【4 ℃】 Canal Produced by 4 ℃ Christmas limited jewelry Canal x Mika Imada “MIO SELECTION” sale

4 ℃ Canal Produced by 4 ℃ Christmas limited jewelry Canal x Imada Mio “MIO SELECTION” sale Mika Imada unveiled “MIO SELECTION” for the first time The jewelry brand “Canal Produced by 4 ℃” developed by F.D.C.Products Co., Ltd. (President: Akihiro Higuchi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) was selected by Mika Imada. Christmas limited jewelry “MIO SELECTION” will be available from Friday, October 18th, 2019 at Canal and official online shops nationwide. [Image 1

■ Canal x Mio Imada “MIO SELECTION” Canal x Mio Imada “MIO SELECTION” is a fashionable item from Canal’s new Christmas season “Holiday Collection”, and Mikura Imada, an actress who has received great support from women, selects her favorite jewelry. The expression changes depending on how you wear it even in a simple design, and there are a total of 4 items such as a set of 3 rings that can be incorporated into various fashions depending on the necklace and combination you want to wear every day.
■ “MIO SELECTION” lineup with a selection of jewelry with various expressions [Image 2

Rings with different designs on the front and back and the center of Felsper 4-way design that allows you to change the look according to the style Mr. Imada’s select point: “Cool impression” with large design You can enjoy it with a long chain. SV925 Necklace / feldspar / zirconia / Synthetic water opal ¥ 13,000 + Tax Bring out the beauty of women [Image 3

Small and feminine design that complements K10YG Necklace / feldspar / topaz ¥ 20,000 + Tax Imada-san’s select point: Simple and varied with natural stone glitter It is easy to match with women in fashion and you can feel “brightness”.
Combining stones that are said to call happiness, gentle pink and soft [Image 4

Design that enhances femininity in the line K10PG Necklace / feldspar / Amethyst / topaz ¥ 20,000 + Tax Imada-san’s select point: A design that stores “happiness” The romantic meaning is particularly attractive. Ring set combining three rings with different designs [Image 5

Yellow and white color ornate SV925 + YGcoating Ring / feldspar / Synthetic water opal / zirconia ¥ 20,000 + Tax Imada-san’s select point: When layered, it gives a gorgeous impression. A jewel that is delicate and improves fashion freshness when attached to three different fingers.
■ Online shop will also be on sale from October 18 “MIO SELECTION” will be on sale at Canal Produced by 4 ℃ official online shop from Friday, October 18, 2019. Limited to the period until Christmas. Period: Friday, October 18, 2019 to Wednesday, December 25, 2019 [Image 6

■ Commemorative release! Visitor limited novelty In commemoration of the release of “MIO SELECTION”, we have prepared a wonderful present for customers who have presented images of “MIO SELECTION” special present shots at Canal stores nationwide. For details, please see the Canal official site and official SNS. * There is a limit to the number. It will end as soon as there are no presents. * Please contact the shop for details. * Official online shop is not eligible.
■ Christmas-limited jewelry collection “Holiday Collection” Canal Produced by 4 ℃ Christmas limited jewelry collection “Holiday Collection” including “MIO SELECTION” announced today will be released from Friday, November 2019. “Holiday Collection” is a limited jewelry that shines beautifully to everyone, based on the concept of [Lumiella] Lumiera (Lumiere) + Bella (beautiful). Using feelspar and opal to bring out the attractiveness of women, it adds sparkle to women who wear various expressions. [Canal Produced by 4 ℃] “Canal Produced by 4 ℃” is celebrating 10 years since its birth, and in September 2019, it is aimed at women who want to incorporate trends easily, so that you can enjoy jewelry casually like fashion. Reborn as a “fashion jewelry select shop” that mixes original and select. [Canal official website] www.canal4.jp/
■ Misakura Imada will present “MIO SELECTION” for the first time! “The word associated with MIO SELECTION and Misakura Imada is“ Shi ”. The goal until age 25 is to become a lovely woman who looks good with jewelry.” Mika Imada appears at the “MIO SELECTION” presentation. Introduced in stylish outfits based on white inspired by Canal, the company’s first selection of Canal Produced by 4 ℃ Christmas limited jewelry “MIO SELECTION” was presented to the media. In the talk session, “MIO SELECTION” selected this time, “From simple design to presence design, it is a selection that suits women who enjoy a variety of fashion.” Introduction. In the end, I would like to become a lovely woman that looks good on MIO SELECTION, “he told us about his goal until age 25. [Image 7

[Image 8

[Image 9

[Image 10

[Profile of Misakura Imada] When he was 17, he debuted in Fukuoka and became a hot topic as “the cutest girl in Fukuoka”. Appeared in many dramas of the drama “Hana nochi Hare -Hanao Next Season”, “3 Years A Group -Now everyone is a hostage”, “Doctor X6”.

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