Soeasy Co., Ltd. IT x Dental Clinic “Dental Tech” Work style reform!

Soeasy Inc.
IT x Dental Clinic “Dental Tech” Work Style Reform!
Video SNS tool soeasy starts selling “soeasy buddy for dental” for dental clinics
Soeasy Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; representative: Atsushi Nakano, hereinafter referred to as our company), which develops video sharing services for knowledge and know-how, will be a video training SNS “soeasy buddy” for dental clinics from Friday, November 1, 2019 for dental ”has been launched.
● soeasy buddy for dental introduction page
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“Soeasy buddy for dental” is difficult to convey with words and paper materials, and it is possible to systematically convey the technology and work contents to be shared in the hospital using smartphone videos. In addition, it is possible to accumulate knowledge and know-how born in the field, as well as facilitating in-hospital communication, with the SNS function that can share business notifications and notifications, and the awareness and doubts born in daily work.

In the dental industry, technological innovations are constantly taking place, and each time a dental clinic needs to share in-hospital staff with information on treatment and work updates, conduct in-hospital study sessions that stop business during the day, and paper The manual is frequently updated. In addition, the replacement of dental hygienists / assistant staff and reception staff, etc., requires time and labor for both the teaching and the teaching side, resulting in lost sales opportunities.
“Soeasy buddy for dental” is already being used not only at dental clinics such as the medical corporation association Hakusankai and the medical corporation Dental Advance, but also at the dental
laboratories Qualis. I will contribute.
・ Comment by Dr. Hideyuki Numazawa, Director, Numazawa Dental Clinic, Hakusankai “Dentist clinics have always had new equipment and materials, and each time they had a hard time sharing it with all the staff, but since the introduction of soeasy buddy, it became possible to share quickly. In addition, it took a considerable amount of time to teach technical terms and treatment details to inexperienced staff, but creating a lecture video of the treatment itself eliminates the need for repeated lectures, greatly reducing the teaching effort. At the same time, the new staff has a deeper understanding, which is very helpful. This is a must-have tool. ”
■ About soeasy buddy
It is an asset within the company that uses videos to easily share all the know-how that is overflowing in the company, such as selling sales talks, handling complaints, and sharing information on new products, by simply shooting and uploading with a smartphone. This is a service that improves productivity by consolidating and evolving our know-how. Since the official release in April 2018, many companies have introduced it. Several companies have contributed to the improvement of corporate productivity, with sales and sales figures reaching around 200% compared to the previous year.
In August 2019, we launched the “soeasy buddy for beauty” video training SNS for beauty salons, which is already in use at over 100 stores.
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■ soeasy company profile
Company name: soeasy Co., Ltd./ Representative: Satoshi Nakano, Representative Director
Established: December 2016 / Capital: 352.65 million yen (including capital reserve)
Head office location: 1-11-9 Kamioosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo / Company URL:

The 15-second video community “soeasy” ( Training video SNS “soeasy buddy” (

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