[Polar Electro Japan Co., Ltd.] New colors blue and black copper added to the Polar Vantage series

Polar Electro Japan Co., Ltd. New colors blue and black copper added to the Polar Vantage series Enhanced functions such as “Michibiki” (quasi-zenith satellite), advanced sleep analysis, VO2max measurement …………………………………………………………………………………………… Polar Electro Japan Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hideo Sonobe), a leading company in heart rate training products, is Blue, Polar Vantage V of the Polar Vantage series for hard training users. Add new blue and black copper color models to Polar Vantage M. Vantage V and M Blue will go on sale October 24th. Vantage M’s Black Copper will be available from late October to early November. They are sold at Polar products authorized dealers nationwide including online stores, and the price is 69,800 yen (excluding tax) for Vantage V, 37,800 yen (excluding tax) for each color of Vantage M, and 4,980 yen (for Vantage M blue replacement belt) Excluding tax). Vantage V Blue and Vantage M Black Copper are limited editions. Also, from October 24, the Vantage V Blue + H10 heart rate sensor set-limited model will be sold for 75,800 yen (excluding tax), and the Vantage V blue limited replacement belt will be available for 4,980 yen (excluding tax). [Image 1

Prior to the release of new colors for the Vantage series, we updated the firmware of Polar Vantage V and Polar Vantage M on the 15th. This update is compatible with the position measurement system “MICHIBIKI” (Quasi-Zenith Satellite System: QZSS) that uses a satellite called the Japanese version of GPS. Vantage V and Vantage M users will receive an update notification when syncing data to Polar Flow. Follow the instructions to update. [Image 2

By supporting Michibiki, in addition to the conventional GPS, Michibiki’s positioning data corrects the location information. Especially in places where GPS satellite radio waves are interrupted, such as urban buildings and mountainous trees, Michibiki’s satellite radio waves are effective, and it is expected that the data accuracy of location information will increase. To use Michibiki, select “GPS + QZSS” from MenuIn addition, with this update, among the new features installed in Polar Ignite GPS heart rate fitness watch, “Sleep Plus Stages (TM)”, “Nightly Recharge (TM)” and “Serene (TM)” are also included in the Vantage series. It was. “Sleep Plus Stages (TM)” and “Nightly Recharge (TM)” measures the heart rate during sleep, analyzes the state of the autonomic nerve, and shows the mental recovery status in addition to physical recovery is. “Serene (TM)” is a function that displays breathing exercises on the screen to make the parasympathetic nerve dominant among the autonomic nerves, and encourages deep and slow breathing according to the display. If you do it before sleeping, you can expect to improve the quality of your sleep. In addition, a “fitness test” that can measure VO2max is also installed. Measurement is supported by the heart rate sensor on the wrist (H10 heart rate sensor etc. is also possible). In addition, you can now lock your heart rate zone during training and view details of laps recorded on the clock screen. [Image 3

Vantage V is a top-of-the-line Polar product with features that will satisfy professional athletes and hard-training users. Vantage M is the lightweight model. At Polar, we believe that training and recovery are two sides of the same coin, and we believe that this update will enhance sleep-related functions and provide more information on recovery, thereby realizing a higher level of training.
■ Polar Precision Prime (TM) sensor Using a total of nine LEDs of two colors, green and red, it is possible to grasp the state of blood vessels more accurately. In addition, four electrode sensors are mounted on the surface that comes into contact with the skin, and the contact status between the skin and the optical heart rate sensor can be determined. Furthermore, the 3D accelerometer is equipped to correct errors (motion artifacts) caused by hand movements. We succeeded in improving the accuracy of heart rate measurement by fusing these three sensors, the two-color LED optical sensor, electrode sensor, and 3D acceleration sensor.
■ Running power measurement at wrist (Vantage V only) Vantage V can measure running power only with the main unit. By knowing the running power in real time, you can check the running situation and check the form to be more powerful. Also, if you continue training, you can see that your heart rate is low even at the same power, and you can check the training effect.
■ Training load Pro (TM) Training load Pro (TM) classifies the load into three types: muscle fatigue “muscle load”, cardiopulmonary function fatigue “cardio load”, and the self-explained fatigue level “subjective load”. The muscle load is quantified when measuring power with running power or a bicycle power meter. Cardio load measures your heart rate during training and then quantifies the load from the results. The subjective load can be obtained by assessing the fatigue level of the training yourself on a 10-point scale after training. Cardio load shows the balance between overtraining and proper amount of training by quantifying and comparing the most recent and past training amount. This will allow you to check the risk of injury.
■ Recovery Pro (TM) (Vantage V only) By measuring the electrocardiogram with the H10 heart rate sensor, you can measure not only the stress due to training but also the daily stress and more accurately measure the recovery status of the body. Short-term recovery is confirmed by an orthostatic test, and this data, subjective recovery status (users answer recovery questions), and long-term training load are comprehensively evaluated and training advice is given.
■ GPS function Distance, speed, average speed, etc. can be measured. After training, you can synchronize data with Polar Flow app and manage route and driving data by map display.
■ Route guidance (Vantage V only) Routes recorded in past sessions or downloaded from third-party services (GPX or TCX) are displayed as lines in Vantage V and guide you along the route. Although it is not a navigation function, it displays the route, direction of travel, and the remaining distance on the clock screen.
■ Barometer function (Vantage V only) The barometer displays the exact altitude. In addition, the slope (with GPS), acquired altitude, cumulative descent, and real-time VAM (average ascent speed) are also displayed.
■ Smart Coaching function Training effect: The training effect is fed back immediately after training. Various effects such as aerobic exercise, cardiopulmonary function, and enhancement of instantaneous power can be confirmed. Heart rate zone: The default setting is the heart rate zone, which is divided into five stages as effective training zones from 50 percent (50% HRmax) of the maximum heart rate to the maximum heart rate (100% HRmax). The heart rate zone can be changed arbitrarily using the Polar Flow service. By using the five-step zone as an indicator, not only can efficient training be performed, but it can also be seen that exercise intensity has increased excessively, so safe training is possible. Smart calories: Accurately calculate the number of calories consumed during training based on your height, weight, age, gender, maximum heart rate, and the intensity of your training.
■ 24-hour heart rate measurement and activity meter This is a 24-hour heart rate measurement function. Since heart rate can be measured during sleep or rest, fluctuations in heart rate throughout the day can be visualized. In addition, the amount of activity is constantly measured by a 3D acceleration sensor.
■ Running program Simply register the schedule of the race day and create a running program tailored to the user based on past training results and recent exercise. The program contents are displayed on the clock screen, and the user performs training according to the set distance and heart rate zone. In Polar Flow, you can do it while watching stretching and trunk training videos in addition to the running menu.
■ Running index This is a numerical value that allows you to check your running performance from your heart rate and running speed. By continuously measuring, you can confirm the improvement in running power.
■ Standing test (Vantage V only. Combined with H10) Measure heart rate and heart rate variability to examine changes in autonomic nervous system regulation in the cardiovascular system. It’s a very easy and reliable test to find out about your current physical condition. Regular testing can help prevent physical fatigue and overtraining and manage your physical condition.
■ Swim measurement When you start training by selecting a swimming sport profile, you will measure the number and distance of your swimming strokes both indoors and outdoors along with your heart rate. It also automatically recognizes swimming styles such as breaststroke and crawl.
■ Data management is possible with smartphones (iOS and Android compatible) Link to the app “Polar Flow App” on your smartphone with Bluetooth (R) Smart. You can also record daily activities and training on the web service “Polar Flow”. It also notifies you of incoming calls, emails, and SNS by vibration. The notification function can be switched on and off according to the situation such as a meeting or presentation. About Polar Polar Electro (headquartered in Finland, founded in 1977) is a heart rate training specialist who developed the world’s first heart rate monitoring device for training in 1982. As a leading company in this field, we have been delivering innovative products based on thorough research and analysis for about 40 years. The product’s accuracy, high performance, and excellent heart rate monitoring are recognized by top athletes and experts and are used around the world. Currently, it is sold in over 80 countries around the world. Polar Electro Japan Co., Ltd. was established in March 2009 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Polar. Through various activities in Japan, such as heart rate training classes, we promote the importance of heart rate training in sports to athletes and the general public.
■ Official homepage http://www.polar.com/en

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