[KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.] Takuya Kimura appears on the cover and introductory gravure. A summary of “Moe” episodes of 51 pairs of SixTONES & Snow Man

KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. Takuya Kimura appears on the cover & intro gravure talks about the highlights of the leading drama & “food” that he thinks! A summary of “Moe” episodes of 51 pairs of SixTONES & Snow Man …………………………………………………………………………………………… Takuya Kimura will appear on the cover and introductory gravure of “Weekly The Television” October 16th (Wed), published by KADOKAWA Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuki Matsubara). In addition, an ecological picture book gathered by the autumn drama “Men with a habit”, Johnny’s Jr. 46 people featured the “Johnny’s Jr. Complete Data” special feature covering a variety of data such as constellation and personal color diagnosis! * Also, “Weekly The Television” is also being distributed as an electronic magazine that digitizes all pages including Johnny’s talent gravure. You can read “Weekly The Television” entirely on your smartphone! [Image 2

The latest issue of “Weekly The Television” is Takuya Kimura, who plays Natsuki Obana, an unconventional French chef in the drama “Grand Maison Tokyo”. He talks about his work, his thoughts on his role, and “food”. Also, the “Eccentric Boys Ecology Book” that explains the habits of the fall drama currently being broadcast is also posted. A thorough investigation of the ecology of Shinsuke Kuwano of “Man who still can’t marry” played by Hiroshi Abe and Mitsuru Kishibe of “My story is long” played by Toma Ikuta! In addition, Sixtones, Snow Man, Travis Japan, Naniwa boys and all other 46 groups of 46 people, such as date of birth, birthplace, blood type, etc. “Complete data” posted. There is also a “Summary of 51 Pair Moe Epi” that delivers a list of the precious moe episodes of all pairs in the brute force group of SixTONES and Snow Man. “Ryowa Jr. Restoration!” The second edition of the Kansai edition is A! The group’s main gate Yoshinori appeared. In addition to Snow Man series, Travis Japan series, interview with Junichi Okada and special feature that reveals the appeal of “Class J” staff “School Revolution!” Will be packed this week! In addition, the latest SHOT & Person Correlation Diagram of “Otsunzu Love -in the sky-” starring Jun Tanaka, Yudai Chiba, Shigeyuki Toji, Kotaro Yoshida, and “Four Minutes of Marigold” Fukushi 蒼 汰 × Yokohama meteor . The latest issue of “Weekly The Television” will be released and distributed on Wednesday, October 16th! “Weekly The Television” 10/25 (released & distributed on October 16) Main contents https://www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321902001885/
● Takuya Kimura “Aim for the Stars”
● Autumn drama “A boy with a habit” Ecological book
● “Ossanzu Love -in the sky-” latest SHOT & correlation chart
● “Marigold for 4 minutes” adhesion
● Johnny’s Jr. complete data
● SixTONES & Snow Man51 Pair Moe Epi Summary
● Ryowa Jr. Restoration! Nishijin Masanori Masamon (A eh! Group) -Kanjani Eight Series [Kanjani Eight Back Nicle!]
● Sexy Zone series “Sexy Nap”
● Snow Man series “Snow Life”
● Travis Japan series “The Tiger Vision”
● Takeumi Kitamura “take me, take you” and more! “Weekly The Television” released every Wednesday A4 size price 400 yen * Sale date differs in some areas Hokkaido / Aomori edition / Akita / Iwate / Yamagata edition / Miyagi / Fukushima edition / Nagano / Niigata edition / Toyama / Ishikawa / Fukui edition / Metropolitan area edition / Shizuoka edition / Chubu edition / Kansai edition / Okayama / Shikoku edition / Hiroshima / Yamaguchi edition East / Shimane / Tottori Version / Fukuoka / Saga / Yamaguchi West Version / Kagoshima / Miyazaki / Oita Version / Kumamoto / Nagasaki / Okinawa Version / Electronic version “Weekly The Television” distributed every Wednesday (list price 400 yen) * The electronic version of the program guide will be the metropolitan area version. BOOK ☆ WALKER, Amazon kindle store, and other electronic bookstores are now available! (Related Sites)
● Website “The Television”: thetv.jp/
● Official twitter: https://twitter.com/thetvjp (Magazine / electronic version information) [Image 2

“Weekly The Television” 10/25 Cover: Takuya Kimura List price: 400 yen Release date / Distribution date: Wednesday, October 16, 2019 Issue: KADOKAWA Inc. https://www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321902001885/

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