[Joyfull Co., Ltd.] “Namiki-gai” autumn / winter fair starts from October 16

Joyfull Co., Ltd. “Namiki Street” Fall / Winter Fair starts on October 16 Desserts and food perfect for the cold season, such as pancakes with French brie and cottage cheese and luxurious plates finished with a rich sauce …………………………………………………………………………………………… Joyfull Co., Ltd. (Head office: 1-45 Mikawa Shinmachi 1-chome, Oita City, Oita Prefecture, President: Kurumi Anami), which operates the family restaurant “Joyfull” It will start from Wednesday, March 16th. [Image 4

French brie and cottage cheese cheese pancakes In this fair, you can enjoy a deep taste and taste, a new pancake using French brie cheese and cottage cheese “French brie and cottage cheese cheese pancake”, and crisp fresh salmon and headed shrimp We have prepared “Toasted and Shrimp Boulle Sauce-Served with Lemon” and so on. In this season when it gets colder, please spend a peaceful time in Namiki Street. ≪Time limited menu≫ In this limited time menu, we prepared 4 foods, 2 desserts and 3 drinks. Sales are limited from October 16 to the end of March 2020 (planned). * Sales may end earlier than planned. [Food menu] Salmon and headed shrimp boule sauce with lemon This is a dish that is roasted with a fluffy salmon and a whole shrimp. A rich boule sauce made with white wine, plenty of butter, and fresh cream is a perfect match for seafood. Served with cream potatoes that can enjoy a moderately textured sauté, and sauteed mushrooms with a garlic scent. By dipping the garnished baguette into a boule sauce, you can enjoy it deliciously until the end. (Price: ¥ 1,580 (excluding tax)) [Image 2

Salmon and headed shrimp boule sauce with lemon Pork fillet cordon blue-fragrance of herb and cheese- This is a fragrant dish that is made by mixing breaded crumbs with herb, pork fillet and ham with low fat content, and then fried in butter. Herb bread crumbs are blended with several kinds of herbs such as parsley and Parmesan cheese. You can taste the richness of spicy and cheese. You can enjoy a variety of taste changes with the fragrance of burnt butter soy sauce, lemon and spicy salsa pomodoro sauce. (Price: ¥ 1,280 (excluding tax)) [Image 3

Pork fillet cordon blue-fragrance of herb and cheese- 【dessert menu】 French brie and cottage cheese cheese pancakes Topped with brie cheese with a rich texture from France and cottage cheese with a refreshing flavor on a fluffy pancake. Finished with walnuts, honey and orange peel. You can enjoy the richness of grilled brie cheese, the sweetness of honey, and the refreshing flavor of orange peel. Please enjoy seasonal fruits, persimmon and melon together. (Price: ¥ 1,280 (excluding tax)) [Image 4

French brie and cottage cheese cheese pancakes 【Drink menu】 Baked apple roasted green tea latte A perfect drink for the cold season, blended with fragrant roasted green tea and the gentle sweetness of baked apples. If you mix with the cinnamon sticks that are included, the sweet aroma will stand out even more. Please enjoy latte that is softly healed by fluffy foam milk and sweet aroma. (Price: ¥ 550 (excluding tax)) [Image 5

Baked apple roasted green tea latte There are many other seasonal products available. Please enjoy the autumn and winter fair of Namiki Street with your family and friends.
● Namiki Street HP URL http://www.joyfull.co.jp/shop/namikinomachi/

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