[Calbee Co., Ltd.] Reproduction of local taste of 47 prefectures with potato chips Co-created by local lovers, local governments, and Calbee


Calbee Inc. Reproduction of “local taste” of 47 prefectures with potato chips Co-created by local customers, local governments, and Calbee. Yamanashi taste “potato chips hoto taste” released on November 18 (Monday) Local cuisine representing Yamanashi is potato chips! …………………………………………………………………………………………… Calbee Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shuji Ito) is a potato chip hotomi that reproduces the taste of local cuisine in Yamanashi Prefecture in limited quantities and for a limited time in November 2019 It will be on sale from Monday, 18th in Yamanashi, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo and Kanagawa (8 prefectures). In addition, it will be sold at any time at Calbee Antenna Shop. The product will end as soon as it is gone. * Scheduled to be sold out in late December [Image 1

[Development history] Calbee launched the “ (Heart) JPN (Love Japan) ” project to develop the “ local taste ” of 47 prefectures, and potato chips that reproduced the local taste of each of 47 prefectures in 2017 and 2018 Has been released for a limited quantity and for a limited time. In fiscal year 2019, the third year, we will release potato chips from 47 prefectures in three stages (first, second and third). Yamanashi’s flavor of potato chips “Hotomi” for fiscal 2019 is based on the tastes recruited on the internet by local lovers, together with local lovers such as the Yamanashi Prefecture and Hoto Promotion Council at the Yamanashi Prefectural Office. A workshop and a tasting party were held to determine the taste and package. Ideas such as “Yoshida no Udon” and “Shingenen” were also proposed as a proposal after the “Seida no Tamajimi” in 2017 and the “Kofu Toritsu-boiled taste” in 2018. Among them, it was decided to be “Hoto” because it was loved by many people, especially local people. [Product Features] [Image 2

As you can see in the bowl of “Delicious Momoyo Pumpkin”, “Hoto” is a nationally famous Yamanashi dish made by cooking flat noodles with pumpkin and other vegetables in miso tailoring. This product is a potato chip that reproduces the taste of “Hoto” and enjoys the sweetness of pumpkin and the taste of gentle miso. The package has a large “Hoto” photo placed in the center, making it easy to recall the taste. “Hoto” has various narratives and histories, but since Shingen Takeda had eaten as a camp meal during the Sengoku period, illustrations of armor and helmets were also included. In addition, the Fujinoyama Yamanashi Sightseeing Caravan Captain “Hideda Takeda” is posted to make you feel familiar, and on the reverse side, you can see the Hoto Promotion Council and the local dishes and specialties of Yamanashi, including “Hoto”. Introducing the “Food without Yamanashi”. [Comments from developers] It was developed with the consciousness of being able to feel the sweetness and taste of vegetables, and especially the sweetness of miso and pumpkin. I had a hard time trying to balance the miso and pumpkin, with a miso soup that tasted like miso soup and a pumpkin soup that became like a pumpkin soup. As a result of trial and error, the sweetness of pumpkin and the taste of miso were balanced, and the taste was improved. Please enjoy! Product Name: Potato Chips Hoto Taste Contents: 55g Energy: 304kcal JAN code: 4901330537227 Price: Open (assumed price: around 130 yen including tax) Release date: Monday, November 18, 2019 * The actual release date may be slightly delayed depending on the store. * Some stores may not be available or may be sold out. Sales area: Yamanashi, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa Antenna Shop: New Chitose Airport Store, Seibu Tokorozawa Store, Perrier Chiba Store, Harajuku Takeshita Street Store, Tokyo Station Store, Ebina SA Store, JR Kyoto Isetan Store, Lalaport EXPOCITY Store, Shinsaibashi Store, Kobe Harborland umie Store, Hiroshima Station Store・ HAKATA store ・ Okinawa Kokusai Street store

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