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Dream project to realize autonomous driving of all electronic control mobility jointly started

Eames Robotics Co., Ltd. A dream project to realize autonomous driving of all electronically controlled mobility starts jointly Autonomous driving project by Eames Robotics Co., Ltd. and Magellan Systems Japan Co., Ltd. …………………………………………………………………………………………… Development of an autonomous control unit using the quasi-zenith satellite Michibiki has begun Mowers, snow plows, inspection vehicles, etc … All electronically controlled mobility enables autonomous driving Realization of high-precision autonomous control by automatic operation program + quasi-zenith satellite “MICHIBIKI” Eames Robotics Co., Ltd. has started joint development with Magellan Systems Japan Co., Ltd., an “autonomous driving unit” using the quasi-zenith satellite “Michibiki”. Eames Robotics Co., Ltd. (COO: Toshihiko Henmi / Eames Robotics), which develops drones and other drones, and Magellan Systems Japan Co., Ltd. Nobuhiro Kishimoto / Magellan Systems Japan) signed a partnership agreement and started collaborating. Through the signing of this partnership agreement, Eames Robotics and Magellan Systems Japan will strengthen the relationship between the two companies with innovative technologies and ideas and accelerate the creation of innovations in the field of small and medium-sized agricultural machinery development (robot farming machinery). Development of “autonomous driving unit” that realizes automatic driving of all electric controlled vehicles Eames Robotics has already realized the automatic operation of drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles through a program developed in-house in Japan. Autonomous driving as a basic technology has been established and the market is maturing, but there are meter-level errors in driving performance using conventional GNSS receivers, and it is not at the stage of actual driving on the ground. did. Magellan Systems Japan provides a GNSS receiver that receives the L6 signal of the quasi-zenith satellite “MICHIBIKI” and realizes high-precision and independent positioning. The receiver manufactured by Magellan Systems Japan achieves centimeter-class accuracy and is extremely compatible with the autonomous driving program developed by Eames Robotics, so UAV (Drone / Unmanned Aircraft), UGV (Unmanned Vehicle), etc. In the field of robots, it has become possible to control with ultra-high accuracy to achieve autonomous flight and traveling. Eames Robotics and Magellan Systems Japan will jointly develop an “automatic driving unit” that leverages the strengths of both companies to achieve highly accurate and accurate automatic driving outdoors. I am confident that the technology provided by this “Autonomous Driving Unit” will eventually be required as social infrastructure. Scheduled development schedule: -Started joint development of “Autonomous Driving Unit” (Summer 2019) -Service release of “Autonomous Driving Unit” (planned for early 2020) -Mass production and sales of “autonomous driving units” (planned for 2020) The level of robotic agricultural machines and the development status of each company The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries defines the level according to the technical level in automatic operation of agricultural machinery. Level 0 is “manual operation” where the operator manually performs all operations such as running, work, emergency emergency operations, etc. Level 1 Is equipped with inertial measurement, GPS, etc., and “ automatic steering in boarding state ” that automates part of the operation such as straight running, it is possible for the agricultural machine to automatically run with level 2 unmanned, but the operator can Level 3 “completely controlled” with autonomous monitoring under the presence of manned monitoring, “automated / unmanned” under manned monitoring, and monitoring at all times from the surroundings to perform risk judgment and emergency operations “Unmanned”. Major agricultural equipment manufacturers have already introduced tractors equipped with automatic driving functions, and in addition to GNSS, laser sensors and acoustic wave sensors are used to achieve automatic driving up to level 2. On the other hand, small and medium-sized farm equipment manufacturers are currently experiencing difficulties in developing new autonomous controls due to lack of development capabilities and funds.
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Realization of autonomous driving by “retrofitting” for small and medium-sized farm equipment manufacturers Rather than developing an automatic driving system from scratch, automatic driving can be realized quickly and easily if an “autonomous driving unit” can be retrofitted. The “autonomous driving unit” can run autonomously regardless of the size of the machine as long as it is an existing electronically controlled vehicle. Even if the power source is different, such as engine drive type and battery drive type, it can be installed if the operation system is electronically controlled. The “autonomous driving unit” is a mode that allows you to build a route arbitrarily from a tablet (Windows compatible) and run, specify a mode to zigzag a specified range, and specify actions such as stopping and turning at a specific position. Is also possible. On the other hand, since the control method of electronically controlled agricultural equipment varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, a service menu is also provided to realize automatic operation. In the presence of an engineer, we will examine the mounting method of the “autonomous driving unit” and the method of passing electrical signals after implementing sufficient discussions to support final mass production and sales. The final product of the “Autonomous Travel Unit” provided by both companies will be delivered in a state that can be mass-produced as a dedicated product for each agricultural equipment manufacturer. The “Autonomous Driving Unit” will be mass-produced at Eames Robotics Headquarters (Fukushima Prefecture).
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Multi-frequency GNSS antenna (Magellan Systems Japan) Press release 9th Agricultural Week EAMS ROBOTICS booth October 9 (Wed)-October 11 (Fri), 2019 https://www.agriexpo-tokyo.jp/ja-jp.html
■ Booth No. 32-15 “Eames Robotics”
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■ Company Profile Eames Robotics Co., Ltd. ・ Main company 〒960-8074 2-21 Nishichuo, Fukushima City, Fukushima tel.024-573-7880 (representative) ・ Manufacture and sale of autonomous equipment centered on industrial drones, proposals and development by solutions Magellan Systems Japan Co., Ltd. ・ Head Office 7-3, Doichicho, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture 660-0083 Amagasaki Research Incubation Center No.315 ・ Research / development / license / sales of ultra-high-sensitivity / precision satellite positioning systems

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