[Renaissance, Inc.] Japan Management Association Management Center and Renaissance jointly launched e-learning “Health Management Library” service

Renaissance Co., Ltd. Japan Management Association Management Center and Renaissance jointly launched e-learning “Health Management Library” service Provide one-stop services from environment where employees can learn about health independently to practical solutions …………………………………………………………………………………………… Japan Management Association Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “JMAM” headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Zhang Shiji) and Renaissance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Renaissance” headquarters: Sumida-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Masaaki Yoshida) , JMAM’s educational program / content development, service provision know-how and Renaissance health management *, health guidance know-how, new e-learning education service “Health” for the purpose of improving corporate health management and health literacy The library will be offered. JMAM and Renaissance propose health management / health literacy education services utilizing e-learning for customers, health insurance associations, and local government customers nationwide, and revitalize the organization by maintaining the physical and mental health of workers. We will contribute to the optimization of profitability and medical expenses of the company. * Registered trademark of NPO Health Management Research Group 1. Background of service provision “Health management” approach that considers health management from a management perspective and “strategically implements health management that companies can expect significant results in consideration of the health of employees” has spread to companies nationwide. It is. Promoting the health management and health promotion of workers is considered important not only for risk management in companies, but also for the improvement of productivity, creativity, and corporate image as well as the optimization of medical expenses. . This service provides knowledge necessary to realize health management and learning content to improve health literacy in an e-learning format, so that learning that does not depend on location, time, or instructor can be conducted anywhere in the country. It becomes possible to carry out. 2. Service overview (1) Providing e-learning “health management library” to companies, health insurance associations and local governments From the spring of 2020 (planned), as an e-learning “health management library”, we will provide an environment for learning health management and health literacy for people working in companies, health insurance associations and local governments. This library has contents that can also be used for the “Health Management Excellent Corporation Certification System” promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Japan Health Council. For content, micro-learning is used to provide food habits, lifestyle habits, exercise habits, and prevention of mental health problems. [Image 1

e-learning learning screen example [Image 2

Example of micro-learning (video) screen (2) Providing solutions for companies that have introduced the “Health Management Library” We provide solutions for practicing what you have learned through e-learning. We offer solutions based on physical fitness measurement, fall risk measurement, mass seminars for weight loss, mental health, brain activation, etc., and exercise exercises. In addition, we will provide personal sports clubs belonging to corporations and lifestyle improvements using apps. 3. General supervisor of “e-learning to improve health self-check and health literacy” program [Image 3

Mr. Kunio Okada, President, NPO Health Management Study Group Graduated from Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. General Occupational Physician, Osaka City University School of Medicine Clinical Professor. After working as a professor at the Faculty of Education at Poole Gakuin University, he became a visiting professor at the Graduate School for Women’s Nutrition. Currently a professor at Osaka Seikei University. 4). Overview of each company Company name Japan Management Association, Inc. Management Center Representative Representative Director and President Location Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 2-7-1 Tokyo Nihonbashi Tower Capital 1 billion yen Creation August 1991 Business description Human resources development support business (distance education, e-learning, training, assessment, etc.) Notebook business, publishing business, etc. Homepage http://www.jmam.co.jp/ Company Name Renaissance Co., Ltd. Representative Masaaki Yoshida, Representative Director and President Location Ryogoku City Core 3F, Ryogoku 2-10-14 Sumida-ku, Tokyo Capital 2,210,380,000 yen Creation October 1979 Business contents Sports club business such as fitness club, swimming school, tennis school, golf school, health promotion business in local governments and companies, nursing rehabilitation business, other related business Home page https://www.s-renaissance.co.jp/ more than

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