[Marsan Eye Co., Ltd.] Women’s soccer team “NTV Belasa” Yumeho Sakaguchi visited the soy milk factory

Marusan Eye Co., Ltd. Women’s soccer team “Nippon Television Beleza” Yumeho Sakaguchi visited our company soymilk factory …………………………………………………………………………………………… Marsan Eye Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Kuniyasu Watanabe) is the company’s product “Soy Milk”, “ The Freshness Miso Series is regularly provided. On Tuesday, September 17th, Mr. Yumeho Sakaguchi, a member of NTV Belasa, visited the company and toured the soy milk factory. [Image 1

(1) (2) (1) COK TOKYO VERDY [Image 2

(1) (2) (1) COK Sakaguchi who is particular about meals to make body conditions. We are soy milk enthusiasts competing for teams 1 and 2, and we use our soy milk regularly. The factory that I visited for the first time seemed excited and had my eyes shine. “Marsan’s soymilk has been taken care of as a substitute for protein during rehabilitation. I have been looking forward to seeing the factory where the soymilk is made. I was able to learn about the manufacturing process of the soy milk, and soy milk could be tasted in various ways, but the unadjusted organic soy milk that I always drink was also easy to drink and delicious. ” We will continue to support “Soy Milk” and “Freshness Miso Series” so that many Berazera players can play an active role not only in Japan but also on the world stage. In addition, through the manufacture and sale of various soy products, including this soy milk beverage, we have realized our corporate philosophy of “Helping for a Healthy and Bright Life” and will continue to make soy products attractive to many people in the future. We will strive to develop new products and strengthen contact points with consumers so that you can feel it.
■ About NTV Belasa NTV Beleza was established in 1981 as a women’s team at Tokyo Verdi. Since its establishment, it has been a leader in Japanese women’s soccer, and has won many titles. A number of players have been sent to the Japan Women’s National Team. We have a training organization called NTV Menina in the middle and high school age and NTV Menina Serias in the middle school age, and we continue to train players around the world with a consistent training system. Last year, we achieved three crowns: League, League Cup and Empress Cup. This year, he has won the League Cup and is challenging to the remaining league, the champion of the Empress Cup. Headquarters: 4015-1 Yanoguchi, Inagi-shi, Tokyo President: Hideyuki Hanyu Established: 1981 URL: https://www.verdy.co.jp/beleza/
■ About Marusan Eye Co., Ltd. Head office location: 1 Arashishita, Nikicho, Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture 444-2193, Japan Representative: President and Representative Director Kuniyasu Watanabe Capital: 865 million yen Established: March 1952 URL: https://www.marusanai.co.jp/ Business description: Miso and soy milk made from soybeans, beverages that utilize aseptic filling technology, Manufacturing and sales of other foods. Sales for the fiscal year ended September 2018 were 26.3 billion yen.

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