietary fiber, which has become a hot topic in recent years, and we are also disseminating information such as a simple recipe for promoting dietary fiber intake, “Zubora no Sensai Gohan”. [What is Diet Yuru Chara “Zubo King”] [Image 1

? Diet Yuru Chara “King of Zubora Kingdom” Zubo King ” Zubongingu was born as a certified character for adult diet research institute, aiming to win the Yuru Chara Grand Prix by approaching generations and people who were not interested in food education until now. In modern society, food education ends mainly in elementary school, and many people become adults without the opportunity to teach them how to eat properly. Under such circumstances, I would like to continue to play an active part in on-site classes and events at junior high schools, high schools, and universities. * Click here for details on crowdfunding → https://www.makuake.com/project/otona-diet/ What is the “Zubora Recipe Contest”? [Image 2

In modern society, “breakfast lack of breakfast” that does not eat breakfast and “nutritional deficiency” of working generations who rely only on convenience store food are social problems. In 2017, we started the “Zubora Recipe Contest” to promote easy and delicious nutrition for the modern people who are busy every day. This year’s theme is “Busy morning time rice x Japanese food ingredients”. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s “National Health and Nutrition Survey” (2017), breakfast skipping rates were 15.0% for men and 10.2% for women. The ratio is the highest in the twenties who are working generations for both men and women, with 30.6% for men and 23.6% for women. About one in three men and one in four women do not have breakfast. The Diet Research Institute for Adults promotes “Japanese food” to deliciously eat a busy morning meal, appealing the importance of nutrition at breakfast, and supporting the healthy diet of busy adults. “3rd Zubora Recipe Contest” Award Recipe
● Grand Prize: Yuri Arimura devised “Yukari-chan rice”
● Award for Excellence: Invented by Ayumi Imai “Toast of Okara and Canned Can” [Image 3

● Grand Prize: Yuri Arimura devised “Yukari-chan rice” [Image 4

● Award for Excellence: Invented by Ayumi Imai “Toast of Okara and Canned Can”
● Special Award: Invented by Chito Sugawara “Okara and Sesame Spread”
● Special Award: Invented by Hanako Funayama “Summer Tofu Nekomanma” [Image 5

● Special Award: Invented by Chito Sugawara “Okara and Sesame Spread” [Image 6

● Special Award: Invented by Hanako Funayama “Summer Tofu Nekomanma” * Please refer to the following for details of the recipe. → http://otona-diet.jp/news/3337.html ==================== About the theme ingredients “Okara Powder” [Image 7

Okara powder I think that many of the busy working generations tend to “break out of breakfast” without eating breakfast, but no matter how busy they have research results such as not improving performance and not being able to concentrate without having breakfast. However, I think it is necessary to have a quick recipe that allows you to eat a “nutritionally balanced breakfast”. “Okara powder” was the focus of our research in order to realize such a “balanced breakfast”. Okara which is an “ingredient that does not last longer” can be dried longer than normal okara, and it can be easily added as a “slightly added ingredient” by adding it to a powder form. Now you can use it. This time, we received support from the Japan Dry Okara Association. ==================== “Time saving & easy, no hassle! Special talk show on the theme of “Diet” [Image 8

“Zubora Recipe Contest” Special Talk Show On the day of the award ceremony, we invited Miyuki Shimamoto (Cooking Researcher, Raku Housekeeping Advisor) and Shiori Kudo (Tofu Meister, Tofu Producer) who are active in the media as special guests. A special talk show is also held. In addition, we offered a lunch buffet that reproduced the award winning recipe of the “3rd Zubora Recipe Contest”. In the future, the Diet Research Institute for Adults will continue to promote food for busy adults. Our laboratory representative: Yasuyo Kishimura profile [Image 9

Yasuyo Kishimura Representative Director, Adult Diet Research Institute Adult Diet Research Institute General Director / Food Planner Utilizing his qualifications and experience as a registered dietitian and vegetable sommelier senior professional, he is active in various fields such as product development, menu development, lecturers and media. [Media Appearance] “Now it’s Hayashi Osamu! “Lecture” “Asaichi” and many others [Book] “Total 10 tons of fat lost! The strongest way to lose weight taught by legendary diet advisors”, “Okara powder diet” and others Please feel free to contact us regarding this matter and interviews with representative Kishimura.

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