Anispi Holdings Co., Ltd. One-one-one-November 1st is Dog Day! Appointed Director of Anispi Public Relations Department

Anispi Holdings Co., Ltd.
Wanwanwan November 1st is Dog Day! Appointed Director of Anispi Public Relations -Established Twitter and started tweeting Wambasada! ~
Anispi Holdings Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
representative director: Hideaki Fujita, hereinafter “the Company”), which operates a group home for people with disabilities living with protective dogs and cats, is an employee of a former protective dog on November 1st Inauguration ceremony was held for the dog “Taisuke”. [Image 1

[Taisuke Wambasada inauguration ceremony]
The inauguration was held at Anispi Holdings headquarters. Tasuke appeared with a splendid bow tie on his neck and dressed up. An inaugural certificate was sent from the representative Fujita. Mr. Tasuke is proud of the applause from all the staff.
When asked about his future ambitions, he answered, “I’ll do my best with a smile every day.”
[Image 2


To realize “Happy humans and animals”. Director Tasuke’s future activities ・ Update Twitter as a Wambasada ( ・ Healing employees who are tired from work and improving the productivity of the entire company with the effect of oxytocin! About effect of tie hormone “oxytocin”
Oxytocin is well known to contract the uterus during childbirth and promote labor breastfeeding, but has also been found to be secreted when humans and pets feel happy. It also has the effect of deepening trust and bonds with the other party, and is called a “happy hormone”. It is secreted when a human gently strokes the animal’s body or when eye contact is made. It has also been proven that the amount of secretion increases during eye contact in the animal.
(Quoted from the Council for Promoting Symbiosis with Pets, “Happy Living with a Pet with a Smile”)
Red thread tied to anispi
[Image 3


Help when I was at a health center
The 12-year-old guard dog “Tasuke” came to the public health center when he was old. It was due to the owner bringing in. I couldn’t wait to live with my foster parents but I finally decided to kill me. Meanwhile, traces of collars rescued by the relatives of
representative Fujita still have signs of self-harm on their feet, but they are very friendly and give a smile to their staff every day with a smile.
All Anispi staff members will work together to make sure that they will never feel sad again, for the sake of their happy life.

Our company is pursuing the pursuit of human welfare and animal welfare as its management philosophy, and is working on business to solve social issues. One of these is the “Waon” business, which is aimed at resolving “killing of dogs and cats” and “shortage of people with disabilities in group homes”. Currently, about 50,000 innocent dogs and cats are killed each year in Japan, but one dog or cat is killed at a group home for people with disabilities and lives with them. However, we are aiming to save the lives of many dogs and cats and to make the “Won” group home a “place” where the quality of life (QOL) of people with disabilities can be improved through
animal-mediated activities.

Company name: Anispi Holdings Co., Ltd. (former company name: CARE PETS) Location: Tokyo Metropolitan area Chiyoda-ku Kudan Minami 2-4-4 Sanwa Kudan Building 5F 8F
Representative: Hideaki Fujita
Established: August 5, 2016
Capital: 53 million yen
Business description
Operate pet symbiotic group home facilities “Won” and “Nyaon” (
Operation of home care service “Care Pets” by animal nurses
・ Kyuwan System Co., Ltd. (
Development and sales of disability management and billing systems, analysis of video and audio using AI, and development and sales of APIs that feed back the results
・ Vacant house utilization research institute ( Information collection and provision of vacant house properties used for nursing and welfare projects, including group homes for people with disabilities, proposals for effective use of land
・ Smart Fukushi Co., Ltd. (
Comprehensive human resource services in the welfare field for persons with disabilities, human resource introduction and career consulting centered on service managers
・ Association of general managers of service management ( Japan’s first service management officer’s national organization, where service managers voluntarily join and operate

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