[Japan Management Association Research Institute Co., Ltd.] Surgery support robot market to reach 27 billion yen in 2024

Japan Management Association Research Institute Surgery support robot market to reach 27 billion yen in 2024 MDB Digital Search Prospective market forecast report series …………………………………………………………………………………………… MDB Digital Search provided by Japan Management Association Research Institute (abbreviation: JMAR headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, representative director: Masaaki Jurohara) investigated the surgical support robot market and estimated the market size. [URL] search01.jmar.co.jp/mdbds/ Surgical operation robot market scale / forecast . [Image

. . Surgical robot market overview ・ The operation support robot market in FY2024 is approximately 27 billion yen. ・ Surgery support robots are robots that enable doctors to perform advanced endoscopic surgery without operating the endoscope camera and robot arm and directly touching the affected area of ​​the patient. -A typical product is “da Vinci” developed by Intuitive Surgical in the US, approved in the US in 2000 and introduced in Japan. ・ Products with smaller size and lower costs are also on the market, and Japanese companies are scheduled to enter from 2019, and the market will expand. * The surgery support robot is a robot that allows the doctor to operate the arm of the robot while viewing the 3D image of the affected area with a 3D endoscope camera, and to operate without directly touching the trunk of the patient’s chest cavity or abdominal cavity. A typical product is “da Vinci” developed by Intuitive Surgical. It was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2000, and was first introduced in Japan to Keio University Hospital in the same year in Japan. Advantages of surgery support robots include “low bleeding during surgery (low need for blood transfusion)”, “small wound”, “low postoperative pain”, “low risk of infection”, “ “Recovery period is short”, “Organ functional preservation is high”. On the other hand, disadvantages include “high introduction and maintenance costs” and “acquisition of surgery support robot operation technology by doctors”. The current operation support robot is expensive, and it is the same expensive equipment as advanced equipment such as MRI. Since specialists are necessary, medical institutions that can be introduced are limited to university hospitals and large hospitals. Da Vinci’s Intuitive Surgical is a world leader in the field of robot-assisted minimally invasive surgical techniques. In 2010, a sales company was established in Japan to establish the market for surgical support robots in Japan. In May 2018, we started selling Da Vinci’s latest model Da Vinci X in Japan. Davinci X is about 40% cheaper than the previous model due to downsizing. From 2019, Japanese companies are expected to enter the market, and the number of products with reduced prices will increase. In this survey, we estimated the market size of surgical support robots. The details of the survey results are in the research platform MDB Digital Search provided by JMAR (Http://search01.jmar.co.jp/mdbds/) The report is recorded and provided. Report configuration 1. Target market definition 2. List of participating companies 3. Market size / forecast 4). Price trends 5. Trends in major entrants 6). Industry structure / business model 7. User trends: 5 pages in total MDB Digital Search estimates the market size of various new services and featured products as the “Promising Market Forecast Report” series. 【Company Profile】 Company name: Japan Management Association Research Institute Location: 5th floor, Japan Management Association Building 3-1-22 Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011 Representative: Masaaki Jyohara Established: April 1984 URL: http://www.jmar.co.jp/ Business description: Survey and research business for government policy planning / planning, research and research business for private company marketing and consulting, and membership-based business information provision service business

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