Capcom Co., Ltd. “Street Fighter League: Pro-JP operated by RAGE” and TikTok start collaborative planning!

Capcom Corporation
“Street Fighter League: Pro-JP operated by RAGE” and TikTok are linked! Introducing 6 support support creators! *

“Street Fighter League: Pro-JP operated by RAGE” and TikTok are linked! Capcom is a 3on3 league game “Street Fighter League: Pro-JP operated by RAGE” consisting of a short movie platform “TikTok” and the top-level pro players of “Street Fighter V Arcade Edition”. Start a linked project with.
Six TikTok creators will participate as support teams for each of the six teams in line with the broadcast of each game starting in October! ”This is a linked project where you can watch the supporters’ watching games on TikTok.
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In addition, we will support at the venue of the Grand Finals final battle in Japan, which will be held in Tokyo on December 1st (Sun). The two winners, runners-up, and their respective support support creators accompanied the “Street Fighter League World Championship” in Los Angeles in the United States in December to support the team. We will post videos that cannot be seen anywhere else, such as local support scenes and off-shots between players and supporters. Participating creators
▼ Akira Itsuki (
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▼ Yuri Inami (
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▼ Kurasaka Kururu (
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▼ Asuko Nekoda (
[Image 5


▼ Mio (
[Image 6


▼ Kuraru (
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Guest information of Section 5 / Section 6 is released!
Guest information on Sections 5 and 6 broadcast on October 31 (Thursday) and November 1 (Friday) will be released!
Guest: SNB Fudoh | Eita (Pro Gamer)
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▼ INTERVIEWER: Ayaka Onuki (gravure idol)
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About Street Fighter League: Pro-JP operated by RAGE
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A total of 6 teams composed of top-level pro players in “Street Fighter V Arcade Edition” (players with “Street Fighter V” Japan eSports Pro license issued by Japan eSports Union (JeSU)) 3on3 league match. This is the second season of the highly popular “Street Fighter League powered by RAGE” held from January to March 2019. This is the best professional league match in Japan where teams of three people who have overcome the trials of these teams form a team and compete for honor and prize money. As a result of the league match, the team that won the championship and runner-up will be the winner of the “Street Fighter League: Pro-US” held in North America. League World championship.
“Street Fighter League” official website
“Street Fighter League: Pro-JP operated by RAGE” main section Broadcast date: October 17 (Thu)-November 15 (Fri)
About Street Fighter V
The “Street Fighter” series was a big hit in “Street Fighter II” released in 1991 after the first game was released in 1987. Innovative fighting system has attracted much attention, and the home game software has a total of 43 million series (as of the end of June 2019) worldwide. It is still popular all over the world, and it has become the title driving the fighting game field in eSports. The first “Street Fighter” series history, “PlayStation (R) 4” users and PC users can play “cross platform” play.
About Capcom
A leading company that has created many hit products in the game entertainment field since its establishment in 1983. Representative titles include “Resident Evil”, “Monster Hunter”, “Street Fighter”, “Rockman”, “Devil May Cry” and other series titles. Headquartered in Osaka, the company has overseas subsidiaries in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
About TikTok
TikTok is a mobile short movie platform. Our mission is to enrich people’s lives by providing creative, truly fun and positive experiences. TikTok has offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, Tokyo, etc. For more information on TikTok, please visit

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