[P & G] Packed with thick milk in, jelly! Smooth cashmere hair that is easy to set the next morning by just blowing up after taking a bath

P & G Pack with thick milk in and jelly! Smooth cashmere hair that is easy to set the next morning by just blowing up after taking a bath New products from the finest Pantain “Miracles” series! A two-layer treatment that blends milk and jelly innovations …………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1

P & G (Headquarters: Kobe City) will release “Pantane Miracles Dual Effect Milk Jelly” nationwide from Friday, November 1, 2019, from the highest-class hair care brand Pantain “Miracles” series. First ever in Pantain! A two-layer treatment that blends milk and jelly innovations [Image 2

This fall, an innovative washing treatment with two layers of milk and jelly will be born from the Miracles series of finest pantains. Concentrated milk containing high-grade beauty salon “Liposhot (* 1)” that replenishes hollow hair repairs severe dryness and swells. In addition, it packs the cuticles that Jerry opens to prevent excessive moisture from entering and exiting in the morning. With a two-layer treatment that repairs and packs, and achieves two effects with a single bottle, it is easy to set the next morning with just a blow from the bath. Add more effect by mixing just before use [How to use] 1. Use after shampoo and regular treatment. Lightly drain the hair, hold the tube vertically, and get the right amount 2. Mix milk and jelly in the palm of your hand. When the whole becomes whitish, it is a sign of completion. 3. Rinse immediately after applying to the entire hair. 4. After drying the towel, adjust the hairstyle with a hand comb while blowing. [Image 3

Product Summary
◆ Release date: Released on Friday, November 1
◆ Release area: Nationwide
◆ Price: Open price [Image 4

Pantene Miracles Dual Effect Milk Jelly [Milk 110g / Jelly 90g] A wash-off treatment for the third step after using shampoo and regular treatments. Jelly wraps thick milk containing high-grade beauty serum “ Lipo Shot (* 1) ” to repair damage from the inside of the hair, and Jerry packs open cuticles to sleep in the morning・ Prevents excessive entry and exit of moisture that contributes to pillows. PANTEN, which delivers hair care products that lead to healthy hair, has a brand philosophy of “supporting a positive step for everyone through the beauty of your hair.” “New Pantain” is a beauty milk formulation (* 2) that responds to each individual’s style and hair problems, and will lead to hair that is dry, spread, and swell-free even after 5pm. In addition, the finest Pantain “Miracles” is formulated with a high-grade beauty essence and leads to smooth hair like cashmere, which makes you want to touch it unintentionally. Throughout the series, Panthen will support each and every person who meets their favorite hair. #HairWeGo Come on with this hair. (www.pantene.jp/) [Image 5

The high-end Pantain “Miracles” series is the highest-class line of Pantain, which is a high-quality beauty product “Liposhot (* 1)” developed by Panthene after many years of research. “Liposhot (* 1)” replenishes hollow hair and leads to cashmere hair that you will want to touch as you use it. P & G touches the lives of people all over the world through high trust and high-quality product brands to make it better. In Japan, clothes detergents “Arière”, “Bold”, “Sara”, softener “Lenoir”, air care product “Fabries”, kitchen detergent “Joy”, disposable diapers “Pampers”, water absorption care brand “Whisper”, hair care brand “ We offer a variety of products such as Pantene, h & s, Hair Recipes, Skin Care Products SK-II, Shave Care Brands Gillette, Brown, and Electric Toothbrush, Brown Oral B. (https://jp.pg.com/) (* 1) Liposhot: cetanol, stearyl alcohol / conditioning ingredients (* 2) Pantene Premium Damage Repair Shampoo / Treatment, Pantene Super Moist Smooth Shampoo / Treatment, Pantene Miseller Scalp Cleanse Treatment, Pantane Miseller Volume Treatment, Pantane Repair Golden Capsule Milk

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