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Membership fan community app fanicon (FANICON) has started supporting official site creation for talent!

THECOO Co., Ltd. Membership fan community app fanicon (fanicon) has started supporting official site creation for talent! …………………………………………………………………………………………… Membership fan community app “fanicon” operated by THECOO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masato Hira, hereinafter THECOO) has started support for free production of talent official websites. fanicon is a membership-based fan community app that excites talent and influencer (hereinafter “icon”) activities together with core fans. Currently, more than 1,000 fan communities are operated mainly by artists, actors, talents and influencers. The official website is provided free of charge to those who use fanicon, and can be created with an original design that matches the talent image. The designer proposes a design from scratch based on the interviews. In addition, the CMS function (like WordPress) that can be operated on the icon side after production is complete. Content updates such as News and live information can be freely performed on the icon side with the support of the CMS function. Also, if you already have an official site, you can transfer to the existing official site.
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GANG PARADE: http://www.gangparade.com/ * Official site creation is a service that can only be used by communities that meet our standards.
[What is fanicon?]

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fanicon is a member-based fan community app that excites icon activities together with core fans. 1. Talents and influencers can create their own fan community You can operate with confidence without worrying about vandalism or anti-community for a community with only core fans. Billing can be set, and the amount and free period can also be set. 2. Make core fans more friendly with limited communication You can get excited with your core fans through community-only live streaming, group chat (Gurucha), and one-on-one chat (1: 1 talk). 3. Point system scratch function You can plan a point-based scratch lot. For example, 3rd is your limited image, 2nd is an original voice, 1st is a luncheon, etc. You can set up a prize and have your core fans enjoy the value you have never seen before. 4. Ticket sales available for members only Ticketing is possible within the app for members only. Safe and stable ticketing can be performed by linking with systems such as “ROCHIKE”. It can handle a wide range of ticketing, from several tens to several thousand. 5. Mail order functions such as goods can be used Products and settings that can be purchased by members only and non-members are free. Just send the product to our warehouse, we will do everything from stock storage to shipping and settlement. We also support the production of original goods. * This service can only be used by communities that meet our standards. 6. Rental of completely free event space For fanicon users, a space of 60 people (sitting) can be rented free of charge. All event spaces are equipped with equipment such as microphones, speakers, projectors, chairs, and video switchers. fanicon official page: https://fanicon.net/icon fanicon official media: https://media.fanicon.net/
【 Company Profile 】
THECOO Co., Ltd. Representative: Masato Hirara, Representative Director and CEO Location: Jingumae Terrace 5F, 3-25-15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Established: January 20, 2014 URL: http://thecoo.co.jp/

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