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Started demonstration experiment jointly with LINE and JR East Planning.

LINE Corporation LINE started joint demonstration with JR East Planning. Aiming to improve user experience in viewing and viewing advertisements on trains. …………………………………………………………………………………………… Use LINE Beacon to link Yamanote Line in-vehicle advertising and LINE Real-time and seamless information distribution without the need for web search LINE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Dezawa) and JR East Planning Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Jun Haraguchi, hereinafter jeki) are jointly operated by LINE. We are pleased to announce that we will start a demonstration experiment on the linkage between “LINE” and on-train advertising on the “LINE Ads Platform”, an operational advertising distribution platform targeting communication apps “LINE” and “LINE” related services. The “LINE Ads Platform” covers “LINE” and “LINE” related services in addition to the “LINE” timeline and “LINE NEWS” since 2016, as well as “LINE BLOG”, “LINE Manga”, “LINE Points”, “ Advertising is distributed on LINE Shopping and Smart Channel at the top of the talk list. Since the start of operation, it has been used for service brands exceeding 8,000 * 1. * 1 As of the end of May 2019
■ Started demonstration experiment in collaboration with jeki to improve user experience in viewing and viewing advertisements on trains In the train vehicles, in addition to the traditional paper media such as curb advertisements, video advertisements using digital signage have become widespread, and advertisements are posted and distributed through various channels. According to a survey * 2 on the browsing rate for each type of advertisement for men and women living in the designated area, it can be seen that “In-car advertisement for trains” has an extremely high reach, 54% after TV. Furthermore, in the survey on the high affinity between smartphones and advertisements in trains * 3, most respondents surveyed information about advertisements they were interested in using smartphones as behavior after browsing advertisements in trains. The high affinity between advertisements on the train and smartphones is also attracting attention. On the other hand, in order to access detailed information, passengers need to search for information on the web through search engines. This has led to the challenge of reducing the chances of getting enough information, even though many passengers are seeing it. Against this backdrop, the two companies conducted a demonstration experiment on the collaboration between LINE advertising using LINE advertising and LINE Beacon * 4 to provide a more convenient and valuable user experience. The * 2 “Survey on advertising and station media (implemented in August 2017)” Research Organization: Macromill Shosuisha (Joint Survey), Survey Method: Internet Research (March 22, 2019-March 24, 2019 / nationwide 15-59 year old men and women (Macromill Monitor members) 1,000 samples ) * 3 “Traffic Advertising Common Indicator Survey (2012-2017)” Research organization: “Journal of Traffic Advertising Common Indicators Project” by three organizations: Japan Railway Advertising Association, Japan Advertising Industry Association, Kanto Traffic Advertising Association, Survey Method: Internet Research (2012-2017 / 1 Metropolitan 3 Prefectures (Tokyo) (Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture) Residents who were on the survey route on the day of the survey, 300 samples per sample, 1264 survey advertisement materials) * 4 A service that allows users to communicate with users on LINE in conjunction with signal information from Beacon terminals installed in the city, etc.
■ Utilizing “LINE Beacon” to link advertisements in trains and “LINE” to realize real-time and seamless information distribution regardless of paper or digital In this demonstration experiment, “LINE Beacon” installed in a vehicle on the Yamanote Line will be used to implement measures to link video advertisements displayed on medium-pickup advertisements, Madougami channels, etc. with passengers ’“ LINE ”. The From the LINE Beacon banner notification * 5 displayed on the LINE of passengers using LINE Beacon, it will be possible to distribute campaign information and coupons related to in-vehicle advertisements nearby. . In addition, the effectiveness of each measure can be measured by combining the “LINE Research” survey menu, which can be used for subsequent marketing. In addition, we will continue to expand functions during the demonstration period, and from January 2020, we will encourage friends to add LINE official accounts from the banner, as well as transition users to external web pages to promote product purchases and store reservations. It will be possible. It can also be used in conjunction with the LINE official account and the LINE Ads Platform for continuous information distribution via LINE after getting off to interested users based on whether or not banner notifications are opened on the train. We will respond. Through these measures, we aim to realize a new user experience on the train that allows users to receive information seamlessly in real time on the regular LINE without using a web search. * 5 Advertising display / notification using “LINE Beacon” can be stopped and resumed at any time by the user. For details, please refer to “Usage” in
[Summary of this demonstration experiment]

[Outline of this demonstration experiment]
Implementation period: November 2019 to March 2020 * 6 Target: LINE users who board the Yamanote Line (E235 series) during the period How to use: In order to display the LINE Beacon banner notification in the vehicle you board, in addition to enabling Bluetooth on your device and receiving signals from the beacon, “LINE Beacon” must be turned on in the settings. By turning on both settings, you can display banners and receive information * 7. If “LINE Beacon” or Bluetooth is turned off, the banner will not be displayed. * 6 Measure implementation schedule varies depending on the client during the above period. In addition, end time may be mixed. * 7 Depending on the terminal, in addition to the above settings, it may be necessary to allow “LINE” in the access authority settings for location information. For inquiries from advertisers regarding this demonstration experiment: www.linebiz.com/jp/contact/new/ * Please select “LINE Ads Platform” as the target service of the form. In the future, based on the results obtained through this demonstration experiment, we will not be limited to campaign information and coupon distribution, purchasing and store visit promotion, and advertisements for magazines, books, With a view to linked digital content distribution, we will consider providing a new advertising distribution service on the “LINE Ads Platform” that will improve the user experience in in-vehicle and station advertising. LINE will continue to provide various menus and platform improvements to provide information contact points that are valuable to both companies and users, and expand the possibilities of various uses as a communication infrastructure. The

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