A collaboration between “Ryotei Yatsushiro Gihei” and “Certified Raw Meat Disposer Meat Disposable Tsukichi”! “Ultimate egg over rice” with all the ingredients of rice, eggs, soy sauce and toppings

Ridi Fine Dining Co., Ltd. A collaboration between “Ryotei Yatsushiro Gihei” and “Certified Raw Meat Disposer Meat Disposable Tsukichi”! “Ultimate egg over rice” with all the ingredients of rice, eggs, soy sauce and toppings The ultimate egg over rice is carefully selected with all ingredients! …………………………………………………………………………………………… Redi Fine Dining Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takeomi Kawamura) provides the ultimate egg rice (5,000 yen tax-excluded) that was developed in collaboration with Kyoto’s rice restaurant “Yatsushiro Gihei”. Will start from Monday, October 21, 2019. [Image 1

Ultimate egg over rice The most popular restaurant with a long queue is a collaboration between the popular rice restaurant “Yatsushiro Gibei” on TV and media and the certified raw meat shop “Tsukukichi Mikuwari”. Everything from rice and eggs to topping ingredients is available in a special gem. Ultimate egg over rice: 5,000 yen (excluding tax) [Image 2

Discerning ingredients
■ Koshihikari from Ishikawa Prefecture Rice comes from Suzu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, located at the tip of the Noto Peninsula. It is a rich land where many beautiful satoyama and satoumi remain. The fertile land that is also called “Noto is easy and even soil” in rice making. There are various conditions for producing delicious rice, such as mineral-rich diatomaceous earth, abundant rainfall, and clean water that will moisten the fields. Rice with a rich fragrance and shiny luster that feels fresh and moist. Due to the firmness of the grains, you can feel a sense of unity in your mouth without stickiness even if you put it on egg. In addition, the soft sweetness that overflows every time you chew will enhance the taste of the egg and give you a sense of happiness. We incorporate the know-how of Yatsushiro Gibe to how to sharpen and cook rice. [Image 3

■ “Black Wagyu Beef Yukke” such as A5 The Yoshishibuya store, which has been granted “Certified raw meat handling” permission from the Shibuya Ward Health Center, has made it possible to provide raw meat. A “meat processing facility for raw food” has been set up in the store, and this is a dish that can be provided only because hygiene management is in place. (* The production area changes depending on the day)
■ Hokkaido sea urchin (Murasaki sea urchin) From Hokkaido’s Maruki Shoten, a specialty fish wholesaler that sells to restaurants and fine restaurants near Tokyo In stock. The Hokkaido Murasaki Untan that we received this time is soft and delicate enough to melt with creamy, and it has the characteristic of “umami” and “sweetness”. We entangle the Murasakimotan in luxury Japanese black beef yukke. Please enjoy the murasaki-untan from Hokkaido that is comparable to A5 Japanese black beef.
■ From “Kyoto Kyoto”, a specialty store in Kyoto and Kujo Leek Kujo leek is received from professional “Koto Kyoto” specialized in Kujo leek. Kujo leek specializing in “Kyoto Kyoto” has a higher moisture content than ordinary leek, and is very soft and crispy. In addition, since it is shipped early the next day after harvesting, it is fresh. [Image 4

■ Kyoto’s rice restaurant carefully selected soy sauce This soy sauce was carefully selected by Yiyome Gihei from the perspective of soy sauce that goes well with rice. A long-established soy sauce brewer from Kyotango cherishes traditional traditions and techniques, making soy sauce made with carefully selected ingredients. In order to reduce the amount of salt to the limit and finish it, it is precious with little amount when squeezed. The umami will condense as much, and a rich flavor will spread. [Image 5

■ Delicious egg of a flat-house made in Miyama Town “Miyama’s Lullaby” https://kotokyoto.co.jp/miyama/ Green mountains, clean air, delicious water. A fertile egg produced by chickens grown in Miyama-cho, northern Kyoto, full of natural energy. This egg is raised in a stress-free environment by raising a parent bird in a flat. Based on the concept of “eating from nature,” the food is carefully selected and blended with consideration of the balance of vitamins, minerals, and other factors, while looking at the season and the condition of the chicken. Of course, genetically modified materials are not used. The important drinking water is Miyama’s underground water called famous water.
■ Meringue Tororo using Yamamuro Toro from Kyoto Tamba Combine with the white of “Miyama’s lullaby” whipped in a meringue shape and the yam of Tororo from Tamba, Kyoto. It is a special meringue tororo that combines carefully selected soy sauce and the miso miso from Kyoto Katayama Shoten, a well-established miso shop that has been in business for over 50 years. [Image 6

■ Semi-finished section The original condensed umami taste of bonito is preserved, leaving moisture and a moist texture and softness. [Image 7

Yoneyotei Yatsushiro Gibe “I want to deliver really delicious rice” is a rice restaurant that offers the best silver shari experience in Japan, created by two old rice brothers in Kyoto. As a popular store with a long queue, it’s hot on TV and media. [Image 8

[Image 9

Authorized raw meat shop The interior of the shop is inspired by an old Japanese house in Kyoto, with antique furniture and furniture made in the Meiji period. The gentle texture of the wood is comfortable, and you can experience an “unusual” experience as if you had a time slip. You can use it for various occasions such as entertainment, halloween days, daily use dates, and a cup after work. [Image 10

Hokkaido sea urchin sea urchin “unic” warship Nuki (¥ 1,400) [Image 11

Wagyu beef sushi “Ikura” 2 pieces (¥ 1,800) [Image 12

Famous hamburger (¥ 1,200) 【store information】 [Image 13

Store name: Authorized raw meat shop Address: HULIC & New SHIBUYA 8F, 31-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Access: 5 minutes on foot from JR Shibuya Station Phone number: 03-6416-5236 Hours: Lunch 12: 00-14: 30 (L.O.14: 00) Dinner 17: 00-23: 30 (L.O.22: 30) Average budget: 4,000-5,000 yen [Image 14

[Image 15

[Company Information] Company name: Redi Fine Dining Co., Ltd. rede.co.jp Address: 12-10 Sakuraoka-cho, Shibuya-ku Sumitomo Real Estate Shibuya Infos Annex 4F Representative Director: Takeomi Kawamura Business description: Restaurant management (8 stores) Contact: 03-6451-1563

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