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  • A total of 400,000 copies of the “Large-length Survival” series restart! Released “Ancient Ruins Survival 1”

A total of 400,000 copies of the “Large-length Survival” series restart! Released “Ancient Ruins Survival 1”

Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co., Ltd. A total of 400,000 copies of the “Large-length Survival” series restart! Released “Ancient Ruins Survival 1” Father and son challenge ancient mysteries in Egypt in China! …………………………………………………………………………………………… The “Long-length Survival” series, where you can enjoy the world of “Science and Manga Survival” in a feature film. Following the “Jungle Survival”, a new series will be launched. This theme is “Ancient Ruins”. Set in the Chinese Emperor’s Mausoleum and the Egyptian Pyramid, a survivor who reveals the mystery of the ruins hidden by amateur archaeologist Daddy and his son Uju. A series that leads to readers of the world’s ruins and the enjoyment of history through thrilling developments that cannot be read, based on detailed local coverage.

Daddy’s dream of a self-proclaimed amateur archaeologist is to discover cultural remains that no one has ever found. One day, Daddy was thrilled to see the news that the size of the underground palace of the “Early Emperor Mausoleum” in the suburb of Xi’an, China, was revealed. Flying to his son Uju and Xi’an to explore the underground palace that has not yet been excavated. Papa and Uju, who toured the Terracotta pit near the Emperor’s Mausoleum with Mina, the local guide, were overwhelmed by the scale and inspired the underground palace. While searching for the entrance to the palace and searching for the vicinity of the Emperor Mausoleum, a sudden big earthquake occurred and three people were swallowed by a crack in the ground. What is there. The first emperor of the Samurai who unified the vast Chinese continent for the first time in history. There is also the effect of the popular manga “Kingdom”, which has been turned into a movie, and the degree of attention has increased dramatically. It is written in history books that the Emperor spent nearly 40 years creating his own graves (tombs) and setting up a huge underground palace in the basement to live the same life as before. The mausoleum is still incredible, and a large number of realistically designed terracotta warriors (dolls) were discovered from the nearby terracotta pits that surprised the world. However, although the underground palace has been confirmed, it has not yet been excavated due to technical problems. This work introduces the entire Emperor Mausoleum with abundant photos and illustrations, and develops a survival tour to the underground palace. Invite readers into an archaeological world full of romance and intellectual excitement. A new series of “Large-length Survival” following the popular “Jungle Survival”. Please look forward to future developments.
[Large-length Survival Series]
Survival 1 of ancient ruins (Early Emperor’s Tomb 1) Released: October 18, 2019 List price: 1100 yen (tax included) B5 strange / 208 pages / 6 volumes in total Official site: publications.asahi.com/original/shoseki/sv/ Amazon product page: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4023318213

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