Seiko Watch Co., Ltd. SEIKO x GIUGIARO DESIGN Design reprint of the popular Mackina Sportiva, developed in the concept of a sports car.

Seiko Watch Corporation
SEIKO × GIUGIARO DESIGN Design reprint of the popular Mackina Sportiva, developed in the concept of a sports car.
Seiko Watch Co., Ltd. (Chairman and CEO: Shinji Hattori, headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) has collaborated with Giugiaro Design in the 90s to create a popular series “Mackina Sportiva” The remake limited quantity model (3 models) will be released from the end of November. The suggested retail price is 45,000 yen each plus tax, and the sales volume is 300 each.
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Giugiaro Design Limited Edition “Mackina Sportiva”
The collaboration model with Giugiaro Design, which appeared in 1996, was developed based on the concept of “Mackina Sportiva” = sports car, with the unique sensibility of Italy’s leading car & industrial designer Giugiaro. This work is a design reproduction series that is arranged in a modern way while reproducing the original design as much as possible.
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“Jiujiaro Design” was founded in 1981 by car designer Giorjet Giugiaro as a car and industrial design division of “Ital Design”, the world-famous car design and development. As a group of high-level business and design professionals, we have consistently grown by adapting to international market trends by continuously providing highly functional designs from the user’s perspective. In addition, we have over 40 years of experience and have collaborated with various companies, large, medium and small, so we have a high level of know-how to create not only cars but also a wide range of products. It is a presence that continues to pull.
In 1983, the world’s first analog quartz chronograph, designed by Giusiaro, was released and made an appearance.
Introducing the representative models of Seiko x Giugiaro Design, released at the time.
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It features an asymmetric design in which the center of the case and the center of the band are offset from the consideration of
operability during driving. Large buttons are used so that buttons can be operated while wearing gloves.
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The world’s first analog quartz chronograph with a tachymeter that measures 5/100 seconds, 30 minutes, and split time.
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A novel digital chronograph with a dome-shaped LCD digital display tilted 20 degrees to the right. By rotating a bezel with a built-in rotary switch, you can select a stopwatch, alarm, or timer mode. [Image 7

A digital chronograph with a distinctive design that wraps a long belt that can be attached to the handle of the bike. Inspired by the involvement of seat belts in airplane seats.
“Product Features”
The orange dial that became the flagship at that time is a color that represents the series, inspired by the Siena region of Italy. This work inherits the world view of the time, and uses the same orange for the attached special box to unify the image. In addition, the case size has been made slightly larger than that at the time, and chic coloring with a reinforced silicone strap has been added to the lineup, resulting in a sportier and more fashionable item.

Giugiaro Design Limited Edition “Mackina Sportiva”
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[Common product specifications]
Waterproofing performance: Reinforced waterproofing for everyday life (10 standard atmosphere waterproofing)
Case size: [Outer diameter] 43.2mm (excluding crown) [Thickness] 9.9mm After-sales service: manufacturer warranty 1 year warranty
[Common movement specifications]
Quartz movement caliber 7T62
Time accuracy: Average monthly difference ± 15 seconds (when worn on the arm at 5 ° C to 35 ° C)
Stopwatch function (1/5 second measurement 60 minutes total), alarm function Seiko Watch Corporation Customer Service Office 0120-061-012 (toll free)

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