[Tokyo News Inc.] Beat Takeshi & Shingo Murakami cover for the first time in two years! Comedy combination “Takeshi and Shingo” formed!


Tokyo News Inc. Beat Takeshi & Shingo Murakami cover for the first time in two years! Comedy combination “Takeshi and Shingo” formed !? “TV Guide November 1 issue” (Tokyo News Service) …………………………………………………………………………………………… TV information magazine “TV Guide” published by Tokyo News Inc. In the TV Guide November 1 issue, Beat Takeshi & Shingo Murakami appearing on “FNS 27 Hours TV” will cover the cover for the first time in two years. It can be purchased at bookstores nationwide, online bookstores, and our TOKYO NEWS magazine & mook (zasshi.tv/). [Image

“TV Guide November 1, 2019 issue” (Tokyo News Agency) On November 2nd and 3rd, “FNS 27 Hours Television is just a strong sport!” (Fuji Television), Beat Takeshi and Murakami Shingo decorated the cover of “TV Guide” for the first time in two years. . This year is a live broadcast. 72-year-old Takeshi and 37-year-old Murakami challenge their first live broadcast. On the day of the interview, we met each other in the studio, and Murakami put “That ’s nice to meet you”, “No, no lie” (laughs)! Two persons. The costumes were each dressed in a red and blue jacket, and it looked like a comic striped combination, but Murakami unintentionally dressed in a kinky jacket and bow tie. It was said that it was all laughing. Standing out of a rookie style, Takeshi shows an embarrassed expression saying “It seems to have returned 40 years ago”, but if you stand in front of the camera, you can fold shoulders with Murakami or use a microphone stand to pose like a story Suddenly, it was finally a lively shoot with “Komaneti” popping out. The theme of the program this year is “Sports”. Exactly what is happening in Japan during the Rugby World Cup 2019, and the excitement and excitement will not cool down, and how will the two people face this hot theme this year ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics? In the conversation, Takeshi said, “It ’s Taekwondo that is really paying attention,” while throwing a topical newsletter, “After all, sports are interesting.” Murakami, on the other hand, expressed his expectation that “How fun Takeshi-san is in modern sports”, and developed his theory based on interviews with a number of athletes, saying “There is a way to enjoy sports absolutely.” Involved in Kanjani Eight, “Yas (Akihiro Yasuda is the best at sports)” “(Johnny) Jr. was desperate to learn dance,” reveals the episode. In addition, Kanjani Eight is a special feature in the magazine. The latest shots, such as a stage report starring Yasuda, and the recordings of the series “Kanjam Complete Burn SHOW” and “Kanjani Eight Chronicle” are released. In addition, a variety of contents are posted, including a two-shot gravure of Takuya Kimura and Yuta Tamamori who co-star in the popular drama “Grand Maison Tokyo”, an interview with Masahiro Nakai who is the support captain of “World Baseball Premier 12”. [CONTENTS] ・ Beat Takeshi & Shingo Murakami “FNS 27 Hours TV is just a sport!” ・ Kanjani Eight special feature ・ Takuya Kimura & Yuta Tamamori “Grand Maison Tokyo” ・ Satoshi Ohno x Sho Sakurai “VS Arashi” 179 series “Weekly VS Arashi Guide” ・ KinKi Kids Bumbu Boon program broadcast 5th anniversary special project ・ Masahiro Nakai “World Baseball Premier 12” ・ Keiichiro Koyama “Dark Rose Rose” ・ Hirano Murasaki & Nagase Ren & Takahashi Ujin & HiHi Jets & Bi Shonen & 7 MEN 侍 “JOHNNYS ‘IsLAND” ・ Commemorate the 5th Anniversary of “Exciting TV Skatto Japan” ・ Kis-My-Ft2 series “How many miles to Kiss?” ・ SixTONES Starns Rensai “SixTONES STYLE” ・ Tanaka “Black School Rules” ・ Takuya Eguchi Series “Voice in Love!” ・ Shison Kei series “Shison &&” -Shuzo Matsuoka & Shizuka Arakawa & Shinsei Oda “Athlete 2020 Guide” ・ Erika Ikuta & Ryunosuke Kamiki Stage “Beautiful woman-a woman who has met with God” ・ Shota Totsuka, drama “Easy to Carry the Road” ・ Chise Niitsu movie “Tell me the way to the station” 【Product Summary】 “ TV Guide November 1, 2019 issue ” (Kanto / Kansai / Chubu / Fukuoka / Saga / Yamaguchi West / Hokkaido / Aomori / Shizuoka / Okayama / Kagawa / Atago / Kochi / Nagano / Niigata / Miyagi / Fukushima / Hiroshima / Shimane / Tottori・ Yamaguchi East Version / Nagasaki / Kumamoto Version / Kagoshima / Miyazaki / Oita Version / Ishikawa / Toyama / Fukui Version / Iwate / Akita / Yamagata Version)
● Release Date: October 23 (Wednesday) * Some areas have different release dates
● Special price: 400 yen
● Cover: Beat Takeshi & Shingo Murakami You can purchase it at bookstores nationwide, online bookstores, and at TOKYO NEWS magazine & mook (zasshi.tv/).

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