OKEx Signed a comprehensive business alliance between cryptomarlo ou, a crypto mall (cryptocurrency) shopping mall “crypto mall”, and the crypto asset exchange “OKEx”!

cryptomall ou
[OKEx] Signed a comprehensive business alliance between cryptomarlo ou, a crypto mall (cryptocurrency) shopping mall “crypto mall”, and the crypto asset exchange “OKEx”!

October 28, 2019 (Monday) Crypomall ou, which operates “Social contribution type” crypto asset (virtual currency) shopping mall “cryptomall”, is ranked in the [trading volume world ranking second place] Announced a comprehensive business alliance with OKEx, a crypto asset (virtual currency) exchange.
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1. Business alliance
(1) Purpose of business alliance
Cryptomall ou operates “cryptomall”, a shopping mall dedicated to crypto assets (virtual currency), with a focus on “genuine” to eradicate “fake goods and crisp products”. Also, “cryptomall” handles over 1 million items, and is the largest product lineup in a shopping mall dedicated to crypto assets (virtual currency).
“OKEx Exchange” is one of the world’s three largest crypto asset (virtual currency) exchanges, along with “Binance Exchange” and “Huobi Exchange”. The volume of transactions is very large among exchanges around the world, and there are abundant altcoins.
↓↓ “OKEx” official HP is here ↓↓
“CryptoMall”, which has strength in a product line that sticks to the real thing, and “OKEx”, which is a major cryptocurrency exchange, create a synergistic effect We decided that we could provide value to the service users of both companies, and agreed to this comprehensive business alliance.
(2) Future outlook
Through this alliance, we will work to effectively utilize the assets held by both companies and aim to realize the effects quickly through a comprehensive business alliance.

2. About the “OKEx Exchange”
(1) Exchange overview
Crypto asset (virtual currency) exchange name:
“OKEx Exchange”
“OKEx Exchange” Official Website:
More than 20 million
Trading volume per 24 hours:
Approximately 164.5 billion yen
“Coin Market Cap” (October 28, 2019)
(2) What is the “OKEx” exchange?
The OKEx exchange is one of the world’s three largest cryptocurrency exchanges established in 2014, alongside the Binance exchange and the Huobi exchange. One.
た め It is said to be a crypto asset (virtual currency) exchange that has a large number of users and boasts the world’s largest transaction volume, so it has many achievements and can be used with confidence. (3) Seven features of “OKEx Exchange”
Feature 1 ≪Four transaction methods≫
Since it supports four trading methods such as “Token Trading”, “Index Trading”, “C2C Trading”, and “Future Trading”, it meets the demands of various users from beginners to advanced cryptocurrency trading. I can do it.
Feature 2 ≪100 + Alto Coins≫
扱 っ Abundant 100 types of altcoins are handled. All alt coins are carefully selected and reliable.
Feature 3 ≪World’s largest transaction volume≫
Because of its large scale and currently used by more than 20 million users, the transaction volume in 24 hours is the largest in the world. Feature 4 ≪World’s largest fluidity≫
た め Because of the world’s largest liquidity, transactions are easy to close and smooth transactions are realized.
Feature 5 ≪Partnership with bitbank≫
た め Because it is affiliated with bitbank, a crypto asset (virtual currency) exchange in Japan, it is possible to conduct transactions for professionals such as highly secure futures transactions. Feature 6 ≪Compatible with 100% leverage trading≫
∙ Supports 100% leveraged transactions, so users can earn more profits. Feature 7 ≪High sense of confidence≫
The number of members who have over 200 BTC (about 210 million yen / as of October 2019) or more, such as users who have been trading crypto assets (virtual currency) from the early days, and wealthy people, is the most in the world and is reliable. Is a high exchange.

3. About social contribution type “cryptomall” shopping mall dedicated to crypto assets (virtual currency)
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(1) Overview of “cryptomall”
“Cryptomall” is a “social contribution type” cryptocurrency (virtual currency) shopping mall that handles over 1 million items. Utilizing blockchain technology, we are building a shopping mall platform that does not sell any “fake goods / cricket products”.
↓↓ Social contribution-type “crypto currency” shopping mall
“cryptomall” is here ↓↓
(2) What is the mechanism to eradicate “fake / pacli products”? Point 1 transparency
* Anyone can view the transaction record by registering the
transaction record of the product on the blockchain. Unlike a centralized system where there is an administrator, third parties who have no interests can view the history, so it is highly transparent and data cannot be tampered with.
Point 2 Possibility of tracking
* All transaction records on the blockchain are connected. In other words, it is obvious that the product was shipped from a manufacturer and arrived at the user via a retail store.
Point 3 Fiber type microchip
】 A fiber type microchip that does not interfere with the design is incorporated into the product during manufacturing. By reading the microchip, you can view the history on the blockchain that cannot be tampered with, such as product information, product transaction history, and logistics routes.
In this way, by using blockchain technology and microchips, anyone can view the transaction history of products that can never be tampered with, and no “fake / pacli products” will be sold. No] Shopping mall platform can be built.

◇◇ ━━━━━━━━━━━ ◇◇
◆ 1. Information
(1) Two features of “cryptomall”
· Part 1
A blockchain platform that can only be beaten by major shopping malls that sell only real products
・ Part 2
Infinite possibilities to partner with other crypto assets (virtual currency) ↓↓ Introductory video of “cryptomall” is here ↓↓
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk45HoCBUVw&feature=youtu.be (2) The Chinese fake / crisp problem
· problem
“Fake goods / crisps” are inundated, making online shopping impossible. · solution
By developing a blockchain platform that cannot be tampered with at all, it is possible to eradicate “fake goods and pacri products”. ↓↓ Click here for videos on Chinese EC sites ↓↓
(3) Past delivery contents
↓↓ Press release and other contents are here ↓↓
* Login to the dashboard is required.

◆ 2. Contact us
· Inquiry form
・ Inquiries by email
・ Administration site
cryptomall (“cryptomall”)
http: // ieo.crypto-mall.org/
・ To crypto asset (virtual currency) issuer (main company) & introducer If you are considering a business alliance with “cryptomall”, If you can introduce “cryptomall”, please see below.
* Business alliances will be determined after strict screening. Please note that business alliances may be refused depending on the results of the examination.
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