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Fully recreated as a gal during the first time in 15 years! “Night Bra PG-Bra Image Model Presentation”

Dip corporation Appeared in full reproduction of the “gal heyday” for the first time in 15 years! “Night Bra PG-Bra Image Model Presentation” ~ Tsubasa Masuwaka appears on the holy land Shibuya 109 ~ …………………………………………………………………………………………… Dip Co., Ltd. (President: Sakai Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) , “Night Bra PG-Bra Image Model Presentation to Delight the Bust” was held at Shibuya 109 on Wednesday, October 9, 2019. On the day of the presentation, it was the 109th day of October 9th, and Mr. Masuwaka, a charismatic gal model legend with a connection to Shibuya 109, gave a full reproduction of the gal style at the time. From the memories of Shibuya 109, he talked enthusiastically about PG-Bra, an image model.
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■ Tsubasa Masuwaka completely reproduces the gal style at the time! What are the memories of Shibuya 109 at that time? On the day of the event, Shibuya 109 was also the day, and Masuwaka, who fully reproduced the style of the gal heyday, appeared and cheered at the venue.
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Mr. Masuwaka, who appeared in a perfect gal reproduction, asked about the impression of the actual gal style, “At first I was worried that I could not have confidence in the reproducibility, but it was 109 days and the perfect gal style I decided to appear in Japan, but when I tried it, it was very fun. ” In addition, there is a scene that feels like “I remembered my early feelings. Regarding the gal boom relapse, “I am happy that gals such as Michipapa and Yukipoyo-chan have recently become popular. I love gal makeup and gals, so I would like to spread more.” I wanted. Also, if you ask about 109 memories at that time, “At that time, all the friends in the gal era were able to have an event before 109 I was really happy because I was longing for. “I told my memories.”
■ Masaka talks about the charm of PG-Bra! What is the original bust care method?
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When asked to Mr. Masuwaka who has maintained a style that has not changed since then, he said, “I was not interested in breastfeeding when I was a gal at the time, but since I was 25 years old. I knew that care was very important, and I met p-Grandi, a bust-up specialty store, and started going. Now, the night bra PG-Bra is used habitually every day. ” As for the charm of PG-Bra, “Night bras have many sporty products, but PG-Bra has a cute lace design, so you can spend your time cutely at home! In addition, the under hook can be adjusted in 3 steps, so it fits It’s amazing. ”And appealed as an image model.
■ Surprise your birthday with a cake that mimics Masuka’s bust! 34 years old, what is abundant this year?
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Celebrating Masuwaka, who celebrates his 34th birthday on October 13, with a breast cake that imitates Masuwaka’s bust. Masuwaka, who looked at the breast cake, seemed to be impressed with “Thank you! It’s cute. I like making cakes and I’m curious about the details!” When asked about the abundance at the age of 34, “ The trend of fashion is becoming less catchy recently, so it is a boom that wears catchy items like the items of the gal era at the time and makes them popular I think it would be nice to make a “.” Enthusiasm, birthday of the day For how to spend time, “Even if you do n’t have a plan every year, I ’ve come to my house when I notice about 30 friends I think they will gather. “We also talked about how to spend the day of the birthday.
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Breastfeeding night bra developed by the beauty salon “p-Grandi”. The bust-up know-how that is unique to bust-up stores, the unique structure derived from the real voice of customers who go to the salon, prevents collapse of the bust while sleeping, keeps the clean shape firmly, and provides bust-up support The
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Company name: dip corporation Head Office: UN Park Building 4F, 1-19-6 Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Tsuji Business description: Esthetic business, product development business URL: https://www.p-grandi.com/

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