[Ever Green Co., Ltd.]
K-1 imperial player “TEAM ONE” x Japan-born sports brand “BODYMAKER” x DIVINER Triple collaboration items are now available for limited quantity reservations.

Ever Green Co., Ltd.
[Limited collaboration]
K-1 imperial player “TEAM ONE” x Sports brand “BODYMAKER” from Japan x DIVINER Triple collaboration items start accepting limited quantity reservations. …………………………………………………………………………………………… Brand “TEAM ONE” launched by K-1 Fighter Emperor Sports brand “BODYMAKER” from Japan for all athletes “DIVINER” is an apparel brand that delivers on the theme of life without compromise. A triple collaboration item realized as second wear for the imperial player at the K-1 Osaka tournament. Due to inquiries, we will start accepting pre-orders from 10/9 today. Started accepting reservations for shocking triple collaboration
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Brand “TEAM ONE” launched by K-1 Fighter Hiji Sports brand “BODYMAKER” (body maker) from Japan for all athletes “DIVINER” is an apparel brand that delivers on the theme of life without compromise. Pre-sale starts today from 10/9 (Wed). Check out rare items of limited quantity. = Items for sale =
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DRY half sleeve www.joker-ev.jp/c/0000000469/62935 ¥ 4,389 (including tax)
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DRY long sleeve www.joker-ev.jp/c/0000000469/62936 ¥ 4,389 (including tax)
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DRY half pants www.joker-ev.jp/c/0000000469/62937 ¥ 4,389 (including tax)
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High socks https://www.joker-ev.jp/c/0000000469/62938 ¥ 1,650 (tax included) ====================
[Sales Overview]
Sold on DIVINER official online site www.joker-ev.jp/c/new ・ Number of items: 4 items
Items will be shipped sequentially from October 18 ==================== About TEAM ONE
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In elementary and junior high school days, he was active in national competitions in karate and Japanese kempo. On the other hand, the fight was over, and the person himself said, “The fight was no loss, and all the battles were all wins. From the Osaka-born looks and gorgeous looks and big mouths that don’t wear their teeth, the tournament to compete has attracted attention and attracted fans. The title match with Takeson, who had been requesting a match at the K-1 Osaka tournament in December 2018, was realized. Although it was defeated, it was a famous game in the history of K-1 with a fierce battle. He won the K-1 Osaka tournament on August 24, 2019 as an “Osaka face” and won an extension. In addition, a self-produced fitness gym “TEAM ONE” was opened. Many people scold him for a manly and straightforward style. About BODYMAKER
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A Japanese sports brand for all athletes with the concept of “TRAINING IS ALL”. Assuming the quality to withstand the use of contact sports athletes such as martial arts, rugby, and American football, entering the first full-scale sports apparel business as a martial arts / training manufacturer with its own manufacturing method and technology. , Has a reputation for creating things that are different from other companies. Based on the belief that more customers will be satisfied, we are constantly creating products and manufacturing products with higher quality and lower prices. About DIVINER
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Based on the concept of “RECKLESS LIFE”, a men’s fashion brand that has proposed a style that blends a trendy and standard design with an unshakable masculine interpretation. Every season, he specializes in street graphic design with a strong message that expresses an uncompromising way of life that emphasizes the roots of each theme. DIVINER OFFICIAL SITE Details are available on the DIVINER official website. https://www.joker-ev.jp

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