Warm time to deliver the scent of apple “Apple Harvest”

Global Product Planning Co., Ltd. Warm time to deliver the scent of apple “Apple Harvest” Relaxing bath time and hand care with a sweet scent of apples. …………………………………………………………………………………………… Global Product Planning Co., Ltd. (head office: Minamihiradaimachi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) will release the “Apple Harvest” series on October 18. [Image 1

https://www.gpp-shop.com/shop/c/c4204/ The “Apple Harvest” series offers a variety of bath items and hand care items with a gentle sweet apple scent. Please enjoy the warm time delivered by the scent of apples. [Image 2

Apple AH hand cream Price 500 yen + tax Contains jojoba oil (moisturizing ingredient) for moist hand skin. [Image 3

Apple AH hand soap Price 500 yen + tax 230mL A hand soap in the shape of a cute apple. To accent the bathroom! [Image 4

Apple AH guest soap Price 380 yen + tax Standard weight 40g A palm-sized soap with a soft apple scent. For hospitality to guests. [Image 5

Apple AH Bus Bomb Price 280 yen + tax 65g An apple-scented bathing agent (foaming bathing agent). The red package, leaf-shaped tag and gold ribbon are perfect for a small gift. [Image 6

Apple AH Donut Bath Fizz Price 380 yen + tax 100g A bathing agent that looks cute like a donut (foaming bath). It will melt. [Image 7

Apple AH bath powder jar Price ¥ 400 + tax 65g A bath powder that melts in a jar-like container, even in the bathroom. I’m happy twice. [Image 8

Apple AH Bath Salt Price ¥ 250 + tax 35g Bath salt in a cute tetra-shaped package. Other bath time with the scent of apples. [Image 9

Apple AH Bus Confetti Price ¥ 250 + tax 10g Red and white heart-shaped bus confetti in a cute tetra-shaped package. You can enjoy a bubble bath by floating on a bathtub and pouring hot water. [Image 10

Apple AH bath gift (apple) Price 600 yen + tax Set contents: Bath Bomb 65g, Bath Salt 35g each 1 I put a bath bomb and a bath salt in a colon and an apple-shaped package. With a gentle appearance, it is also a gift that conveys everyday gratitude. [Image 11

Apple AH bath gift Price 1,200 yen + tax Set contents: Bath Confetti 10g, Bath Salt 35g, Guest Soap 40g, Bath Sponge 1 each A special gift that allows you to fully enjoy the scent of apples. Sold at GPP online shops https://www.gpp-shop.com Contact: Global product planning 03-3770-6170

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