[Sanei Corporation] Double vacuum stainless steel bottle “COTTLE” that can make regular coffee, drink as it is, and keep warm

Sanei Corporation Double coffee stainless bottle “COTTLE” that can make regular coffee, drink as it is, and keep warm …………………………………………………………………………………………… Mh Enterprise Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sanei Corporation (Taito-ku, Tokyo, President Takayuki Kobayashi, JASDAQ-listed securities code 8119), which handles home appliances, has the concept of “Everyday good time, from tools that snuggle up to life” The 2in1 coffee press bottle “COTTLE” from the home appliance brand “Vitantonio” will be sold in department stores, specialty stores and variety shops in late October 2019.
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About COTTLE A 2in1 coffee press bottle that combines the functions of a coffee press (French press) with the heat retention and portability of a stainless steel bottle. You can enjoy regular coffee of your choice on the go, such as in the office or school, or in outdoor scenes such as camping and trekking. How to use Kotor With a fine stainless steel filter, you can separate coffee powder and coffee by pushing in the filter. 1. Put the coffee powder and hot water into the bottle, wait 2.4 minutes, 3. Just push the filter in 3 steps. After extraction, as a stainless steel bottle that can keep warm, you can enjoy coffee at a delicious temperature to the end, regardless of location. You do not need to transfer it to a cup like a general French press, and you can drink it directly. [Image 3

“Kotor” is a place where you can enjoy hot coffee easily anytime, regardless of where you are. Please spend a relaxing time in Kotor. In addition, as a long-term direction, we have set up overseas sales expansion of our own brand in order to respond to market changes. We plan to sell this product not only in Japan but also in Taiwan, with the aim of further expanding overseas sales.
FEATURE 1. General French press equipment needs to be transferred to a cup, but if it is Kotor, you can drink it directly! The fine stainless steel mesh filter and the silicon packing that surrounds the outer periphery separates the coffee powder from the coffee and suppresses convection and backflow during heat insulation and drinking, so there is no powderiness. [Image 4

FEATURE2. It is delicious until the end because it is a magical bottle with excellent heat and cold insulation! Unlike the cup, the bottle is a stainless steel vacuum double-layered magic bottle that makes it hard to cool and you can enjoy hot coffee up to the last drop.
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FEATURE3. Easy to grip and handle! Handle shape that is easy to grip and hold when moving or opening and closing the cap. Can be attached to carabiner at camp. [Image 6

FEATURE4. Can be used as a stainless steel bottle! If the filter is removed, it can be used as a general stainless steel bottle to keep warm and cool.
Frequently Asked Questions Q) Because the coffee powder is soaked all the time, isn’t the taste changing rapidly? Will it be tasteless? A) Certainly changes a little. However, since a fine filter is used, the change of taste that is difficult to convect is minimal. The worst enemy of coffee taste is “temperature drop”. I think that many people have experience that coffee has cooled down and is no longer delicious. Kotor is a stainless steel bottle with excellent heat retention, so you can enjoy up to the last drop. It is also active on the go and in the outdoors, such as at companies and schools.
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